There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.

In connection with a few of the Louisiana elections we’ve covered I’ve opined several times that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be begin evaluating the candidates based upon character traits such as personal honesty before they consider party when pulling the lever.   The end result of putting crooks and political hacks in office is most evident in places like the Jefferson Parish School System and New Orleans City Government for instance as the cost to society is great.

I’ve written a good bit about the TEA Party here on Slabbed through time beginning with a Town Hall Meeting held by Congressman Taylor in Moss Point that I attended back in August 2009.  I’ve learned a good bit through that time as well.

Yesterday, former GOP/TEA Party candidate Joe Tegerdine crossed party lines endorsed Gene Taylor for Congress illustrating the concept of honesty over party.  We’ve covered the concerns these well intentioned folks on the political right have with Mr Palazzo and his family’s political connections to Boss Hogg’s political machine including the graft that is inherent to that gang. WLOX is all over this story and it is there we head next:

In the statement to the media, Tegerdine said, “I did not make this decision because I agree with all of his positions on the issues. I made this decision based on his record of integrity and willingness to be forthright with the people in our district.”

He went on to say, “I also considered voting for and endorsing Steven Palazzo. After much thought and deliberation I decided I could not in good conscience support him or the Republican establishment who worked to get him elected. I am confident that Nancy Pelosi will not return as Speaker of the House regardless of who wins in our district and do not want to put our 4th District seat in the hands of a Republican puppet and puppeteers that I do not trust.”

As long as people of goodwill stand together to demand their government be above board and transparent there is hope for this great land.  Here at Slabbed we salute Team Tegerdine and the local TEA Party, which is walking the walk of good government.


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