Slabbed is gettin’ ziggy with the Zombie: A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

 Well, you know folks, my people have been getting with his people and some people don’t like that per the comments.  😉

I am proud to say that we’ve taken part in making the anal sphincters of two undeserving would be politicians twitch mightily lately and that does not count the Jefferson Parish Council nor Jimbo the Clown and his sidekick Mikey the Cook. I’d be remiss if I did not add our own Poldawg has a cyber brother over NOLA way on Team Richmond.

Now we are a bipartisan bunch over here at Slabbed and we exhibit a strong streak of independence like our own Congressman Gene Taylor so I have no compunction to say everyone in NOLA should vote for Joseph Cao with a clear conscience because one can never go wrong voting for an honest man.

As always we thank the Slabbed Nation for your support.


8 thoughts on “Slabbed is gettin’ ziggy with the Zombie: A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.”

  1. Sop, as you well know it is NOLA and they deserve what they vote for. For some reason that citizenry chooses corrupt and look what it has gotten them.

  2. It’s not just N.O. and Jefferson Parish. The criminal David Vitter will win his Senate seat walking away. If paying for whores with campaign funds is not the definition of corruption, I don’t know what is. Vitter(R) and Richmond(D) are each corrupt political embarrassments who will take their seats in the U.S. Congress soon. This is because all of the hypocrite, partisan, dip-shit sheeple vote strictly along party lines. Political parties and knee-jerk ideologies make easy bitches of people. But in Louisiana, you can never prevail upon the populous to vote for the person, instead of the letter next to his/her name.

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  4. SOP, I’ll give you 3 guesses who that commenter was and the first two don’t count. I marked his IP address a long time ago.

    The kingpin himself, I.S., seems to be nervous with all our poking and prodding. He thinks it’s about election cycles and campaign dollars….they still just don’t get it do they?

  5. No offense meant but it seems to me that until those in the know ALL take a stand and point the finger in the open at the bad guys THE SHEEPLE have no one else to follow.
    Omission is commission.
    I would but geez I have too much to lose just doesn’t cut the mustard. If you think you are doing it for your progeny think again
    You are condeming them to live under the same oppressive corruption.
    Until EVERYONE takes a stand and puts it ALL on the line nothing will change
    Shrug. Complain. And blame the sheeple. You are the sheeple.

  6. Unslabbed:

    I sure hope that’s not a poke at me because that’s somewhere you really don’t want to go.

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