BREAKING: We have a press release from Team Vandenweghe.

For immediate publication

Yesterday, newly-elected Jefferson Parish President John Young terminated longtime Assistant Parish Attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Despite being out on temporary leave for medical reasons, Ms. Vandenweghe was not afforded the opportunity of any hearing by Mr. Young or the Parish Attorney, Peggy Barton.

Ms. Vandenweghe had been the subject of unfounded allegations that she was “blogging” while at work, and past Interim Parish President Steve Theriot had suspended Ms. Vandenweghe, only to later re-instate her when the claims proved not to be true. No apology was ever offered to her, she was moved to a different job not involving public records release, and her name and reputation were damaged.

Since then, Ms. Vandenweghe has been the subject of harassment on the job and her job has been made much more difficult. Ms. Vandenweghe exposed many scandals in the Parish Attorney’s Office and was cooperating with the FBI in its request for documents. This recent job action against her is nothing more than a continuation of an effort by the Parish to silence Ms. Vandenweghe. Continue reading “BREAKING: We have a press release from Team Vandenweghe.”

Are they catching on? James Gill explains the behind the scenes on the Times Picayune’s crooks and liars endorsement.

I saw the T-P endorsement OpEd yesterday and frankly was not surprised by what I saw though I was a bit disappointed.  We held our fire though because we don’t have to live with the potential toxic after effects of plugging dishonest sacks of crap like Cedric Richmond and David Vitter.

I think newspaper reporters should comment on their stories when appropriate. The opinion folks even more so within reason. Communication engenders trust after all while chinese firewalls don’t so it was gratifying to see James Gill explain how a newspaper can endorse crooked sacks of shit like Richmond and Vitter and still hold their heads high the next day.  It is a welcome development IMHO.

Now just between us girls, I had this exact discussion with two news side journalists within the past month.  Both wished newspapers would not endorse any candidates as it keeps life simpler for them gathering the news.

In today’s day and age  I don’t know that the voting public as a whole cares about media endorsements. Meantime the commentary to Tyler Durden’s Zero Hedge guest post on Useful Idiots I linked earlier this morning is highly entertaining.  I think I know the punchline behind the post but I may be too Machiavellian in my thinking…..


Useful Idiots: Another take on the Sheeple phenomenon.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge put up a great guest post today from Giordano Bruno at the Neithercorp Press. I do not recommend clicking the link to Neithercorp Press due to the ad trap which awaits the reader on the other end but the post itself is fantastic. Here is an excerpt:

…..the most “successful” are those that follow the establishment guidelines and play on them as if they might dare break the barrier of lies, but they never do. In Medieval times, even the most blood thirsty king would allow the court jester to make jokes at his expense. Why? Because the jester was an inconsequential figure, a powerless and non-threatening being. A jester can verbally thrash a tyrant, but nothing ever really changes, because deep down, though they make us laugh, nobody really cares what clowns have to say. Now imagine a whole subsection of our country emulating this dynamic. Imagine all these people deluding themselves into thinking that being a slave isn’t all that bad, as long as you’re the funny slave.

I swear I think a certain lawyer that comments here on occasion may have a pen name. 😉

Point of disclosure: Zero Hedge has been generally very critical of Team Obama’s handling of the economy and rightfully so IMHO.


You gotta give a little to get a little. This is what the coast lost in last night’s election.

With Ike Skelton’s defeat Gene Taylor would have been the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, in line to chair it when the Dems regain control of the House.  It is a loss of seniority that will have negative impacts for the coast down the line, especially at the shipyard.

Ironically, the person who cost both Skelton and Gene their jobs in one Nancy Pelosi kept her House seat and the people in her House district the benefit of her seniority. Meantime the clout of the Mississippi delegation in Congress has never been less.


Slabbed visits skid row and gets the low down on this Meffert deal

I hate to admit it folks but I had the Meffert plea in my inbox early Sunday afternoon and took a pass since such tips are generally unreliable. When the news on the Greg Meffert guilty plea subsequently broke on Monday I immediately hopped in the car and headed for NOLA and my source, who reportedly hangs out around Lafayette Square with the Wino (when the Wino isn’t hanging out at Yenni).  So I park and start walking, first down St Charles past the LeDale Hotel and then back to the Park.  I then found a local watering hole and went in and there he was.

“You shudda listened to that tip I gave you about Meffert buddy. My sources are impeccable.”  My attempt to explain that such tips have been unreliable for us in the past was interrupted with a “you shudda asked!” and he then told me who he overheard while lying in the gutter.   So to make amends I bought the guy Colt 45 and made my way back to my vehicle wondering what to do with the info I had.

And I kept pondering until earlier this evening, when I saw this Frank Donze story which highlighted Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy’s take on Meffert’s plea.  I had to laugh because Mr Meffert is telling all and then some according to skid row bum.  Meffert is really fond of his wifey and is endeavoring to save her skin by spilling his guts.  The boogie man is coming for you Ray Ray.