Murphy’s law: Mike Foster’s son publicly reprimanded by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Is he really a chip off the old block?

It was subsequently discovered that the website contained false, deceptive, and misleading information about former Louisiana Governor Murphy J. “Mike” Foster, Jr., in that the website suggested or implied Governor Foster was a member of the firm, a governmental relations specialist, and a partner when in fact the former governor is not now nor has he ever been a licensed Louisiana attorney.

The website in question belongs to Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP and the employee in question is none other than former Gov Mike’s boy Murphy the Turd. Let’s skip to the end before we roll out the rest of the gang for our newer readers:

IT IS ORDERED that the Petition for Consent Discipline be accepted and that Murphy J. Foster, III, Louisiana Bar Roll number 5779, be publicly reprimanded.

Ouch! When it comes to legal advertising I reckon Murphy the Turd is not quite the chip off the ol’ block he fancies himself. Now let’s tie a few things together and highlight some incest for our readers keeping score.

Murphy Foster Jr, aka Mike Foster and Murphy Turd’s dad was the “chief sponsor” of Fred Heebe for the US Attorney position back when Bushie was president. Heebe’s River Birch Landfill was just raided by the FBI as it appears he is near the epic center of the ongoing Federal Corruption probe into Jefferson Parish Government. Heebe’s daddy, Frederick J.R. Heebe was a federal judge in NOLA.

While Heebe Sr was a judge, one of his clerks was fellow Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson guy Peter Butler Jr, aka Baby Butler, a guy who has a hard time keeping his lies straight when it comes to West Jefferson Medical Center and its role in the ongoing corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish including his knowledge of Tim Whitmer’s double dealing. Baby Butler’s daddy, Peter Butler Sr had several interesting clients himself including Fred Heebe as he worked to get Heebe appointed US Attorney as his attorney.

It remains unclear what liability, if any, Breazeale will incur as a result of the coming indictments but I figure that will become clear once the true extent of the federal investigation is known.


11 thoughts on “Murphy’s law: Mike Foster’s son publicly reprimanded by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Is he really a chip off the old block?”

  1. Check out Keystone LLC under Baby Butler. Ties into Methane production with River Birch, Waste Management is involved in running plants and Cytec got booted altho they were talking with then Landfill Manager Deano Bonano at the time about paying the Parish of Jefferson the gazillions in$ for methane from Parish waste site.

  2. Also see land ‘swap’ deals per Marnie Winter, JP Environmental Director. Rumors are only one deal was completed before Feds swooped in. Property dept Tomba thru Lackey Ciravelo were searching for files days before federal raid on River Birch!

  3. Emergency Call out for another emergency cleanup crew to report to Yenni Bldg. this time in the Envionmental Office, Margie Winter, and property dept, Tomba ,in respose to Unslabbed’s report. Bring highest boots and largest shovels you can as its very deep over there. FBI ALERT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FBI ALERT$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FBI ALERT.

  4. And do a time line on Foster being hired at Brezeale and the speedy granting of necessary DEQ licenses/certifications to River Birch represented by Baby Butler during Poppa Foster’s administration

  5. All cleanup personel when you finish up sanitizing Councilwoman LEE-SHENG’s office, $20,000 received from RedmanGaming and Assoc. for Council approved zoning variance at last Council meeting, please proceed immediately over to Environmental Department. There’s a report Ms. Winter has a soiled diaper and needs personal cleaning.

  6. Oh, Crap,Uhhh need all available pressure washers to the Brezeale Law Offices for total hose down. That’s the Law Firm that specializes in legal malpractice but now may have a toxic political problem.

  7. Murphy Foster, Cedric Richmond, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Jefferson….whew, the legal profession is taking a beating! Corruption is blind to political parties.

  8. I love how they threw the “non-lawyer assistant” under the bus. As if the non-lawyer unilaterally decided to put this stuff about the elder Foster on the firm’s website. It seems that this is fraud in lawyer advertising. But of course, this politically connected firm gets slap on the wrist.

  9. Agreed Sock. Big tough guys hiding behind little guys again. No class, no balls. Sissy boys. Let’s not do the girl/tea thing again tho ok?

  10. Plattsmier must have had it in for Murphy. Plattsmier is very selective and can be under Rule XIX. Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement. The rule must be changed so that punks like Plattsmier must comply with Equal Protection and Due Process. In fact if the rule is changed, Plattsmier could be out of a job!

  11. Unslabbed:

    I’ll lay off the tea party motif, but it’s always gutless to leave the lingering ” I did not know what my assistant was doing” out there. It is inconceivable that the IT guy at the firm just decided to throw that stuff about Blcok-head Foster on the website. I want someone, anyone, to explain how this is not the essence of fraud.

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