“The Cute Guys” kickoff for Chrissy Roberts – what PR genius thought of that (Updated)

Councilman Roberts did not respond to a request for comment.

I guess not!  I mean what can you say when you’re the cutest guy on the Jefferson Parish Council and you’ve got “Cute Guys” headlining your campaign kickoff party- wanna a bar-b-que?

Long rumored to be interested in an At-Large Jefferson Parish Council seat, District 1 Councilman Chris Roberts has formed a committee to elect him to the At-Large seat vactated by new Parish President John Young and announced a campaign kickoff party.

The campaign kickoff party will be held on Saturday, October 30th and feature music from Amanda Shaw & The Cute Guys.

Roberts who is term-limited in his District seat, would relinquish his District seat early if elected. He would also need to seek a full-term in October 2011. His current term expires December 31st 2011.

District 1 serves portions of the City of Gretna, as well as the towns of Jean Lafitte and Grand Isle, the Terrytown area and portions of unincorporated Jefferson Parish on the West Bank.

Prior to his council election in 2003, Councilman Roberts was a member of the Jefferson Parish School Board.

Once again, Chrissy seems to be going whole hog.

Update: I’ve a picture of the invite of the Terrytown soiree. ~ sop

11 thoughts on ““The Cute Guys” kickoff for Chrissy Roberts – what PR genius thought of that (Updated)”

  1. His lowness, Dunce ‘PORKUS’ and his never ending “Parade for Pork”:

    This is a politician, not unlike Eddie Price when illegally spending campaign contributor’s money, has NO EQUAL ! $190,000 DOLLARS in a non-election year ! That’s right $190,000 DOLLARS; his philanthropic gifts of $55 dollars to: Victims of Crime $25 dollars; and to the EB JP Women’s Republican Party $30 dollars. Those dollar amounts combined EQUAL LESS THAN ONE-THOUSANDTH OF ONE PERCENT of $190,000 spent for his personal pleasure:

    Quote from
    viewfromhell in responding to a previous post:

    “Most importantly don

  2. Hey, Amanda Shaw’s pretty good, that’s money well spent.

    Any speculation on the council carrousel sure to follow?

    Who gets appointed to Young’ seat?

    And if that’s someone from the council, who gets that seat?

    Tinker to Evers to Chance?

  3. It seems as though these politicians are out of control and why not, who gives a crap or so it seems. Better yet, who is going to stop them?

    I am not a CPA and do not have a tax background, but meals and other forms of corporate entertainment have a taxable consequence. Campaign spending seems to be another creature that allows unrestricted spending without tax consequences.

    Pig roasts at parish contractor

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee Parrot said that Chris Roberts finally asked about the parish’s “buried documents” that the Whistleblower Robinson told to the M&M’s which they in turn spoke about at the last Council meeting. Oddly though, the M&M’s spoke about Robinson and his persecution after he refused to help “bury parish documents” several months ago and received no response from the Council other than the standard “Thank you Madam, your time is up”.Of course no Council person, other than Young, was starting up a election campaign. Suddenly , Chrissy’s ears stand up straight and he hears and responds now to the M&M’s complaint about the continued persecution of Whislteblower Lonny Robinson . Is this because his “Chrissy Roberts Parade for Pork”, described so eloquently above by viewfromhell, is scheduled to roll soon in JP? Now Councilman Roberts, how about urging the entire Council to pay attention to not just the buried documents, which indeed is a criminal act,but also to the continued personal persecution of all whislteblowers– and NOW!!!, and not months before their own personal election campaigns begin. WHERE IS THE HUMANE COMPASSION FOR OUR JP EMPLOYEES FROM OUR JP PUBLIC SERVANTS ????? OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooowwweeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Bayou, there are other possible scenarios:

    One, that the degree of arrogance that Butch Ward’s mini-me and the other Council Clowns have and publicly display has made him, and his blow buddy Lagasse et al so STUPID as to not comprehend the significance of what an ongoing Federal investigation is…


    Two, that due to the fact that white Jefferson Parish Public Officials for the most part are not investigated, indicted or prosecuted and sent to jail, Sissy Roberts and his merry go round of Council Clowns and campaign contractor contributors believe they are immune. As a result of these politico thugs having suffered NO consequences for their unethical and illegal acts, THEY have become DELUSIONAL tax-dollar addicted retirement junkies.

    The bottom line… Roberts, Lagasse, Lee-Sheng, Capella, Lee and whoever is that other Clown is, and of course Young …HAVE NO SHAME !!!

  6. Thinking back to the movie “The Godfather” would it not be appropriate for the F.B.I.,”G” men, to quietly descend upon the grounds of the 11th Annual Robert’s Couchon du lait and take down some license plate numbers of the Jefferson Mafia.

  7. I am amazed at the arrogance many local pols. It’s almost as if they thumb their nose at Jim Letten. Roberts is bad and should be prosecuted. But, the shenanigans in St. Bernard Parish with Jack Stephens and his blow buddy/attorney Sal Guiterrez blatantly stealing money from the Meraux Foundation with no accountability is an embarrassment for our whole area. Callng all cars…..sop, don’t mean to call you out, but where is the post on this!

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