12 thoughts on “Give me two steps give me two steps mister: Margie Seemann speaks on Parish payroll fraud.”

  1. JP COUNCIL: You may have no respect for the M&M’s, the JP citizens or the public trust. And no fear of D.A. Connick, but the JPcleanupcrew is coming- the crew is coming– the crew is coming. Go right ahead and make our day!–Go right ahead and change the Ordinance requiring objectivity statements prior to voting, as asst.parish attorney,Louis Gruntz, so admirably told you had his royal permission to violate for years(See http://www.clickjefferson.net for editorial). I’m sure Gruntz and acting ( in reality, its still Wilkinson)parish attorney,Peggy Barton,will help you draft the amending ordinance for your good and your campaign funds and the hell with “good government”.But we’re a coming- we’re still coming–and we’re coming to see you hogs roast.

  2. Just a comment on Roberts & Gruntz claiming that filing suit would impede criminal investigations.

    That is not correct. JP can file suit, interrupt the running limitations, and hold their rights for at least 3 years. If the criminal suits do not pan out by capturing and getting restitution from all the persons, the Parish would hold their rights against them intact. JP would not have to act on teh suit until all criminal investigations and prosecution had concluded. Conversely if they fail to exercise their rights and nothing happens then JP has lost all rights of recourse.

  3. @4:49 – This is such a joke. There is Young and everyone and they ALL KNEW that Broussard’s wife / girlfriend / secretary was on the payroll and doing nothing for it. They knew it about ALL of them.

    Gotta love Young checking his iphone/blackberry at about 8:05 while illegal disposal of records is being discussed. Completely disinterested.

  4. Exactly what I thought about Gruntz’ comments, TM.

    I wish Margie had said, “Mr. Young, are you listening?”

    Roberts’ comment at the end where he emphasizes “buried” is also totally unbelievable. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had used his shovel.

  5. I agree with Telemachus about the president’s apparent disinterest. It’s baffling that he and the council are so overtly dismissive of the representative of good government. One would think they would be very receptive to the constructive criticism, this being a new transparent administration. He may as well have been checking his watch or flossing his teeth.

    Roberts’ superficial interest might have been sparked by consistent observations that the council members never respond to Mrs. Seeman.

  6. With our soldiers of good government re: the m&m sisters, some renovations might be necessary, more room will be needed to pile the worthless pork. You have my full support, and also if necessary if more time is needed at the podium, I will be glad to yield to anything you have to say. Keep up the good work, and keep reminding these fools that they are public servants, and WE ARE THE PUBLIC.

  7. SOCK, re last part of your post, “Roberts’ superficial interest may have been sparked by consistent observations that the Council members never respond to Mrs Seemann.”

    Well, yeah, agreed..that ‘s part of it..Little Piggie Roberts isn’t remotely interested in Good Government one bit..but he will be running for Council at Large next year, so now he’s looking for votes hence his superficial interest in items brought up by the M & M’s.

    I would bet that none of the Jefferson Parish Criminals ( er, sorry.. I meant to say COUNCIL ) members could intelligently respond to anything anyway. Their standard response up to now on any issue is “we didn’t know about that..”

    These Council members wouldn’t know GOOD GOVERNMENT if it hit them in the face.

  8. Why not run for any office in Parish Government. He has the support of every politician and all the money he needs to get elected..

    This guy is not worried about this bullshit US Attorney investigation. He is above all of that shit!

  9. bayou, re your above post on Roberts..agreed this little piggy is positioning himself for an extended stay at the J.P. trough…but wouldn’t it be wonderful ( I know.. I’m dreaming..) if the voters of Jefferson Parish threw this bum out in his upcoming run for Council at Large..

    how refreshing that would be…

    and as long as we’re throwing things out, let’s not forget to throw Lagasse out as well…

  10. Bunhare:

    This would like having a wet dream, but I cannot remember the last time this occurred in my life.

    We did it with the School Board, but big bucks rule at the top.


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