James Gill tackles Murphy the Turd. A Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson ODC reprimand update.

Could James Gill be as big a fan of Slabbed as we are of his opinion columns? While the answer to that question will remain unanswered for now we do know he is paying attention from across the pond as yesterday’s column tackled the subject of the ODC reprimand of former Gov Mike Foster’s boy, Murphy the Turd.  Here is a peek at his column:

Banish any unworthy suspicions, because neither Murphy Foster, nor any of the other four attorneys who made up Breazeale, Sachse’s management committee, had any idea what was on the firm’s website. That was all handled by an office manager, who up and posted the bogus dope on the sly.

It is amazing, when corporate mischief comes to light, how often it turns out that the fault belongs entirely to a relatively humble employee who is no longer around, and so it was here. The office manager has left the company for unrelated reasons, so the motive for spreading “false, deceptive and misleading information” can only be guessed at.

No guessing about our interest, given that Murphy Deux was pushing Fred Heebe for US Attorney during the earlier years of the Bushie Administration despite his past problems with booze and physical run-ins with members of the fairer sex. For those catching up, Heebe now is President of the family business River Birch Landfill.  He uses Peter “Baby” Butler Jr over at Breazeale for legal work.  River Birch, of course was recently raided by the FBI and is at the epicenter of the ongoing federal investigation of corruption in Jefferson Parish Government.  As the corruption in Jefferson Parish appears to be systemic, it did not surprise us Baby Butler also ate well at the West Jefferson Medical Center trough, one of the tentacles in the ongoing federal investigation.


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  1. If Heebe would have been appointed U.S. Attorney the result would have still been the same-delay, more delay, no indictments by Letten, no indictments by parish D.A. Connick, no justice, more corruption, Council politicos having no fear doing whatever is good for themselves and the jefferson parish attorney’s office still run by Wilkinson puppet, Peggy Barton.

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