The Zombie calls Cedric Richmond out to play. A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

Did Tina take the fall for Cedric? This is the abiding question in my mind based on what we now know. Dambala over at American Zombie has rolled out another great post as he took Mr. CLS’s tip and put alot of meat on dem bones.  As several insurers read us I’ll add if there was a claim the other side of the transaction it would be a very interesting read IMHO.  It also exposes another avenue where others can gain a bit of leverage on ol’ Ced, which can’t be a good thing for his would be constituents in any way shape or form.

So while I’m chasing down Cedric’s connections in Jefferson Parish Government, and yes Virginia there are some, I seem to remember there are some West Bank charity/earmark lootings that were connected to Byron Lee. I’m hoping one of our readers can help jog my memory on that.

Props to Jason for a job well done.


8 thoughts on “The Zombie calls Cedric Richmond out to play. A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.”

  1. Perhaps the one time I saw it I may have been wrong, but I thought I saw the mayor of New Orleans endorse this fine gentleman running to be the replacement for New Rleans East!!

    Is the mayor going to be a great leader or just one more of the same? Something like Mr Young in EJ since he was part of the old council that was about as transparent as a one foot thick sheet of lead wrapped around their meetings!

    We have left the cliff and are falling. There is only one more branch just below to check our fall and if we miss it, hell awaits!!! I hope it is caught and we have another chance to do right!!!!

  2. Dear Honorable Ross La Dart: How about adjudicating this suit on the merits and law and not political pressure; and distinguish yourself and your good name from all the other infamous 24th JDC judges who play political games, like pleasing my close, rich generous attorney or political friends, and end up eventually disgraced and testifying in Washington D.C. “….that’s just the way things are in Gretna, La.”.

  3. So when is the Public going to get answers to the following questions: (1) CR, when did you start, and when did you stop (if ever), using Tina Dixon as a “belly warmer”, and what extrinsic evidence can you point us to? (2) Has the NOPD made any attempt to determine if the two police reports which CR made regarding the burglaries at his separate properties within 6-months of each other were legitimate or fraudulent? (3) Precisely what is Criminal District Court Judge Laurie White’s explanation for allowing Tina Dixon, who admitted to stealing @ $30,000 and pleaded GUILTY to stealing @$30,000, to make restitution for only 1/2 that amount ($15,000), and then to reduce the charge to a $100 misdemeanor theft, so that Tina Dixon’s felonious conduct could be expunged? (5) Who paid Tina Dixon’s $15,000 reimbursement? (6) How did Tina Dixon buy an expensive automobile immediately after all of this BULLSHIT, and why wasn’t that money “reimbursed” to the non-profit she STOLE from? (7) WHO THE FUCK IS LAURIE WHITE ANYWAY? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Just so Kim Boyle over at Phlips Dungmore won’t feel like I’m ‘picking’ on her …had I been given the choice between voting for Richmond or her in this Congressional race, I would have voted for Kim Boyle !

  5. Dirty laundry way too much dirty laundry for me to possibly understand: 1) Why Richmond would even enter this race, and 2) Why anyone would actually endorse this guy.

    This may be

  6. If you want dirt in jeff. parish check out Cedric’s link to Larry Sisung, Sunex Holdings, and Byron Lee’s land grab on the west bank.

  7. New Orleans mayor seems to be all for all including the Demo party. Speeches are nice but action is much better. Why put repertation on line for a bottom feeder unless you are part of the same group!

    Politicans do not serve the people, they serve themselves!!! Without morals decisions are never done for t he people, they have to be for the grease!!!

    Mr Young seems to be so full of it the grease may just make him slide right into the same frying pan as Aaron!!

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