Channel 4 covers Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s lawsuit against the Parish

WWL does not have the video up for embedding but their print story is here and frankly I thought they did a good job providing context and background to the events which got us to this point. Here is a snippet:

“I had no other recourse to obtain unedited documents necessary to consideration of future legal options,” she said in a statement to Eyewitness News.

“I am seeking my e-mails which do not require redaction by the parish since I either wrote them or read them when received. This did not happen on John Young’s watch and I felt it only fair to file suit against Steve Theriot before he left office,” Vandenweghe wrote.

Unslabbed uploaded a video capture of the WWL story to Youtube. Following is the video report from WWL. Continue reading “Channel 4 covers Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s lawsuit against the Parish”

Tanzie Tanzie who do I turn to????? A Cedric Richmond Charity looting update. (Updated)

Are the national Dems running away from ol’ Ced like heck, having seen the error of their ways or are they that confident they have forced a crooked Bill Jefferson political hack on the good folks in NOLA for their voice in DC?  With all the bullshitting that goes on in politics we may never know but we do know who Ced turns to for his campaign shilling in one Tanzie Jones.

Tanzie do we know ya? I thought so.


Update: Mr CLS sent us a Slab-o-gram and as usual it was spot on.  Following his tip I found this story about Tanzie. She is evidently a lying sack of shit herself and political hack to boot. Here is an excerpt:

Jones, who briefly filled the same role for Mayor Ray Nagin in 2004, had been working as an aide to Murray’s legislative colleague, state Sen. Ann Duplessis. Jones left Duplessis’ staff about a month ago.

She handled media relations for state Rep. Cedric Richmond during his short-lived run for the City Council in 2005 and signed on as a volunteer with the mayoral campaign of Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, who failed to unseat Nagin in 2006. Before she was hired by the city, Jones worked as an assignment editor for ABC-26 News.

After joining Nagin’s staff as a media relations assistant in March 2003, Jones took over as press secretary in August after two of her superiors resigned. She stepped down three months later in the wake of revelations that she claimed a college degree on her resume that the University of New Orleans said she never earned.

All the current players behind Richmond as well. Small world eh Mayor Mitchmo???

Since he became an expert at corporate screw jobs I naturally wondered if Rossie would be taking this case….

Folks it would be appropriate on so many levels if ol’ Dave would pop up and take this case for the defense especially since he seemingly has a preference for helping those with sexual disorders overcome them.

One man’s opinion anyhow….