BREAKING: Parish to Anne Marie: FU ‘n UR Public Records Suit

It appears Team Young is starting out mean and bitchy. I’d like to welcome back our loyal readers at Phelps Dumbar.

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27 thoughts on “BREAKING: Parish to Anne Marie: FU ‘n UR Public Records Suit”

  1. Who is representing her?

    My opinion is that for the most part, none of the exceptions have much merit. However, a lot more legal research is required before she responds.

  2. Oh, so nice to have “Aunt Jemima” back from her job as Bar Association President ans sucking at the public teat, again, this time Jefferson Parish. What a dedicated public servant (SPIT!). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. ATTA BOY YOUNG..keep spending our Jefferson Parish taxpayer monies to defend your pitiful Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office. Guess you were not listening on October 13th when Margie Seemann, Citizens for Good Government, asked very nicely if the Parish would just give Ms. Vandenweghe her emails and computer back …suggesting that the Jefferson Parish taxpayers were growing weary of the Parish hiring all of this high priced outsourced legal counsel to cover the Parish’s pitiful backside.

    Oh, that’s right you weren’t listening to Ms. Seemann. As I recall you were checking msgs on your phone.

    And, just when does Jefferson Parish Government start restoring citizen confidence in Jefferson Parish Government..? As I remember that was high on your list on victory day of the recent Parish President election. Guess we’re way past the election rhetoric , eh…?

  4. Let me see if I have this right. Those named in her mandamus petition and possibly others physically kicked her door down

  5. Ok so let me see:
    1. AMV is not entitled to her own emails from her own account, which she probably needs to a) prove her entitlement to compensatory time for all the holidays, weekends , late nights and early mornings she spent preparing answers for the PRRs, Legislative Investigations, Council Investigations and Grand Jury Subpoenas; and b) defend herself against the slanderous, libelous assertions by the Parish that there was ‘ample evidence’ of her blogging and internet surfing during working hours which ‘ample evidence’ Steve Theriot used as the basis of placing her on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of a purported investigation he had launched. Which ‘investigation’ results have still not been reported 8 months after Theriot threatened AMV with same and 6 months after he was forced to reinstate her to the Parish Attorney’s Office.

    2. There are exceptions being claimed as to the status of the records she is requesting, which exceptions are not itemized with particularity anywhere at any time since her PRR ;

    3. The Parish could not produce the records immediately upon request and yet did not at the time AMV requested the records give AMV a time and date within the next three days when she could see the records;

    4. It will take more time than allowed by law to produce the records but the Parish failed to, either at the time of her inquiry or to date of her filing the Mandamus, file for a Declaratory Judgment petitioning a court of competent jurisdiction for additional time; and so

    5. When AMV takes the only next step available to her to obtain the records necessary to her 1) documenting her time as requested by Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz ( in one of the requested email threads) so they could compensate her and 2) defending herself against the libelous, slanderous accusations of the Parish via Steve Theriot ; the Parish retaliates with a SLAPP suit orchestrated by the same over-paid law firm that SLAPPED AMV’s Personnel Board Whistleblower law suit.

    Gimme a break. Has anyone at Phelps Dumbar bothered to READ THE PUBLIC RECORD LAW???

    Forget about who AMV named…but just to placate the deliberate souls:
    The Parish President is the presumed Custodian of Records under State Record Retention statutes.
    He/she can designate in writing in a report FILED WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE someone else in the governmental entity as his substitute.
    Broussard designated Council Clerk Eula Lopez ( who now probably wishes she could have declined)
    Broussard resigned and Theriot never filed such a report so TAG Theriot is it.
    AMV being the cautious once-burned-twice-shy- leery- of- the- machinations- of- the- enemy war veteran that she is, names both Lopez and Theriot and adds Giangrosso since he has been signing all the ‘boilerplate letters’ denying/delaying access.

    Access delayed is access denied. Without affirmative action ( filing for a declaratory judgment a la the Coroner in St Tammany in Judge Crain’s court) on the part of the governmental entity delaying the access the governmental entity is guilty as charged.

    Phelps Dumbar: Do any of you live in Jefferson Parish? Are you paying taxes here or just syphoning off my tax dollars by churning fees and killing trees? Have you attended the Secretary of State’s Record Retention seminars? Have you talked to anyone up there? Did Gruntz tell you how miserably his attempts at getting the Legislature to loosen the Public Record requirements failed last session? Oh yeah you don’t do DUE DILIGENCE before responding to clients lawsuits. I forgot.

    So AMV how many days has it been since your PRR? Is it a lot of $100.00 days? Inquiring minds want to know how much to put in our civil lawsuit to recover the funds expended due to the bad advice of so many different counselors at law. And can you recover for your time prepping and attending court since you are an attorney and attorney fees can be awarded to you?

    Listen AMV, the majority of us out here want to settle all this with you. Call, write or just let Slabbed know what it will take and we will put a committee together to meet with you or your attorney to discuss settlement and we the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish will advise our servants on the Council and in the Administration how WE THE TAXPAYERS OF JEFFERSON PARISH want this resolved.

    Forget about it Mr. Young. We don’t need you to listen to us. We’ll take it from here. PRO BONO. We don’t need Phelps Dumbar. We’ll deal with AMV directly and actually TALK TO HER.

  6. And my guess is that all of AMV’s defendants, and “Aunt Jemima”, are counting on Judge LaDart to rule their way. Anybody want to place any bets? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Well, well, well…the two Satan Sistas have jumped off the laps of the man down under and are now assisting Young to SLAPP Vandenweghe, like they did with TheRiot.

    The last time we heard from Kimmy and Nanny was when Phlips Dungmore filed that incompetent and irresponsible and ridiculous lawsuit against my blogging buddies, viewfromhell, lettenhavit, JpigpenP, et al. The last time I saw ‘view’ he was mumbling something about some class action lawsuit against the Parish of Jefferson, the Council Clowns personally and TheRiot personally. WOW ! That’s gonna be a Slabbed best hitter.

    And I would suggest that before anyone from Philps Dungmore darts any veiled innuendoes and/or threats about some ‘imagined future lack’ of professional conduct on the part of AMV which has not happened, those members at Phlips Dungmore better look in the mirror first. The failure of Philps Dungmore to perform due diligence in their representation of Jefferson Parish by not performing and/or negligently performing an internal investigation of the alleged wrong doing by JP officials and employees as set forth in AMV’s Whistleblower Claim; the very same wrong doing that was recently substatiated by the La. Legislative Auditor, is proof positive of Philps Dungmore’s lack of professional conduct.

    Young is a pimped out punk…Connick’s ‘boy’.

    Young=arrogance=stupid ! And he is very rude.

    I am now committed to pounding Young like I did WILKINSON. Young can get the Satan Sistas to sue for all I care…we need another Cyberspace Comedy Central routine to laugh at.

    I mean what’s with these male Jefferson Parish Presidents that make them want to SLAPP a woman ?

  8. ‘Gate, God how I love ‘view’s’ idea about a Class Action Lawsuit against Jefferson Parish including the Council cancers.

    A little bit of that ‘Rbl-Yell’ brings out the best in that boy..

    I must remember to put a bottle of the ‘Yell’ in his stocking for Christmas..

  9. Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo.

    Dancing as fast as you can? You might want to look into rejoining the family business if they will let you back in . Should work now that you are no longer ‘ heavy’. Of course dancing is an honorable profession.

    Allessandro marries Giacobbe and has Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo.

    Hmmm. At least now we know how you got your job. All that is left to figure out is why you get to keep it other than you can deliver the bacon from the pigs at the trough. And you do whatever you are told to do. Good old maid that you are.

    Nan Allessandro, spinster daughter and niece. One down , one to go.

    Nananana nananana hey hey hey Kimmy’s next. It is only a matter of time. Put your tokens on the table ladies and gentlemen, its betting time.

    Heck of a week slabb nation. The times they are a’changin.

    Juan Williams and NPR be damned. They got nuttin on us.

  10. AMV is a lawyer. The Rules of Professional Conduct govern her actions regarding dissemination of information regarding her client, JP. As I read certain portions of the JP exceptions issues of

  11. Can you spell ‘SPOLIATION’ girls and boys?
    I am not sure Mr Rogers can either but it happens when one side of a lawsuit is ‘on notice’ that they better not destroy evidence.
    If they do and the other side asks for it the destroyers are screwed not only by fines and penalties for destroying the evidence but by the Judge telling the destroyers that anything the other side says was contained in that evidence cannot be refuted by any evidence the destroyers want to produce. Uh Oh.
    Then add in the penalties for destruction, mutilation, messing with Public Records stuff contained in the Record Management and Public Records statutes and Uh Oh Again.
    Oh NOOOOOOO Mr Bill.

    Parish of Jefferson. WISE UP. Get this thing you have with AMV over with already. You are whipping a dead horse fighting with her. Find someone to carry the white flag, peace pipe and check book. Enough already. SHE DID NOT START THE FIGHT. Your corrupt politicians and elected officials and contractors started the fight. She was caught in the crossfire.

    I don’t see you getting away with killing the MESSENGER this time.

    I personally would rather see my tax dollars go to a Whistleblower who put away a bunch of thug thieves than to some over-priced over-paid law firm to cover-up for the thug thieves and their remaining cronies.

    Step up Johnny. Be Good. Settle this thing you and your boys have with AMV. Just because she beat your boy in 1991 without any of your assistance and in spite of your spear rattling you gotta stop holding a grudge. Mike Yenni ( the real one) liked her. His father, Joe Yenni, liked her. Even Susan Yenni liked her. So what’s with you and your homeboys?

    Senator Julie: Johnny this much of a male chauvinist at home?

    I don’t know : is he taking out his frustrations of being in your shadow on AMV?

    PS Good move getting Spike off the 10th floor. You might want to ‘drop in’ unannounced a few times to really get the ‘feel’ of the place. She was not an anomaly…there are still a lot of FMPs clip clopping around up there.

    Stop wasting my tax dollars on high priced legal hucksters. Pay the Whistleblower, make her Parish Attorney and let her clean up the town.
    We all know she submitted her resume to your email on the Parish website. So do the right thing Johnny. Promote the Whistleblower and make a statement and a difference. You don’t have to like her.

    Actually I’d prefer you NOT like her…then I can rest easy that she is there doing the work of the people and not covering up for the servants.

    The Parish Charter says the Parish Attorney works for the entire Parish operation…not just for certain corrupt elected / appointed officials. So give us one we the people can trust.

  12. Oops I forgot: Heard from a source that Lagasse’s Barry Bordelon is pushing the rope up the hill on the AMV thing. Cannot imagine why other than she lives in Lagasse’s district and they are AFRAID. Well boys, be afraid. Be very very afraid because if I know AMV : if she ever connects you to this you are toast.

    And on an unrelated but equally delicioso note: what Assistant Parish Attorneys may have a difficult time fulfilling the Charter Requirement that they be ELECTORS of Jefferson Parish? Just saying it is so won’t cut it anymore : prove it. Let’s see your Voter’s Registration card. Let’s see your Driver’s License. Let’s see your Homestead Exemption.

  13. Well JP, so much for confusion to be your ally, it seems that the rules of play have been outlined quite nicely by the letter of the law. Stop trying to dodge the reality that has been handed you by AMV and her legitimate requests. Stop trying to use our tax dollars to avoid the obvious result. Let pride be your guide, and not bully mentality. Too many people are watching now to sweep this under the rug.

  14. Dear Honorable Judge Ross La Dart: Having campaigned for you how about adjudicating this suit on the merits and law and not political pressure. In doing so you will distance yourself from the political corruption in the Yenni Building.You will also distinguish yourself and your good name from all the other infamous 24th JDC judges who play political games like i.e. lets see who the attorneys are in the suit and who may be a close, rich friend or a political power broker. Those infamous judges are the ones whom eventually are disgraced on appeal or later testify in Washington,D.C. saying under oath”….but that’s just the way it is in Gretna, La..”

  15. What in the hell are ya’ll talking about ? Give the woman her fucking records and it’s over. Doesn’t she continue to produce and receive emails daily in her present position as head of recovery. Aren’t those records available to her every day as was the same records she produced and received when she was in charge of the Public Records Division.

    You know what the hell this is ? RETALLIATION ! PURE and SIMPLE. This has absolutely NOTHING to do about this work computer or the information on it ! These thugs that run this hellhole want to blame someone else for being exposed as the corrupt POS’s that they are. They created this corruption and it was never a secret in the first place. These scumbags live in their fart bubble and think we the taxpayers can’t smell. They want to destroy AMV so they can show that they are still in control; and the same thing will happen to anyone who reports illegal conduct by Parish Officials and/or employees.

    JP will pay her damages big time as a result of this fucking petty stupid foolishness. A harassment lawsuit is what’s needed against Young, the Council Clowns, Barton, Gruntz, Giangrosso and anyone else having anything to do with this covert bully conspiracy to ‘kill the messenger’ and collect from them .also What the hell, they need to pay for their personal BS conduct that causes harm to an innocent person.

    How in the hell can John Young continue to rape the taxpayers paying this big uptown law firm $350 an hour for all the paper work that AMV’s going to get any way; either thru this lawsuit or a subpoena duces tecum when she files her Federal law suit against these political thug cock-suckers. What the hell ? Is he NOT THINKING ! But then again why would he care ? It’s not his fucking money. He voted to hire Phools, Dumbarse previously, when a Council Clown himself; to SLAPP this woman in the Whistleblower suit. Hell I wish they could sell seats to the depositions of the defendants that are going to named; a virtual who’s who in this hellhole. The money raised from that venture could alone pay the damages she’s going to recover.

    Some people like Lagasse’s Barry Bordelon and Clown Roberts have a personal hard on for AMV for whatever reasons and seem to be driving this vendetta; make them pay for this shit.

    Hell, I’ve had enough, and I would think most taxpayers’ of JP have too.

    Jefferson Parish, the HellHole of all HELLHOLES !

  16. I have committed my calendar to being in the courtroom in support of AMV. I would invite any and all of the SlabbedNation to join with me in solidarity of her efforts. Yet again she faces the forces of evil (Jefferson Parish), and the hired Goliath (Phlips Dungmore)… ALONE !

    Be there, Division O, Judge Ross La Dart @ 9:00 am.

    Please… join me.

  17. Sorry… this coming Tuesday, the 26th…this must be why I always wonder how it is that no one comes to my parties…I drink before I invite people to come and have drinks !

    Thank you so much Nowdy.

    Yes… ya’ll are all invited…AMV vs JP… re public records request… Div O, 24th JDC, Judge Ross La Dart…Gretna, La. @ 9:00 am…Tuesday, October 26th !


  18. And wait, I forgot…the City of Gretna Tourist Bureau has just recently created a “Gretna Mentality Tour” which features highlights of many of the sites mentioned in Porteous’ Impeachment Trial that was aired nationally on C-SPAN. You will see where Porteous held Court when a Judge in the 24th JDC; the building where Porteous first began practicing law at the corner of Huey P. Long Ave. and 2nd Street (unfortunately the old DA Office is no longer standing); the former ‘Whitesides’ Cafe on 2nd Street next to the Greenberg Bldg (now the Courthouse Cafe) ; the former Marcotte Bldg and parking lot; the side door of the Government Bldg that Porteous, Susan Chehardy and other Judges were picked up regularly to have lunch with the Marcottes; Bruce Netterville’s office (Louis Marcotte was best man at Susan and Bruce’s wedding); and and then possibly decide having lunch either at the Red Maple or Beef Connection. You will see examples of the fence that Marcotte had built for Porteous at Tom Wilkinson’s office on Huey P. Long Ave.

    Although this list of notable stops is not complete, the City of Gretna hopes to expand this venue in the future, to include Bodenheimer, Green, Wilkinson, Whitmer, Broussard and others, whose “GretnaMentality” affliction has caused their downfall.

    Please e-mail Nowdy to contact me so that I can arrange making reservations for this coming Tuesday after the Hearing of AMV’s mandamus action. The cost is, as is everything in Gretna, negotiable !

  19. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeeee Heard on the vines that there will be lots of reporters from the TP and TV media in the audience on Tuesday October 26th taking notes . The other local internet sites, and www. the also will have representatives and a large interest as they have actively reported on the corruption scandals which Parish attorney Ann Marie Vandenweghe exposed while she was returning public records requests for the FBI and other investigative bodies.The “special man” in this lawsuit is Honorable 24th JDC Judge Ross La Dart who I predict after reading the briefs will say, “…. let her have em’ ( e-mail records). We’re all praying daily in the rainforest for AMV and Judge LaDart . OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooowweeeeeeeeeeee

  20. By the way, this right of the insurance/big corporation and I gues now “big government” handbook—- throw everyting at the underequipped plaintiff and hope he or she surrenders.

    Be interested to see what does and does not have merit… although after seeing who the judge is and knowing from past performances in cases involving my clients, I have NO FAITH the correct ruling(s) will be made.

  21. Wait a minute! LaDart is a “crooked-as-snake” SCUMBAG who was involved in PUBLIC CORRUPTION revolving around a “seaman’s case”, namely “Younce vs. Pacific Gulf Marine”. That case and other shady dealings in which LaDart has been involved are all available on the Internet. How he escaped indictment on criminal charges, trial and involuntary incarceration is way beyond me, and speaks volumes about the “motivation” of our esteemed Federal prosecutors (SPIT!). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  22. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeee WOW, just heard on the vines that the M&M’s will be there taking notes. Judge LaDart, I happen to know you are a humble,religious man don’t let the righteous light be hidden by the darkness. Matthew 5:14-15.

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