Wednesday Musical Repeat: Dedicated to Mamo

I laid the timestamp down on today’s rumor here. Kidd’s commentary has been useful to understanding how Mamo plays in today, especially with Moon’s progeny representing the State in the US Senate and as Mayor of New Orleans. Throw in John Georges who ended up with some of Carlos Marcello’s businesses and yesterday gives today an entirely new context. The rise of legalized video poker spreads the moula around a good bit more but I do not want to jump too far ahead of myself in the narrative.  😉


One thought on “Wednesday Musical Repeat: Dedicated to Mamo”

  1. I don’t know John “Mumblypeg”, but I hope he gets what’s coming to him. John Georges is married to Dathel Coleman, whose Mother and Father are illegally trespassing on my Family’s Mississippi River Batture property. I am 100% sure that John Georges, with his wife, has attended parties at the “Coleman River Shack” on my Family’s property, which makes him, his wife and his wife’s Family, CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS. “Nice people”, huh? I also find it very coincidental that SOP would raise “video poker” as a possible issue. The State Office recently vacated by “Mitch-the-Bitch”, who wants to raise property taxes on the white residents of New Orleans, is now being sought by Caroline Fayard, who is running on “Daddy’s (and the Democratic Party’s) money”. Ms. Fayard is running for the Office of Lieutenant Governor. She also is the owner of video poker truck stop investments, more particularly “Paxtor Inc. and Safari Investments, L.L.C.”, both in Hammond. Ms. Fayard is an Officer of Safari, which also owns 20% of “Lucky Dollar Casino”. Anyone who wants to learn “more” about Caroline Fayard can read about her on Professor Carl Bernofsky’s Web-Site, “”, or go to the following link: I personally got a “belly full” when she was a law clerk to The “DisHonorable” Stanwood R. Duval, Jr. at the commencement of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation. She was CORRUPTED by her Father and Duval, and actually arranged the now-infamous “Trip to Tusacloosa” in November 2005, which was not disclosed to the litigants. I don’t thing that John “Mumblypeg” has anything on these people. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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