Slabbed News Miscellany: A week’s worth of Jefferson Parish news we broke on Slabbed plus the continued fight against conflicts of interest.

There have been several area news stories which touched upon topics we cover, including 2 stories we broke this past week in the request for resignations from unclassified Parish employees and Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s disappointing day in court. In going back through the week in news I thought WWL TV (Channel 4) was “there with the most” on these news items so it is with them we stop first. Dominic Massa filed a report on Anne Marie’s day in Ross LaDart’s courtroom which was very good. This story ran at 5 last Tuesday but unfortunately the companion video was not posted online. It contains one good nugget of information, Anne Marie has lawyered up with Northshore attorney Bobby Truitt.  Truitt’s selection is meaningful, especially as it relates to LaDart and his curious public records rulings, as it appears he was instrumental in bringing down crooked 24th Judicial district court judge Alan Green of Operation Wrinkled Robe infamy.  My own opinion is that AMV’s tastes in lawyers is very good.  I’d be remiss if I did not add that the women of Truitt Law not only appear to be highly intelligent, professional and “sophisticated” but also are hotties too.

On the same topic Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune filed a short report Friday which falls into the category of several days late and relies upon their own prior stories on this general topic as illustrated by the fact that neither Mr. Truitt’s name or the fact AMV now has outside council is not mentioned.  I’ll add this appears to be round 1 of a 3 round fight and to that extent the headline over Rainey’s story is a bit misleading IMHO.   I suspect we have not heard the last of AMV and her public records suit against the Parish.

Finally I’ll add the file photos of AMV used in both reports are hideous.  I’ll see if I can get the Slabbed Nation a better pic besides wind blown AMV and car door AMV.

Next up is the Citizen’s for Good Government and their continued crusade to make the Parish Council abide by their own code of ordinances as it relates to their votes which involve campaign contributors. We have not covered this issue in-depth due to time constraints but the good folks over at ClickJefferson have done extensive reporting on the topic and The Jefferson Report has joined them as well.  Last night WWL TV, which appears to be hipping up to devoting coverage to certain Jefferson Parish topics, filed a report on this general topic which sorta exposes new Parish President John Young as a bullshit artist with the help of the “divine M&M sisters”, Margaret Baird and Margie Seemann of the Citizens for Good Government.  The report begins with the Young and his request for mass resignations. I’ve embedded the full Paul Murphy video report below:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.973993&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Finally Paul Rioux at the T-P checked in yesterday afternoon with what I think is the most meaningful story of the week as it appears the Parish Council has come to the stark realization their scheme to fleece Jefferson Parish taxpayers via the deal with the River Birch Landfill will not survive further scrutiny, especially in light of the recent FBI raid on River Birch’s HQ.  To the extent I’ve consistently been told several current council members have ownership interests in the landfill or with venders which do business with the landfill this had to be a sad day for the gang over at Yenni.  We’ll all see what Team Letten has sooner than later IMHO.

I hope to have something new on the River Birch landfill and the suit against Waste Management soon so stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “Slabbed News Miscellany: A week’s worth of Jefferson Parish news we broke on Slabbed plus the continued fight against conflicts of interest.”

  1. Thrilled to hear AMV has good counsel. Good move. Please pass on they need to demand the emails and data, NOT the damn computer itself.

  2. It appears the recent FBI sting raid has made some of the Council/ Administration shy about proceeding ahead with announcing the latest ” so-called independent” study of the River Birch Landfill contract that should have been completed by now. Instead, some of the Council/ Administration and their political connections to River Birch are running like crazy roaches just sprayed with “RAID” insecticde and proposing out-of -character ideas as keeping the Parish dump open. Now if we can just get them running toward BIG JIM LETTEN”S shoes we could hear some heads go snap-crackle-and-pop. We have the emergency hazard crew on high alert for possible quick wash down of roach brains.”Our business is political trash but its picking up”.

  3. Here’s another example of Young’s politico thug management style:

    The day after he was sworn in, Thursday the 21th, Young told his subordinates, ‘KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE’ !

    Young, you are OUR servant and the people who work in your administration are neither cerfs, slaves or indentured servants; they are OUR public employees, not your punching bag.

    Take that bully shit and shove it down your throat ! You need to abuse people, go home and abuse your family and friends. These employees have had more than their share of this kind of toxic workplace behavior from Coulon, Whitmer and Wilkinson. But then again, I remember you seem to favor using the same repugnant tactics employed by Coulon like this illegal, unethical and immoral ‘resign con’ game. I can assure Young he hasn’t heard the last of that one. It’s about as stupid as the blogging suit by Theriot and JP; yea the one prepared and filed by those incompetents at Phlips Dungmore . That’s why people think Phlips, Dungmore prepared this ludicrous packet he allegedly gave to ALL 70 plus “at will” employees. We’ll see on that one.

    I for one am glad Young won this 1 year stint, with all the questionable moves he’s making, and it’s only been less than 2 weeks, we will have plenty of reasons to join forces with another candidate come next July when Young will qualify to run for a full term. Somehow I just don’t believe your going to be crapped on us by Connick next time around.

    Well I guess if Connick can support Young, it explains why CONNICK IS SUPPORTING RICHMOND ! Just one more political punk CONNICK can control for HIS FAMILY AND CRONIES to satisfy his personal agenda of greed and power.

    Ha Ha Ha… I wonder what all these white Obama hating Pachyderm Republicans in JP are thinking about Connick right now…Pelican, I’m loving the implosion that’s taking place as I write !

    Maybe when Pauli runs next time he can get Obama to do a TV spot just like he’s done for Richmond…now that will inspire the sheeple to go vote…It will probably be the highest turnout ever recorded in JP to vote AGAINST an incumbant JP political boss…I can see it now, two jackasses going down the tube…

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee What’s Jpcleancrew thinkin’? Roaches don’t run they fly in NOLA especially in the rainforest in back of the Non-Performing Arts Bldg.. Letten’s not quick enough to stomp em’ but wants to bring em’ all before the Grand Jury and wait till they die of old age. But I must agree that somein’ in the air and is a changing at the Yenni Bldg. these days. Me thinks its caus’ the M&Ms, AMV, the FBI, Slabbed,,,, TP reporters and hundreds of concerned citizens aren’t going away anytime soon. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwwweeeeeeee

  5. curious, I agree, a combination of all the factors you mention are , if nothing else, bringing some heat on the Jefferson Parish Government gestapo and its thugs .

    And, with the J.P.cleanupcrew standing by, hopefully, after the pounding by all factors mentioned above in an concerted effort to throw artillery at the J.P. Government Crime family, the J.P.cleanupcrew can come in and sweep up their scattered parts and dump all of it in River Bitch landfill.

    (J.P.cleanupcrew, you might wish to stop by Heebe’s house down on St Charles and dump some of it his front yard. Just so he won’t feel left out..).

  6. I,ve got a few “obtuse” questions, but first I want to “UGA UGA UGA!” notwithstanding the fact that John Young, Paul Connick, Butch Ward, Tim Coulon, Tim Whitmer, Tom Wilkinson, Peggy Barton, Louis Gruntz, Greg Giangrosso, Ross LaDart, and “others” seem to be “winning”. They sure “won” in Ross LaDart’s Courtroom last week. How does FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER! feel? So now for my question: How does “Parish Government”, through the Parish Attorney’s Office, the Council, through Elton Lagasse and others, the Parish Clerk, and the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement, allow “squatters and trespassers” to illegally occupy land owned by TAXPAYING domiciliaries of Jefferson Parish, and to build structures on said land with Parish “permission”, and to allow other squatters and trespassers to illegally pump human waste (ie. feces and urine and other &$%#*@) directly into the Mississippi River immediately upriver from a water intake for Orleans Parish without any Federal, State or Parish permit, in violation of the Clean Water Act and the Refuse Act, all the while continuing to collect PROPERTY TAXES from the “true” landowners? Can one of you “experts” on Jefferson Parish Government explain this to me, please? Thank you. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Ashton, the FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER ! ” it’s just GretnaMentality” does not feel good for Ms. Vandenweghe I would think. Fortunately her lawyer knows how to handle that POS La Dart.

    With that said, I am beginning to build a file on your batture claim. I happen to totally agree with you, that a severe injustice has been perpetrated upon your family, both legally and morally; but I would also like to rent one of the houses once your family regains possession. I’m sort of selfish that way…and what a view !

    So once a MOTHERFUCKING INDICTMENT OF WILKINSON COMES DOWN, I will be right by your side to make this right !

    And my efforts will also include my allegiance with you FUCKING PLATTSMIER and ending your suspension to practice law so we can FUCK ALL THE MOTHERFUCKERS WHO NEED TO BE FUCKED !

    Is that a deal ? I would think so…

    1. I’ve been interested in the Ashton’s batture claim too Gate, especially after I found out the folks squatting on his family’s property are reportedly straight piping their sewage into the River just upstream of the NOLA water system intakes.

      Kinda puts a whole new light on the old saying about pissin’ in the drinking water…..


  8. I would like to clarify a few points about the illegal “occupation” of my Family’s batture property by criminal squatters and , aided and abetted by Federal, State and Parish “government”. Firstly, the O’Dwyer Family doesn’t want ANYTHING that the squatters and trespassers may have. Indeed, one of the elements of damages pleaded in the litigation I filed against the squatters and trespassers (and those who aided and abetted them) is “REMEDIATION OF THE PROPERTY”. I contemplate bulldozers and/or a barge-mounted dragline to REMOVE everything the squatters and trespassers have illegally erected on the property, and to return the property to nature, as it was before the squatters and trespassers illegally occupied it. However, as is the case with ALL of my litigation, post-KATRINA, the batture litigation has been administratively “closed”, and is on more or less permanent HOLD, a clear denial of due process of law and something unheard of in the annals of American jurisprudence. Secondly, of the 12 or so “camps” on the property, a grand total of 3, namely Camp No. 2, Camp No. 7 and Camp No. 9 obtained “permits” from the State Department of Health and Hospitals (the permitting procedure was a “joke”) for the installation of “septic tanks”. Camp No. 2 got its permit in 1997; Camp No. 7 in 2008; and Camp No. 9 in 2004. The Department of Health and Hospitals informed me that no permit(s) of any type have ever been issued to Camp Nos. 1, 1 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12. When I persuaded a “Sanitarian” from the Department of Health and Hospitals to proceed to the property for an “inspection” this past Summer (actually a “drive-by” from the crown of the levee because the river was “up”), he reported that “The systems were covered at the time of this inspection, thereby preventing any visual determination of its type or how it was installed.” The “Sanitarian” blindly accepted the assertion the “…owners stated that septic systems exist.” These are the same people who have falsely state on Federal, State and Parish documents that they are the “sole” owners of my Family’s land, in clear violation of criminal statutes, and more particularly 18 U.S.C Section 1001 and Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 14, Section 133. So if the Camps other than 2, 7 and 9 have septic tanks, they are not permitted. I will bet my left NUT that they are discharging raw sewerage directly into the River, as I have alleged. However, the “inspection” recently performed by the Department of Health and Hospitals was no inspection at all. I have been totally unsuccessful in getting the Federal Enviornmental Protection Agency interested in inspecting the property. One “side note” of interest: Before the Department of Health and Hospitals Sanitarian went out to the batture for his “inspection” last summer, he warned me that if he discovered any violations, then the fines and penalties would be laid at my Family’s doorstep “as the owners of the property”, and not at the feet of the squatters and trespassers who were polluting the enviornment. Thirdly, you may have heard of “Pump-to-the-River”. Well, if this project ever goes through (the “Corpse” of Engineers have been working on it since KATRINA – what a “joke”), then the “Southern-most” or “Eastern-most” part of the property will be impacted. The story of “The O’Dwyer Family Batture Property”, the litigation, the abuse of power by all levels of “Government”, the lies told by the squatters and trespassers, and the failure of Federal, State and Parish “law enforcement” to do their jobs, will fill one or more Chapters of “The Book” which I am writing. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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