I sense lots of tension in the Slabbed Nation

A key day is fast approaching if the rumor mill is correct as Thursday is evidently the day federal indictments come down in NOLA and speculation is that day will be this Thursday with regards to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal. The reason why behind the speculation is the sentencing of  former St John the Baptist Parish President Bill Hubbard which has been delayed several times, most recently until October 26 at the request of Team Letten.  Hubbard, along with engineer Ray Davezac conspired to defraud St John The Baptist Parish for the money it took to buy Hubbard’s side girl friend a car.  These two guys have connections into Jefferson Parish and form one of the tentacles of the ongoing Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish Government via Tim Whitmer.

Assuming Hubbard is talking and most everyone willing to talk about the subject thinks he is, it therefore reasonable to expect any indictments which arise from his cooperation would come before he is sentenced and that would be this Thursday.

So I hoisted the War Pig ’cause the tension is thick. This is not the first time a rock and roll pig has flown over cyberspace:


With some luck I’ll be back later to back fill some of the last week’s news.


26 thoughts on “I sense lots of tension in the Slabbed Nation”

  1. sop, I sincerely hope you’re correct about this Thursday. That one single event as regards indictments in Jefferson Parish would be just the key to invigorate those of us who have watched these Jefferson crooks so closely.

    As Patton once told an Army chaplain during WW II, “let’s see we can’t get God on our side.”

    ‘Gate, I’m not fluent in your language..but give us some words of encouragement.. (I’ll worry about a French dictionary later…)..

  2. Sop, I wish I had known about this song and band with animated pigs light show last week caus’ we could have booked them for the Yenni parking lot. If Young doesn’t axe the “giant pigs” he inherited we could always see if the French skyscraper climer would be willing to carry and place one of those big inflated pigs with lighted eyes on the Yenni roof.

  3. The arrogance…the arrogance…oh how it breeds stupidity…

    Will Junior Mendoza be in that number of those who get indicted ? Well he should be for so many reasons, and that includes his unlawful conduct today. In a braggadocio and abhorrent manner this fool, who is head of Human Resources and as such a “CLASSIFIED” employee, claims to have met with John Young, that his job is safe and that of all the other “CLASSIFED” employees under him are safe as long as they work to get Young RE-ELECTED !

    The Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances specifically states:

    Sec. 23-2. – Political activities of parish employees.

    Any person employed in the service of the parish is hereby prohibited from engaging in any activity of a political nature.
    No person shall give, render, pay, offer, solicit or accept any money, service or other valuable consideration for any appointment, proposed appointment, promotion or proposed promotion to, or any advantage in a position in the unclassified service of the parish.
    No employee in the service of the parish shall make any political speech or political statement on behalf of any candidate, faction or party, as a part of any campaign for the nomination or election of public officers, or shall take part in the management or affairs of such groups, except to exercise his right as a citizen to express his opinion privately, to cast his vote for whom he pleases, and to serve as a commissioner or an official watcher at the polls in any election.
    Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be reported to the personnel board, whose duty it shall be to make a thorough investigation concerning the alleged violations in accordance with the personnel rules.
    It shall be the duty of any employee or parish official who knows of any activity in violation of this section to report the violation to the personnel board.
    It shall be unlawful for any employee or any elected parish official to knowingly participate in violation of provisions of this section, and such action may be punishable by the maximum penalty allowed by law.”

    I will give the benefit of the doubt to Young that he played no part in this sorry excuse for a human being’s conduct. It’s not enough that Mendoza and his wife are two of the premier retirement junkies JP taxpayers have ever had to paid for, but that in the midst of a Federal investigation and probable indictments being handed down in the near future this behavior is abominable and unacceptable.

    Mendoza is just the type of individual whose disrespect for the law, Young said he is not going to tolerate. Well, Johnny DO IT; FIRE this Coulon reprobate who has been unfit all these too many years to hold that position in the first place !

    Keeping Mendoza would further instill the suspicion that Young is the SOSO and that Young’s public advertisement for new people to apply for positions in his “new” administration is just what I suspect it is, a SHAM and a smokescreen, a “transparency” facade ! And that also goes for keeping Barton and Bonano.

    BUNHARE…la liberte est proche, mettons-nous a la guillotine plus vite, plus vite…in essence join with me to witness the blade coming down !

  4. OOOOOOOOOOwwweeeeeeee Whit, are you telling me I wasted my letter resume’ for the sole peeler of all the nanas’ for the parish school cafeterias ? OOOOOwweeeeeeeeee

  5. On Sunday, October 30th, a $300.00 per couple fund raiser for Jefferson Parish councilman Chris Roberts will be held at the home of Mr and Mrs Calvin Kass.
    Fund raisers happen all of the time, but when one is being held by a regular recipient of

  6. Letten’s office is conscious of the will of the slabed nation, which is why I’ll bet nothing noteworthy happens Thursday.

  7. Anybody wanna bet against me that NOTHING happens on Thursday. I’ve been waiting for over 5 years for “something” to happen, and the only one it’s happened to is ME. Letten and his minions are all pieces of SHIT. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. October…October…indictments are going to come down in October…I can’t tell ya’ll how many sources in the know told me that…well two Thursdays in this October have passed and nothing. Now it’s going to be by the end of the year…This line of crap is all put out by Letten’s Office for cover, for time to go by in hopes that we will get weary and forget about what has transpired. Unfortunately the vast majority of registered voters who do not vote (85%) is his ace in the hole, and it is this cynicism that will prove him right.

    Guess what white people of Jefferson Parish who are absolutely tired of this corruption crap no matter what race, creed or religion the political official is…Letten is going to do NOTHING with the exception of Byron Lee, because he’s BLACK ! (If at all)

    Envision this scenario: Letten on the steps of the Federal Courthouse mouthing off about how he has ended corruption in Jefferson Parish on all levels…State (Sheppard, BLACK State Senator)…Local- City (Bolar, BLACK Gretna City Councilman) and Parish (Byron Lee, JP Councilman) as his ‘fait de complitc’.

    Letten is a WHITE retirement junkie Political Official from Jefferson Parish having sucked at the Government teet since day one after graduating from law school, working first with DA CONNICK and then the US Atty’s Office.

    There are two Thursdays left in this October…there’s also nine Thursdays to follow till the year’s end…welcome to the real world…

  9. ‘GATE…well I guess the name of “LETTENEMGO” is appropriate.

    Mr Letten, you should be ashamed of yourself..but, again, you , like all of the Jefferson Parish Council piggies, are nothing more than a RETIRMENT JUNKIE.

    ANd, as a Jefferson Parish taxpayer, I am growing weary of supporting the expensive graft and corruption of Jefferson Parish Council PIGGIES and their cronies,friends, family, and campaign contributors…

    Please, INDICTMENTS NOW. If you are incapable of that, just leave..don’t leave mad but just leave. If you refuse to do your job, YOU, SIR, are nothing more than another career government parasite which I as a taxpayer can no longer afford to support.

  10. Hot Ziggidy! No one took my bet, and I REALLY needed the money. So Letten and his minions are PIECES OF SHIT “squared”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  11. Yep, once again Letten fails to follow through. Hubbard continues to big time it in St. John Parish as Eddie Price does in Mandeville.

  12. Justice delayed is justice denied, but that is what the Parish hogs pay big dollars for. Just how much do they pay will only be determined by a Special Prosecutor from Washington,D.C..

  13. Sorry to sound like a “broken record”, but if the Readers of SLABBED are waiting for a “Special Prosecutor” from Washington, D.C. to make things “right” in Jefferson Parish, DON’T HOLD YOU BREATH. I could wallpaper a bedroom with correspondence from the U.S. Department of “Injustice” in Washington, D.C. – Civil Rights Division, Criminal Division, Office of the Inspector General, Office of the Attorney General Eric Holder “hissef” (SPIT!), telling me that “…there is no evidence of a prosecutable federal violation of civil rights” in connection with my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment. These motherfuckers will NEVER do anything in Jefferson Parish. It’s Letten and his local people, or NO ONE. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. This is a travesty of justice. I doubt seriously that he is that much of a cooperating witness. That would be the only reason for such a delay. Get on with it, Jim, and quit this dilatory BS. Your conduct is starting to add cred to the allegations of select racial prosecution.

  15. Ashton, I finally agree with your assessment of the JP mind fuck we have been put through for the last year by the US Attorney EDLA and the TP cover up crew.

    I move about town and see the likes of Wilkerson, Broussard, Coulon and others going about their merry way doing business as usual. No shame no repercussions of any kind, or so it seems.

    All is well now. We will forget. It will happen again. We will forget, again. We need change.

    I feel betrayed.

    Words cannot express how I feel so I will stop so as not to embarrass myself or the legal system of selective prosecution under which we must live our daily lives.

  16. afflicted by a deep state of malaise… a gut wrenching feeling of anomie…describe it as you will…but we are truly and undeniably BAISEE !

  17. A comment made on another site: Al Capone would still be awaiting sentencing if Jim Letten was the prosecutor.

  18. So tell me again why Hubbard can’t be sentenced to the max on the extortion plea; then have the prosecutors talk to him in jail. You want information Letten, that’s how you get information. Let that POS ‘big shot’ be thinking about how he likes his new accomodations and how long he wants to stay there. BINGO ! You got it…a an non-stop canary.

    It seems odd to me that Zainey would allow the US Attorney to keep continuing this BS case for over a year since Hubbard pled guilty. But then again I remember the story that broke early on in the JP scandals. Apparently when Hubbard found out his case had been alloted to Zainey, he emailed WHITMER to ask if he (Whitmer) could find out anything about the Judge. Whitmer then emails COULON about Hubbard’s request, to which Coulon replys by email, ‘TALK TO YOU ON A LAND LINE’ ! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…I wonder what that conversation was about and what was said to who ?

    As a matter of fact Coulon and Zainey are joined at the hip, the most ‘bestest’ of family friends. Letten knows this; Letten knows he can control this Judge. It seems odd that Hubbard’s case was alloted to Zainey (absolutely afflicted with Gretna Mentality). How the insurance deals of Whitmer and Coulon leaked out from Hubbard’s investigation we will probably never know. But I believe that Letten never intended for that information to get out and cause his Jefferson Parish buddies exposure and the political fallout that has resulted from Hubbard extorting cash to buy his cunt the Camry and the cover-up begins…a la ‘Whitmergate’ !

    I also noted in the T-P how another Federal Judge dealt with the US Atty’s request for continuing a sentence for yet another 8 months of someone who pled only 7 months ago as compared to Hubbard’s 13 months ago. Here’s the excerpt:

    Former NOPD officer and key witness to be sentenced next month in Danziger Bridge civil rights case
    Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 11:57 AM Updated: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 12:16 PM
    Brendan McCarthy, The Times-Picayune

    “A federal district judge denied the requests of prosecutors seeking to delay former officer Michael Hunter’s sentencing till after he testifies next June against six of his former colleagues.”

    Prosecutors argued that the delay would allow the judge to better gauge the full extent of Hunter’s cooperation with the government. Hunter’s attorney also agreed to the postponement.

    U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance disagreed, according to a court filing entered Tuesday. The sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 17. Vance noted that prosecutors can ask her to reduce Hunter’s sentence once he ends his cooperation.”

    Ya think something in this Hubbard delay stinks ? Yea… just like the smell coming from the River Birch Landfill !

  19. The thing about these Judges is they are very aware of the press and are reading Nola.
    The Disciplinary Gods at the Fifth Circuit do not like press aqnd articles talking about people they supervise.

    Several Posters on Nola have been pounding Sarah Vance about how she received her appointment, all of the money her husband and Jones Walker are donating to Landrieu, the fact that her husband apparently runs one of the Landrieu Campaign funds and how her son ended up working for Landrieu in Washington.

    The Justice Department does not like influential people buying Congressional Appointments when Federal Judges are involved.

    So Vance is taking a hard line on any Case that Washington is looking at in order to protect and deflect inquiries into how her son got a job with Landrieu.


    I have a suggestion for Letten to save face from obtaining yet another delay in the Hubbard case:

    File a BILL OF INFORMATION against Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick, Jr…. TODAY… on the following grounds, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with Hubbard and can be established “on the papers”…no investigation necessary:

    1) Misprision of A Felony as a result his failure to prosecute Broussard, Wilkinson, Barton, Gruntz, Bonano, and Knoff in their alleged conspiracy to commit payroll fraud; allegations that have been set forth in both AMV’s Whistleblower claim filed Feb. 25 with the JP Personnel Board and the most recent La. Legislative Auditor’s Report filed October 6, 2010;

    2) Obstruction of Justice in his refusal and/or failure to prosecute both Tom Wilkinson and Debbie Villio for allegedly violating the ban on political activities by Jefferson Parish officials and/or employees. Again the allegations of these crimes can be found in AMV’s Whistleblower claim as referred above.

    3) Malfeasance in Office for both his failure to prosecute as stated in 1 and 2 above and for his failure to prosecute himself, Normand and Lagasse for their facilitating conduct in the illegal political acts Villio allegedly committed during her campaign for Judge, both times !

    Voila…the charges against Connick could be announced tomorrow, Thursday the 21th, and I and thousands of others would be happy and quieted for a short while…at least until the following Thursday, October 28th !

  21. Wait I almost forgot…there’s still time before your office closes…


    Get your secretary to pull out the Bill of Information you filed on Eddie Price…have her follow the wording in the count concerning itself with illegal campaign expenditures…

    Now where it says $8,000 dollars delete that and put in $190,000 dollars…

    Now delete Price’s two-bit spending and put in Mardi Gras float; tractor to pull the float; fire engine to put out the fire on the float; $20,000 on sound and video equipment to dance and document the Pork Parade; mardi gras beads and throws of minuture flying pigs; a snow-ball stand so he’ll have smething to do after he gets out of prison; and money spent on a whole lot of pork”…

    Now substitute Eddie Price’s name for CHRIS ROBERTS, ( a/k/a Butch Ward’s mini-me, Sissy, Prissy, Chrissy)

    Annouce it tomorrow…have a plea by Friday afternoon…it’s a win, win

    Oh… and about that Couchon du lait fund raiser, get the names of the contractors who have bought into this ‘quid pro quo’ bribery scheme to get JP work and INDICT THEM NEXT WEEK !

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