OK folks, I’ll pass along one of the rumors I’ve been hearing.

I’m not rumor averse per se but sometimes passing along gossip has a downside but I sense the Slabbed Nation wants to hear what we’ve been hearing behind the scenes and not just about Magnum JD coming to blows as it were with one of his new uptown neighbors on St Charles.

In this instance I think it is time we pass along something that is not widely known or reported but which I beleieve to be 100% accurate, especially in light of how long I’ve been hearing about it and the fact it involves a governmental entity in Jefferson Parish just not Parish Government. So I’ll repeat what I’m hearing below the fold for those so interested (drumroll please):

The FBI is investigating John Mamoulides and his companies including Ongo. This investigation has tentacles in RTA, JPSB, and Mandeville. Such is the latest twist in the unfolding great Louisiana Crime Camera Scandal.

We’ll be hearing more about this down the road.


4 thoughts on “OK folks, I’ll pass along one of the rumors I’ve been hearing.”

  1. Not only were Moon & John TAC Amusement “runners” back in the day; but once widely rumoured that Mamo took up Carlos’ s crown and mantle when Sam Carollo the younger abdicated. Recall that he “retired” to “the compound” after annointing his avatar Paul Connick Jeff. Parish D.A.

    Surely hope your rumour is correct! Ive been waiting to see Mamo go down for many a year; since days of his deals with Edwin Edwards, Clint Pray, Marcello, et al .

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