As different as the two brothers Darryl – the other Allstate qui tam case: ex rel Denenea v Allstate

Although their shared name is sufficient reason for thinking the two brothers Darryl are one in the same, an examination of available evidence reveals two distinctly different individuals.  In this third of an intended four-part series, SLABBED examines the evidence available on the most recently unsealed Katrina qui tam case, ex rel Denenea v Allstate – a distinctly different case from the other also named Allstate, ex rel Branch Consultants v Allstate.

In an attempt to convince the federal courts in Louisiana these two qui tam cases are one in the same and both should be dismissed, Allstate has launched what can best be described as a “wool-over-the-court’s-eye scheme“.  A key element of the scheme and the centerpiece of Allstate’s defense is, of all things, the qui tam case filed in Mississippi, ex rel Rigsby v State Farm – perhaps because several years ago Denenea caught the yarn the Company was trying to spin and unraveled their knitting right in front of none other than the federal district judge assigned to Denenae’s qui tam case, Judge Sarah Vance.

Every bit of yarn in Allstate’s knitting bag was tossed at Denenea in the Company’s Motion to Dismiss but Denenae’s case has a needle that makes it as distinctly different from both Branch and Rigsby as one “brother Darryl” is from the “other brother Darryl”: Continue reading “As different as the two brothers Darryl – the other Allstate qui tam case: ex rel Denenea v Allstate”

Slabbed is gettin’ ziggy with the Zombie: A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

 Well, you know folks, my people have been getting with his people and some people don’t like that per the comments.  😉

I am proud to say that we’ve taken part in making the anal sphincters of two undeserving would be politicians twitch mightily lately and that does not count the Jefferson Parish Council nor Jimbo the Clown and his sidekick Mikey the Cook. I’d be remiss if I did not add our own Poldawg has a cyber brother over NOLA way on Team Richmond.

Now we are a bipartisan bunch over here at Slabbed and we exhibit a strong streak of independence like our own Congressman Gene Taylor so I have no compunction to say everyone in NOLA should vote for Joseph Cao with a clear conscience because one can never go wrong voting for an honest man.

As always we thank the Slabbed Nation for your support.


Wednesday Musical Repeat: Dedicated to Mamo

I laid the timestamp down on today’s rumor here. Kidd’s commentary has been useful to understanding how Mamo plays in today, especially with Moon’s progeny representing the State in the US Senate and as Mayor of New Orleans. Throw in John Georges who ended up with some of Carlos Marcello’s businesses and yesterday gives today an entirely new context. The rise of legalized video poker spreads the moula around a good bit more but I do not want to jump too far ahead of myself in the narrative.  😉


OK folks, I’ll pass along one of the rumors I’ve been hearing.

I’m not rumor averse per se but sometimes passing along gossip has a downside but I sense the Slabbed Nation wants to hear what we’ve been hearing behind the scenes and not just about Magnum JD coming to blows as it were with one of his new uptown neighbors on St Charles.

In this instance I think it is time we pass along something that is not widely known or reported but which I beleieve to be 100% accurate, especially in light of how long I’ve been hearing about it and the fact it involves a governmental entity in Jefferson Parish just not Parish Government. So I’ll repeat what I’m hearing below the fold for those so interested (drumroll please): Continue reading “OK folks, I’ll pass along one of the rumors I’ve been hearing.”

All for Young and Young for all: Parish Prez Young begins purging the ranks

The resignation notices are being hand delivered through out the Yenni Building.  The process began a week ago Monday and given what we are hearing is likely to take some time as John Young is being “methodical” in his personnel decisions.

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There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.

In connection with a few of the Louisiana elections we’ve covered I’ve opined several times that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be begin evaluating the candidates based upon character traits such as personal honesty before they consider party when pulling the lever.   The end result of putting crooks and political hacks in office is most evident in places like the Jefferson Parish School System and New Orleans City Government for instance as the cost to society is great.

I’ve written a good bit about the TEA Party here on Slabbed through time beginning with a Town Hall Meeting held by Congressman Taylor in Moss Point that I attended back in August 2009.  I’ve learned a good bit through that time as well.

Yesterday, former GOP/TEA Party candidate Joe Tegerdine crossed party lines endorsed Gene Taylor for Congress illustrating the concept of honesty over party.  We’ve covered the concerns these well intentioned folks on the political right have with Mr Palazzo and his family’s political connections to Boss Hogg’s political machine including the graft that is inherent to that gang. WLOX is all over this story and it is there we head next:

In the statement to the media, Tegerdine said, “I did not make this decision because I agree with all of his positions on the issues. I made this decision based on his record of integrity and willingness to be forthright with the people in our district.” Continue reading “There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.”