Without doubt one of the bigger sacks of shit we’ve run across: A Gretna Mentality Update.

“That’s crap,” Morgan said.

Spewing crap is something this Mark Morgan guy evidently knows something about. The problem, of course, with being a lying sack of shit is no one believes anything such a person says as there is no basis for trust or, as we say on Slabbed, Morgan is so full of shit a turd comes out of his mouth everytime he opens it.

I’m beginning to catch on to this Gretna way of doing things.


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  1. He’s written 100’s of rec letters for other people but they just can’t seem to find them for the PRR. Bullshit, not crap!

  2. It’s not just “Gretna way”, Sop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked people how using their influence to get their child accepted at a competitive school was any different from the “influencing” political and judicial outcomes.

    Lawyers are not only people who play the “who you know, not what you know” game…”honest people” do it every day to get jobs, their kids on “right” team or in “right” school.

  3. Everything I hear about Morgan makes me cringe. How can the City of Gretna consider paying him $100k a year as city attorney. He is such a douche! Hope the westbank voters do the right thing and vote him out of office.

  4. Hey Morgan: You need to try your luck at the Fairgrounds next. A few months ago you tried to win the “Trifecta in Gretna”, namely become a full time paid City Attorney but also keep your school board post and your law private practice. Except Mayor Harris and council didn’t cash your ticket.But it proved you to be a big, fat greedy political pig constantly eating at the taxpayer trough. Now you lied about the letter you said you did not send. It’s time for the voters to terminate you on the school board you POS. “Our business is political trash but business is picking up”.

  5. God forbid, this man’s arrogance is beyond the pale of anything I ever experienced, as is his degree of stupidity. Must be genetic because his mother, Karen Morgan, who was a prosecutor with Connick’s office, displayed the same flawed personality traits as her misconduct was the cause of innocent black men being sent to death row.

    Morgan’s latest scam of greed, his drive to be paid some $225,000 plus to be the full time Gretna City Attorney, blew up in his face thank God. Bad enough that the ever ready campaign contributor, Colvin Law Firm, whom Morgan was associated with, had been raping the taxpayers of Gretna for too many years.

    However Morgan who is a new aberrant of swine, described as a POG (a pig-hog) defined by his sense of grandiose entitlement to have it all at the taxpayers expense is the beneficiary of yet one more politico thug racket, Judicial curatorships, as related in a T-P expose regarding how the politically connected get appointments as this relates to Morgan:

    “The Sheriff’s Office supplements the case annually with delinquent tax cases, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in curator fees that ultimately are paid by the delinquent taxpayers or by proceeds from tax sales. Archer said the volume of work involved in the case led him to hire additional staff.

    “We’ve been very pleased by the services by the curator, Mr. Archer,” said Kenneth Fonte, attorney for the Sheriff’s Office. “He’s done a good job.”

    Judge Ellen Kovach replaced Sassone last year and inherited the tax case. She reappointed Archer because of his experience in the case but because of the case’s size this year, she also appointed Mark Morgan, a campaign supporter with whom she served on the Jefferson Parish School Board.

    While Kovach reduced the $475 per-defendant fee to $300 and placed other restrictions on the lawyers’ income, records show Archer and Morgan stand to split $174,300 this year for trying to locate owners of 604 properties.

    “I think that the judge appointed me because she knows the way I conduct myself professionally,” Morgan said.”

    Yea, and POG’s fly.

    What a truly despicable human being, and that goes for his mother too !

    The defeat of Morgan today would begin a bleeding of “GretnaMentality”…with Boss Hog Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts the next one up to slaughter in April !

  6. Someone on http://www.nola.com refers to Mark Morgan as the” Greg Meffert of the Westbank” and alleges he sucks down kick backs on the contracts he awards in his district on the school board. Also, FBI how about looking into the judicial curatorships ( $175,000 mentioned above by Whitmergate) he is eating daily and splitting with lawyer Archer. Are there kickbacks associated with those curatorships ? You know the same type of financial nourishing curatorships that infamous Judge Porteous sent to lawyer Amato in the 24th JDC in exchange for bags of kickback cash.I’m sure Mark will also say all these allegations ” …. are crap “, just as he did the allegation, now the truth, he sent a letter to get his child into the Gretna magnet school.

  7. Whitmergate:

    You nailed it, AGAIN. Morgan is definately a male in need of female supervision.

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