All for Young and Young for all: Parish Prez Young begins purging the ranks

The resignation notices are being hand delivered through out the Yenni Building.  The process began a week ago Monday and given what we are hearing is likely to take some time as John Young is being “methodical” in his personnel decisions.

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20 thoughts on “All for Young and Young for all: Parish Prez Young begins purging the ranks”

  1. Rumor – Already let go:

    PACACCIO ANGELA Parish President EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 68,541.02 0.00 30

    ROCHE VICTORIA Parish President SECRETARY 43,014.97 0.00 19

  2. My first recollection of such “shennanigans” in “GOVERNMENT” was reading T. Harry William’s “Huey Long” in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I believe that Huey’s detractors called signed, but undated, resignation letters “a Round Robin”. It’s also my recollection that that this was not looker upon as “good government”, but pure unadulterated THUGGERY. That’s how I look upon it today, as well. But coming from John Young and a Parish Government that has authorized and facilitated squatters and trespassers to illegally occupy my Family’s Mississippi River Batture Property, why am I not surprised? John Young (SPIT!). Elton Lagasse (SPIT!). The Jefferson Parish Council (SPIT!). The Parish Attorney’s Office (SPIT!). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Mr. Young, if you are getting this “at will” bullshit advice from Louis Gruntz and Clem Donelon, be prepared for the fallout that’s headed your way if you in fact follow this procedure. Your “packet of “DURESS” is just that, HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE !

  4. Resign or be fired by Friday?

    If you resign to save your job and are not re hired do you loose your right to apply for unemployment benefits?

    This is screwed up!

  5. Nominations closed last week I think. That is it. Set up and slammed down again. Three nominated and two withdrew, leaving one little piggy still standing.

  6. Re: Resignation and eligibility for unemployment benefits

    Everyone asked to submit resignation should make at least two sets of copies of documents before turning the paperwork in as “required” – one for use and one for back-up and making additional copies as needed.

    In Mississippi, there is provision for “good cause” exemption that would apply when resignation was not voluntary but required.

    If anyone knows of similar provision in Louisiana, it would be helpful to post a related comment

  7. Mr. Young, the phrase “at will” implys YOUR WILL: you decide who you hire and who you fire. By threatening people who are unclassified employees that they:

    1) have to resign, in order to possibly be reconsidered to keep their job, and
    2) if they fail to resign they are fired,

    is bereft of moral, ethical and legal considerations by yourself personally and as President of the Parish of Jefferson.

    Well here’s some post WHITMER NEWS (that really was a fact via the JP Charter and JP Code of Ordinances even before Aaron began crying for Whitmer to be afforded due process):

    1) DO NOT sign that “do me a favor and resign” packet… get fired AND NOW you can request a pre-disciplinary hearing like Whitmer was going to be afforded to satisfy then Parish President Broussard’s concern that an AT-WILL employee be afforded a hearing to satisfy due process requirements of our Constitutional guarantee ! In fact it is Gruntz and Donelon who came up with that one.
    2) IF YOU DO SIGN add a clause that you are signing under duress. That you have satisfactorily performed your duties and there is no reason that you should resign. Also that you are dependant upon this job to feed your family, keep a roof over your head and for health care. That is not your will or desire to resign, and that you consider such a demand by Young as arbitrary and capricious without any regard to due process of law.
    3) WHISTLEBLOWER STATUS. If you have any knowledge of wrong doing by anyone in the scope of your employment you have an obligation to report that wrong doing; failure to report is a crime. So today and/or tomorrow report any wrong doing you have knowledge of and file a whistleblower claim with the JP Personnel Board before 4:30 Friday. No matter what Young or his hench men, Gruntz, Donelon and Barton say, you can cannot be retaliated against for being a whistleblower.

    This OBSCENE and REPUGNENT tactic of having someone resign because the CEO, Parish President YOUNG doesn’t have the balls to express HIS will is abhorent. An UNWILLING employee’s action under duress of losing one’s job is contrary to public policy and common decency, and possibly illegal.

    Jefferson Parish is subject to federal and state laws prohibiting job discrimination (as all but the smallest employers are), you cannot be fired because of certain characteristics, such as your race, religion, or gender. Similarly, you cannot be fired because you have complained about illegal activity, about discrimination or harassment, or about health and safety violations in the workplace. And you cannot be fired for exercising a variety of legal rights, including the right to take family and medical leave, to take leave to serve in the military, or to take time off work to vote or serve on a jury.Government employees: Federal, state and local government workers are protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which prohibit the government from depriving any person of “life, liberty or property” without due process of law. These employees are considered to have a property interest in their jobs, and the right to due process places significant restrictions on arbitrary dismissals unrelated to job performance. Some additional protection is provided by federal, state and local civil service laws.

  8. Whit, chances are that I’m confused but- I thought “bloated” was one of the big problems in the Parish and that a good “house cleaning” was needed.

    Of course, no one wants to lose a job in this economy but this tight job market would seem to make Young’s “offer” attractive to those who do want “fired” on their record.

  9. As I said the day Young announced he would run to fill the last term of Lit’l Napoleon’s Parish President term, Young will be no better, in fact, possibly worse than Lit’l Napoleon.

    So far, that is playing itself out.

    We are coming to a show down next week with the Council meeting. This issue of the Council trying to circumvent parish ordinance relative disclosure of campaign donations is appartently boiling to a show down next Wednesday when it , supposedly, comes up for a vote by the Council. Signs show they will vote in their usual 7-0 posture on this issue essentially as an “in your face” to the Jefferson Parish taxpayers.

    Young, as Parish Prez, can veto that Council vote if he chooses.

    Things are about to get interesting.

    Stand by JP cleanupcrew..we may need you to clean some toxic mess off the 10th floor of the Yenni Building..

  10. What the fucking hell did Barton say ?

    “Young also said he is interviewing candidates for parish attorney. He said interim Parish Attorney Peggy Barton told him she does not want the position on a permanent basis and prefers to return to her previous job as a deputy parish attorney.”

    Hell, Barton needs to go now and should have been gone with that disgraceful example of a human being Wilkinson ! I don’t think payroll fraud is something that Young should encourage.

    ‘Gate and I almost pissed in our pants when we read this piece of Young’s lying tripe:

    “It is our intent that this administration will maintain the highest ethical standards and that the public’s confidence and trust in the integrity of Jefferson Parish government will be restored…”

    Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah.

    Barton having ethics is a contradiction in terms. It’s an OXYMORON ! Hell, she’s a moron,

    If that fucking Connick punk Young keeps Barton so she can get her retirement years then I have some advice, follow me out of this hellhole because it’s only going to get worse, hotter and deeper !

    And what about Bonano ? Did that peel of shit slip out of here already?

    Wait ! ‘Gate, what the hell did Young just say on TV ? That the resign con he’s pushing because he is nutless was done by Coulon and not by Broussard! Well that’ll be a plus for Broussard. The fact that Young wants to be like that criminal thug Coulon is very disturbing.

    I am disgusted with this Connick punk already and he’s only been President of this hellhole for a couple of weeks. Hell, I was disgusted with him for the 6 years he was clowning around on the Council.

    I’m telling you people, get the hell out of here as soon as you can.


  11. view, and what is even more disturbing is that Young will decide on a Parish Attorney..obviously the Parish Attorney’s office as well as our esteemed Jefferson Parish Council are two entities which continue to keep Jefferson Parish in bondage and prevent anything positive from moving forward.

    And don’t get me started with Connick and that Parish roadblock ..

    Memo to JPcleanupcrew…STAY ON FULL ALERT ..toxicity is all around us here in Jefferson Parish.

  12. I can’t believe : the resign or be fired idea was is and remains a purely Connick move. Mike Yenni ( the real one) was their first REAL puppet. They ran him as no one was run before. Rumor had it Susan Yenni despised them for pandering to her husband’s dark weaknesses. No love lost there. And now they run John Young. Senator Julie would do well to talk with Susan Yenni for the dark side of the Clan Connick.

  13. Oh…oh…!!! I always wondered how many outside the Connick BUNCH knew about Yenni’s DARK slide.

    Let me tell you Slabbers, ya’ll really have NO idea of what the Connick’s are all about.

    Seigneur, ayez pitie, car ils ne seront pas, tu es foutu !

  14. Jefferson Parish Prez John Young touts his resign or be fired policy as Good Government and a move toward full transparency in government.

  15. Unslabbed, I’m responding to your last comment with my also “humble opinion” (MHO) – mine “humbled” many years ago when it did not “pleasure” a new administrator for me to continue filling an “at will” position.

    Despite that “humbling” experience, IMHO, limiting the term of the Parish Attorney with assistant attorneys in classified positions is contrary to the transparency desired by you and other advocates of “good government”.

    Again, IMHO, the importance you place on “independence” would be more likely if the Parish Attorney position was limited to a four year term that begin two years after that of the Parish President.

    A related concern is that the Attorney position is term limited, staggered or not, there will be a shift of power to assistants if those positions are classified.

    One option might be to stagger six year terms at the level as it would provide continuity and support transparency at the same time.

    Even then, unless reappointment is not an option, the result will be a difference without a distinction.

    All “IMHO of course” as well.

  16. HUMBLE… MUMBLE… JUMBLE…In my assertive opinion, IMAO, that at 4:30 pm today Young should without reservation and unconditionally accept the resignations of:

    Louis Gruntz

    Peggy Barton

    David Fos

    Gregory Giangrosso

    Allison HINYUB Langley

    Nicole Tomba

    Jeremy Dwyer

    Nicole Amstutz

    Leighton Ciravolo

    Clem Donelon

    AND any and all other remnants of the Wilkinson posse, be they para-legal or secretarial !

  17. Someone just called to ask if I thought Phelps, Dunbar prepared Young’s intimidation packet, the resign con…and I, without hesitation replied:

    GOD, I HOPE SO ! Now why is that ?

  18. Nowdy: You may be correct in your reasoning. My only real point was that if a Parish Attorney goes rogue and those ‘resignations’ are being held in a desk drawer somewhere the Parish of Jefferson goes right back to Coulon-Whitmer-Wilkinson days. However the situation can be set up to provide for an Independent Parish Attorney it is important…stagger the terms; don’t have Assistants; have Assistants … it doesn’t matter if your Parish Attorney has gone bad and has ‘leverage’ on his assistants. There may not be any solution…

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