BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe files suit against Jefferson Parish

Team AMV evidently has problems with nonresponsive public records requests with the gang over at the Yenni building. She would like her work computer back and a copy of her work emails.  I’ll add such should be relatively straightforward as the Parish uses Microsoft Exchange to handle their email system.

Following is the suit itself courtesy of Scribd. It has been assigned to Judge Ross LaDart. ~ sop

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54 thoughts on “BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe files suit against Jefferson Parish”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee Does the Parish need to hire an attorney at Parish expense to oppose the lawsuit generated by the intentional denial by the Parish of a simple request by AMV for the return of her personal property/information? Come on President Young how about correcting the chronic, partisan PRRs denials by the individuals/ attorneys responsible for not voluntarily returning said property. The Citizens for Good Government were also denied PRRs until you corrected that situation. How about hiring some parish attorneys who follow the laws of the parish instead of violating them? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Maybe (hopefully) AMV’s suit will be the wake-up call needed by Jefferson Parish government. If not, I take note that there is now a JPcleanupcrew!

  3. We are the few ,the proud, the JPcleanupcrew.Our solar power JPpiggie scanometer in the Yenni Building is signaling an alarm of a 9+ odor rating in the JP Atturdy Office, more specifically eminating from fthe office of Greg Giangrosso, the current attorney responsible for public records requests(PRRs). From what we read above AMV was inappropriately removed rom her office and Mr.Greg installed in her place . However, instead of granting and sending out the public records as AMV did,. Mr. Greg has done just the opposite In fact he has refused PRRs from AMV.We are requesting backup volunteers with “supersized” shovels and wide ass brooms to sanitize the JP PRR office so citizens can breath clean air again.”Our business is JP political trash and its picking up”

  4. Ah, LaDart, he has quite the ethics history, that one.

    Hey, anyone ever seen this list?

  5. Civil Rights Case — Color of Law Violation? This would include acts carried out by government officials operating both within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority and cover things like
    fabrication of evidence and deprivation of property among others. Just a thought!

  6. My phone rang off the hook starting at noon from my lover politicians and rumor has it, this filing has become the official laughing stock and spread parishwide. There are some strange and ironic coincidences with this lawsuit especially since a new no nonsense Parish President is assuming the reigns tomorrow from what I have been told. It comes across that someone got a little panicky for their job and income and filed something just in the nick of time. Thank you for posting this wildly imaginative lawsuit for all to see. I have dissected it and it would be out of line for me to comment on specifics that I do not have proof of or to comment on the named being sued because I don’t want to call Ms. V a liar unless I know for sure. So I will just focus on what is evident. The most obvious discrepancy is that Ms. Vanderweghe feels that she had her property taken from her. The Parish of Jefferson owns her computer equipment and has the authority to do as they please with it. They paid for it. And they did not have to give her any notice that the seizure was to take place. Who does she think she is? She is not in charge and no one owes her anything much less a heads up! What do you mean by “inappropriately” moved from her job? I heard government employees change job roles all the time & those appointing can also change duties for employees under them. That is not against the rules. If it is, post it. And Ms. V also once worked for council, then I think she transferred somewhere else before landing in the legal dept. She should be thanking everyone for allowing her to stay on the payroll after she lost her second council run, sheesh. I called a few of my loving politico attorneys about the public records part and according to their theory of the law, the only obligation a custodian has is to respond within 72 hours of the request if it cannot be fulfilled in the 3 days alloted. So, if a response was in fact delivered within that time frame, a court would uphold that a custodian is granted an extension of time to satisfy depending on how voluminous a request is. One even said that it could not disrupt the workplace. I guarantee the request was made to disrupt. But good luck. If I may give some common sense advice: if Ms. V has a vendetta for her emails and computer being taken away because she could not be trusted apparently, instead of filing a lawsuit against her own employer, I wonder if she ever approached authorities and asked for her position back. I think that’s the way most adults would handle it. We all know she blogged to them. But not all read slabbed. Why no face to face? Hey, JP Cleanup Crew, hope you realized you just called Ms. V a turdy too. She works in that office. She actually represents that office. How humiliating, you should apologize right this second. Ross Ladart is a fine judge.

  7. Really sop? That is all it would take for a tech to burn emails from the exchange folder? I had no idea. Also the reason I chose wisely not to comment on that. Are you sure?

    1. Assuming the email messages from earlier this year are still on the mail server. If they are archived then you’d need to add some time to retreive the backup.

      Given the fact docs had to be preserved for Mr Letten I suspect that info is handy. Shame on someone if it isn’t.

      Those of us with smaller accounting practices wear many hats including technology.

      Good points on the ownership of the computer.


  8. What the hell are you talking about LaDart is a fine judge ? Google LaDart and look at this item:

    March 25: In a handwritten note, District Judge Ross LaDart awards almost ……/Wrink.Robe%20for%20print.doc

    LaDart is part of the reason JP is the hellhole that it is right now and apparently people like you thinking he’s a fine judge is whatever the hell you think that means.

    Curious George: And while you’re there read down and see where Sheriff Harry Lee fired a JPSO jailer named Giangrosso who was later sentenced to time for illegally helping the Marcottes with their bail bonds business for kickbacks. Thought you might like that one. What the hell ? Is this guy the reason that some lawyer named Giangrosso was hired by Wilkinson, now there’s a hell of a disgrace. I can only imgaine what a fine human being that troglodyte is in your world.

    Maybe AMV filed today to be fair to John Young and not tar him with TheRiot’s mess. Hell, I think she made a mistake not suing the whole bunch your politico thug lovers

    Although politicslover’s mis-use of reigns for reins may be the tell from hell. What the hell, facts don’t matter, why should words.

    JP is the HELLHOLE of all hellholes. Thanks for a hellava gangbang politicslover.

  9. What the hell are ya’ll talking about ? I AND ALL THE OTHER TAXPAYERS IN THIS HELLHOLE OWN THOSE COMPUTERS ! These politico thugs are our Political Servants. And I want my part of that fucking computer returned to whoever was using it before that fucking ignoramus Bonana peel broke open the door to that office and caused me as a taxpayer to pay money to fix his foolishness. Apparently he’s too stupid to know how to use a key. What the hell is going on in that fucking hellhole of a building anyway ? Gangbanging parties with politicslover ? No wonder JP is the HELLHOLE of all hellholes !

  10. Sop, thank you for explaining the email and document retrieving. It seems somewhat complicated but I suppose that is why I don’t work in the technology field. I will have to find out about the server and document preservation system.

    View, apologies for the error in my spelling. But it’s comical. In a way, Mr. Young will be controlling the reigns of lots of animals! Enough. About the Giongrosso guy. I think that it is a bit of a stretch to compare a former JPSO jailer to a staff attorney in the Parish’s legal department. I do not know his ties, if any exist, but I am going to go out on a limb and make an educated guess by saying that it’s highly improbable that a former jailer who served a sentence would be hired. I do like Ross Ladart. Why gang up on me for holding that opinion? I do not google every individual I meet, mingle with, befriend, etc., hoping that I find something negative. No one is perfect. And just like the rampage you went on with the guy Giongrosso, that is you looking for something bad not even knowing if you have the right person before you criticize. It reminds me of the gun situation at Galatoire’s. It was a lot of speculation that ended in disappointment, then dissipated into nothingness. It’s important not to get ahead of yourself, that’s all.

    Why is JP the Hellhole of all hellholes? Do you reside in JP? There are other parishes, 64 of them.

  11. “By George, she’s got it! By George, she’s got it!
    Now, once again where does it rain?
    On the plain!
    On the plain! And where’s that soggy plain?
    In Spain! In Spain!
    The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!”
    In Jefferson Parish, however, it rains corruption and it’s plain that those reign attempt to rein in the opposition.

  12. What is a politic slover anyway?

    I though this was the same commenter who threw a “baby fit” and said she would not blog here anymore. That would make you a documented liar. And I thought I explained last time you reared your cyberhead that some corrupt people seem really nice. I’m sure all of the beneficiaries of Broussard’s payroll fraud thought he was really nice.

    The laughing stock lawsuit was the one The Riot and his douche stem lawyers filed against the blogosphere. Politicians often laugh when they are uncomfortable and feel threatened. Then, they don’t think things are so funny when they are doing the perp walk out of the federal courthouse.

    1. Its OK to change ones mind about blogging Sock.

      I’ll try to find some links on exchange, which is the back end server application to microsoft outlook. A copy of every email is stored on the server as well as the local computer.


  13. Hey politicslover why don’t you and your ilk get the hell outta here and I won’t think this is a hellhole anymore. Go to one of your other 63 parishes and gangbang with LaFart, GiamganassO, TheRIOT and anyone of these politico thugs who you think are so fucking wonderful. Go make your hell somewhere else. And please take Nicole Tomba with you too, please! Wait ! She ‘s probably going to get indicted for doing Coulon’s legal work while she was allegedly working on my taxpayer’s dime at the Parish Attorney’s Office. Bad Luck, her boyfriend, has got a big mouth that I have to over hear this at a restaurant. What the hell was Coulon buying out Katz’s insurance invoices for anyway ? I thought they were partners. Most importantly don’t forget Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts because he’s got the mardi gras float, the tractor to pull the float, the fire engine so when the float catches on fire, the beads so when he reigns as the dunce, the sound equipment ya’ll can gangbang to and a whole lotta fucking pork for ya’ll can feed on. You fucking move ! This is my hellhole. I don’t have to look to read how fucking bad you are.

  14. Now people lets all be nice – When you have the trolls spiking the Board it means you have successfully rattled the animals Cages.

    Of course an idiot from Jefferson is going to spit his views but guess what the United States Supreme Court already disagrees with with the idiot and the Parish wide fools who are probably attorneys in the State of Louisiana.

    The attorney-client privilege has long protected communications between an attorney and his or her client, provided that they are made in confidence and for the purpose of seeking legal advice. Fed. R. Evid. 501; see also Knepp v. United Stone Veneer, No. 4:06-CV-1018, 2007 U.S. Dist. Lexis 65423 (M.D. Pa. Sept. 5, 2007). The privilege was devised to ensure free and open communication between attorneys and clients. Likewise, the marital confidential communications privilege protects confidential communications made by one spouse to another during marriage and exists beyond divorce. Id. It promotes open and honest communication between spouses, which, in turn, aims to facilitate marital harmony. In 2006, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to include the phrase “electronically stored information,” and, since then, courts have made it clear that the mode of communication does not destroy privilege. Scott v. Beth Israel Med. Center Inc., 17 Misc. 3d 934, (New York Co., N.Y., Sup. Ct. 2007). On the contrary, privilege extends to e-mails and other forms of electronic communication.

    So when an employee uses the corporate server or an employer-provided computer to send communications to an attorney or spouse, how do courts determine whether privilege has been waived so that the employer can have free access to those communications? Does it matter if the employee uses a personal e-mail account or personal computer?

    In effect, the court held that the actual policy of not monitoring content created, in the users, an expectation of privacy, which the court found to be reasonable. In other cases, courts have held that, despite a ‘business use only’ policy, employees might be known to keep personal files on a business computer (just as they might keep personal records in an office desk, or a personal purse on a company provided desk drawer.) Thus, people may have reasonable expectations of privacy in the cont

  15. Oh and something for the Idiots to think about in Jefferson parish. Seems that this might very quickly end up over in the Federal Courthouse. The Internet Crosses interstate Lines and if just one of those little emails on that computer came from out of State or was sent out of state have a whole new fun world that even James Letten can’t hide from.

    The crime of wire fraud is codified at 18 U.S.C.

  16. And talking about spiking, I wonder what the hell Sen. Quinn thinks of her boyfriend’s soon to be secretary Angela ‘SPIKE’ Paccacio ? This is gonna be some fucking drama considering the hell raising that has gone on in the last few years with this couple ! What the hell, maybe they’ll have a menege a trois for lunch at Galatorie’s !

  17. Before I retire to what is hopefully a politically filled slumber, I would like to address the numerous comments directed toward me. I thank you all for them, Slabbed Nation. And I will stick to my integrity and not resort to cursing and insulting. I don

    1. You’re doing fine PL. Nowdy and I have had an all viewpoints welcome sign out front since the beginning and we honor that concept.


  18. What the hell ! are you for real ? When you state that THE PARISH owns the computers do you know what you sound like ? Just like THEM, the politico gangbangers you hang out with in your own little entitlement hell. The Parish is us, not only your retirement junkie cronies. The only criticism you have is for AMV and that lacks factual context;; everyone else is honkey-dorey. Hell you have no facts to contribute to a discussion; just solipsism and sophistry. What does Nichole Tomba’s payroll fraud have to do with how she handled some alleged legal matter with you. NOTHING ! You want to play in hell, then take your fucking blinders off. You don’t want people preaching religion to you, I don’t want you preaching to me about my LEGITIMATE ANGER concerning the people, who like your politico thug buddies, have made this the cesspool of corruption, and the HELLHOLE of all hellholes. I was the #1 blogger that your jackless enuch Theriot was trying to silence. Well he didn’t and you won’t either, so grow some thick skin. Have a nice day on your job-e-job tomorrow.

  19. You want fucking proof ? Go ask Tomba and her boyfriend Luck if they appeared before a Federal Grand Jury in December on this very same issue ? Go ask your honkey dorey Tomba if Luck was not disciplined for having left evidence of the contracts he was doing for his girlfriend Tomba’s client Tim Coulon on the copying machine ? If you think I need to go on with ‘proof’ the hellhole you have dug for yourself is going to get hotter and deeper. There are a lot more people in that Parish Attorney’s office other than AMV that know what’s going on and could care less about someone who got a job only because of her name, ie Tomba Communications ! And you like Tomba are living in a bubble that’s getting ready to fucking burst !

  20. View: good morning. As I said, I can take the heat. Please understand that I am not out to get anyone much less Ms. V. I explained that I am for the most part, on the Team Politics but I have no personal agendas against anyone. I would probablypersonally care if my employment tangled me in the mix but I just love politics. You seem a tad paranoid aside from angry. Why am I supposed to care about anything you typed about Nicole T. or Mr. Luck? This discussion was supposed to be about a lawsuit filed by Ms. V. Haha, why is my bubble about to burst? Your comments have helped me tremendously so thanks. In your quest to take people down you prove just why Ms. V has no computer. Grand jury subpoenas are confidential. Employee discipline matters are confidential. Your posts violate ethics laws. You must be the legal dept snitch. You probably feel like you deserve more. But that is the wonderful thing about America. You have choices. I bet you stick around until you can retire because you rely on that Jefferson Parish lovin’ job stability! Your post has been forwarded to my political cronies. I would reconsider typing matters that warrant confidentiality. Sounds like the politicos did the world a favor by removing a computer. Score!

  21. Politics lover – your assertion in your original post that AMV was blogging on company time (“We all know she blogged to them;” at least that is what I presume you meant with that comment) is an absolute falsehood, and I would pick your words very carefully. Having listened in on the meeting between AMV and Theriot and considering his public comments and the PRR response, as to any evidence that she was blogging on company time, this charade that Theriot and his thugs devised to try to silence AMV will come back on them in spades. The plain fact of the matter is that comments like yours just make the defamation claim of AMV all the better. Guess I should be thanking you instead of taking you to task for your stupid and ignorant comments.

  22. For Politics Lover:

    “The most obvious discrepancy is that Ms. Vanderweghe feels that she had her property taken from her. The Parish of Jefferson owns her computer equipment and has the authority to do as they please with it. They paid for it. And they did not have to give her any notice that the seizure was to take place. Who does she think she is? She is not in charge and no one owes her anything much less a heads up! … I called a few of my loving politico attorneys about the public records part and according to their theory of the law, the only obligation a custodian has is to respond within 72 hours of the request if it cannot be fulfilled in the 3 days alloted.”

    ****This sounds like a Moron Meetup, a real confederacy of dunces.

    Hey, McFly, you can keep the computer. She has a right to the data.

    The public records law was crafted when government owned cabinets and desks held paper. The fact that the government held the inventory, the hardware, did not eliminate their duty to provide the documentation and to do so in entirety.

    The same is true today. You can keep the computer, the hardware. Produce the documentation.

    The documentation, the public records, the data are PUBLIC; they belong to the PEOPLE. Get it?

    Do you really think that Broussard’s Doomsday memo or some internal letter to file or counter letter about the Performing Arts fiasco is somehow SECRET? Do you really argue that the people have NO RIGHT to see what their public servants have written, have said, have done? is that your argument?

    This would be due to any citizen, the fact that it is being requested by someone who is not only a citizen but also someone with a real and actiev whistleblower claim makes the demand all the more urgent, deserving, and imperative.

    Really, AMV (not in this same suit) or heck anyone else should probably ask for Broussard’s, Whitmer’s, Coulon’s, Bonano’s and Barton’s emails, and possibly others’, because they are legally up for grabs too. Heck anyone can ask for them, they do not even have to be a Parish citizen.

    “All books, records, writings, accounts, letters and letter books, maps, drawings, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, memoranda, and papers, and all copies, duplicates, photographs, including microfilm, or other reproductions thereof, or any other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, including information contained in electronic data processing equipment, having been used, being in use, or prepared, possessed, or retained for use in the conduct, transaction, or performance of any business, transaction, work, duty, or function which was conducted, transacted, or performed by or under the authority of the constitution or laws of this state, or by or under the authority of any ordinance, regulation, mandate, or order of any public body or concerning the receipt or payment of any money received or paid by or under the authority of the constitution or the laws of this state, are “public records”, except as otherwise provided in this Chapter or the Constitution of Louisiana.”

    Sec. 33, B.(1): “If the public record applied for is immediately available, because of its not being in active use at the time of the application, the public record shall be immediately presented to the authorized person applying for it. If the public record applied for is not immediately available, because of its being in active use at the time of the application, the custodian shall promptly certify this in writing to the applicant, and in his certificate ********shall fix a day and hour within three days********, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays, for the exercise of the right granted by this Chapter.”

    Again, “in your certificate fix a day and hour within three days, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays, for the exercise of the right granted in the Public Records Act.”

    Now has that day for the exercise of the right been FIXED, or not???

    Here’s guessing NOT.

  23. IMG: Ignorant and Stupid you say! What the hell, try delusional schizophrenia. PL wanted facts, I set forth facts. SheShe’s reply was some veiled threat that some of gangbanger’s political thug friends are going to do something about this relative to me. Well here’s my considered thought on that matter, FUCK YOU ! and your thug friends. The truth is an absolute defense, so have them bring it on. Maybe they should use that piss ant law firm Theriot used so we can all have another round of laughs. The depth of this hellhole here in Jefferson Parish is deeper now with the swearing in of Young by Connick !

  24. IMANGRY: Wrong assumption again. There is nothing in my original post that implies that Ms. V was blogging on parish time. I stated that she blogged to decision makers. (period). Don’t insinuate what you think I meant when my words stated my thoughts with precision. I don’t give a rat’s rear end when she blogged. Please don’t spin my sentences or give yourself a pass to assume I meant something else. Haha, I am amused that somehow you think my comment assists Ms. V’s defamation suit. How is that? Is she gonna sue for blogging names too? I think you all have contributed to some defaming yourselves. Look in the mirror, I bet you are angry. You haven’t been very kind. And I highly doubt you listened in on any meeting that was held. If I am not mistaken, some/most of the individuals present made the list that were either wished jail or hell. Bueller? Bueller?

    VIEW: I love you. You are one fine class act. Your composure is inspiring. Your vocabulary is mesmerizing. You state your thoughts so eloquently. Thinking about changing my name to Hellviewlover. But there was no veiled threat. I simply stated what I was going to do because it may help their(Team P’s) cause. When your anger jades your better judgment and you start fingering off about things that only specific individual(s) would be privy to, it supports the decision makers call to remove a person(s) from being granted access to sensitive information. Not a very ignoble deed if you aspire to achieve success! Yes, your hellhole is deeper with the swearing in. Your view must be from below hell now (don’t forget the 64 parish recommendation). The swearing in today was a political lover’s dream. It was so politically invigorating! I respect Mr. Connick and I don’t know Mr. Young personally, but I can tell I am going to be a huge fan already. Meanwhile, you will still be viewing from your hell as outraged as ever. Because you can’t win. Thus far, I am unimpressed with your feat (you are a profanity master though 😉 You keep typing that things are going to explode……………………………………yaaawn, tired……………………….good night…………..still waiting…………..a year later…………I guess you are feeling defensively bitter, time is going tick, tick, tick and not much else. You really are living your ultimate hell! So sorry about that.

    Does anyone know when arguments will be heard on the lawsuit? I asked around today but no one had any information.


    This rumor is brought to you courtesy of PoliticsLover’s chatter giddy acquaintances (3 to be exact).

    Contents of rumor unloading in 5, 4, 3, 2 mississippi, oooooooone: TOM WILKINSON TO RETURN AS HEAD OF THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT.

    Ruff, ruff!

  26. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee Thirty comments later and we have successfully set forth some powerful legal information and legal suggestions courtesy of a always knowledgeable Telamachus on AMV’s lawsuit. Funny that PL can’t and won’t refute the true LaRS statutes dispite the fact we know she is even employed in the JP Attorney’s office and with her”open door policy” could easily ask one of her “chatter giddy acquaintances”( three, I think she said)there about the statutes. P.S. My uncle and I ate to many late nite nanas’ and couldn’t get to sleep and luckily we watched FOXNEWS Kim Holden’s second report on the M&M’s comments at yesterdays Council meeting concerning the continuing defiance of JP’s Objectivity Voting Ordinance by the Council. Great work Kim! She, like Val, tracked down Young out to the parking lot questioning him again about the Council’s defiance of said Ordinance. Parrot, who flew in under radar and attended the Council meeting yesterday, says how about the Council’s 7-0 vote to allow Redmann Gaming( involved with Coulon and Whitmer in earlier corruption conspiracy?) a mammoth zoning variance the likes of which no one on the zoning board has even seen? Need to call JPcleanupcrew in to clean up that BS political payoff vote.OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. PL – how do you “blog to your superiors?” I stand corrected if you did not mean to say that she was blogging on company time; that is how I read your comments, but your recent post suggests that you think AMV did something improper. Yes, I did listen in on the meeting, and Theriot confronted her with the “3 inch stack” of her alleged blogs. When she issued a PRR request for the same stack – poof, they were gone. You cannot accuse someone of something in an effort to ruin their reputation, but then lack the ammo to back it up. All I’m saying……

  28. curious…I, too, noted Young’s answer to Kim Holden in the parking lot when she questioned him on the Council’s repeated violation of a Parish Ordinance in yesterday’s Council meeting. Especially, their illegal votes after, once again, Ms. Seemann CLEARLY advised them that if they voted, they, again, would be in violation of Parish ordinance.

    When Holden questioned Young on this issue again yesterday, Young quickly distanced himself from the Council saying that would be a Council issue which THEY would have to deal with going forward.

    Amazing how fast he puts the onus on the Council and absolves himself of all the illegal votes he made as a Council member the last 6 1/2 years while HE was on the Council.

    Cover your a** Mr. Young. Would you also like to tie up the Council members and sell them down the river as well..? (actually, that’s not a bad idea..)

    The Jefferson Crime family is alive and well with ‘Don’ Connick at the helm.

    Sadly, buckle up Jefferson Parish..appears 2011 to be a bumpy ride.

    But I do so enjoy the ‘quality time’ I get to spend with these J.P. politico bozos..

    And, again, as always…the M & M sisters make it all worthwhile. God bless those 2 ladies..the BEST thing that has EVER happened in Jefferson Parish.

  29. Dear George: you are convincing me that a monkey has to be typing. Why would I refute actual LSARS (or Lars as you typed) Statutes? Those are factual. While it appears that you are striving to accomplish an online law degree, (refer to Lars) I, on the other hand just love politics. Because laws are set forth and

  30. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwwweeeeeeeee BUNHARE; Isn’t there a provision in the JP Charter concerning crimes intentionally committed by Councilpeople ( four years with no Objectivity Statements to Clerk Lopez). Someone with Internet skills should bring up a copy of the JP Charter for Tele and others to read for legal interpretation to pass on to the M&Ms. Could it be we could get rid of all the Council with one legal manuver?OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. Sock, she may have had a conversation with Whitmer, she can’t recall it, but her freaking signature is on the change in her job status. How do you explain that, you moron, Debbie Villio? She should crawl back into the hole from whence she came. Glad Steib put an ass whippin on her.

  32. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee What did you have for lunch PL-Satan when you went home to blog your stupid evil heart out(Acts 5:3)? Was it the truth of the statutes or the scripture(Luke 4;8) I cited earlier( and you read at at your JP Attorney’s Office on your I -phone)that caused your head to start spinning wildly and uncontrolably? AAAwww…. we made you go home to blog to make us like think we at Slabbed don’t know who you are.Or did you take a half a sick day to stabilize your spinning head. Just go ahead and blog from work or are you afraid your e-mails may be subpoened next under the unknown statutes you claim say e-mails are only JP property? Don’t you have any other statutes to cite to refute the true applicable statutes to PRRs cited by Tele? Ask your other 3 amigo acquaintances across from your “open office door policy”.I’m sure they will know. (P.S.)I knew when I first met you in person that you possibly had a mental/drug problem and it sure has blossomed into proven reality here on Slabbed.Good LUCK stabilizing your evil head(Genesis 3:15).OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeee

  33. Damn, George just took the gloves off of his primate hands. I remember what that poor lady looked like after that monkey attack. OOOOOOOWWWEEEEEE is right.

  34. Dear handsome George: Have you had your rabies vaccination? I can tell you where to get one if not. I love you like I love ViewFromHell. What I love most about you is how you tell me all about my own schedule! Your clairvoyance is intriguing. Or are you watching me, oooowweee, would hate to cause another blemish on that court record of yours. Temper, temper! Again, Team PL SCORES! You are stating statutes and reciting Jefferson Parish policies as if you are instilling nervousness and fear in me! Go home to blog at lunch? Hahahahah!!! A half day sick to blog? Hahahahahahahahaha. I was stuck in traffic approaching the GNO little monkey. Hahahaha! Afraid to blog at work? As I stated before George, my employer pays me to do work that applies to the nature of the business they run. When I am not out in the field using my I-Phone (aren

  35. A biggggg PS, George. Your statement “Just go ahead and blog from work or are you afraid your e-mails may be subpoened next under the unknown statutes you claim say e-mails are only JP property?” is one more time, WRONG. Get some bifocals for your squinty, aging eyeballs and reread. Not one time did I ever CLAIM that emails were JP property. I CLAIMED that parish equipment is stamped property of JP. Please, if you are engaging in debate, make sure you know what facts you are arguing in the first place. So far, PL has been accused of claiming that Ms. V blogged during working hours (never said it, never insinuated it, never thought it or it would have been typed) now George is claiming that I stated discrepancies with regard to EMAIL OWNERSHIP. Go fetch where that was typed, I am surely CuriousGeorge.

    Or better yet, shut your ape hole until those peepers get checked.

    And let fine Judge Ladart do his job.

  36. politicslover/philmckracken,

    To you both and your political friends, enfin, celles qui aiment se faire bouffer les rotules, I have a legitimate question:

    Could ya’ll tell me, and I would assume the rest of the SlabbedNation, why your friends ‘Timmy’ Whitmer, Aaron Broussard and ‘ Tommy’ Wilkinson RESIGNED ? I would truly like to read your take on each of these individual’s RESIGNATION, s’il vou plait ?

    As to Villio elle a pris un coup de vieux, vous ne trouvez pas?

    And about having dinner, love to fill your crack, sorry but je reserve la lamproie a la bordelaise pour une occasion speciale.

    What’s that Pelican…what did you say…je hais les gens qui se disent existentialistes…well guess what cousain, si vous continuez a vous conduire comme ca, je jure de noyer mon souffle dans du ketchup !

    Revenez apres le lever du soleil, voulez-vous ?

    PS: Just a thought, est-se-que vous avez ete examine our la rage recemment ?

  37. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeee The name I have made and will continue to make is on the side of honest government and fair play something your type can’t understand cause you are lying in the pig trough with all the rest of them. So the political thugs know my name -well good for them caus’ I know some of them and unfortunately have spoken to the exact ones to which you vaguely refer .WoW -politicslover I think I see some real anger— I think I just read you wrote $hit and then set out in the end of your agitated post fingering us here at SlabbedNation as good nite toast, but you say you don’t have any axes to grind?- more BS. A Rabies shot I don’t think so —-but maybe you will have to pay the increased parish pet tax that your good buddy Deano passed secretly but you are in LUCK again and will only have to pay $15 caus’ you are truly a neutered bitch. And you are so cool aways you claim– whats got you so agitated?- maybe a little Holy Spirit convicting your evilness?.The truth and scripture hitting home too much? – and I bet you didn’t really even read the scripture cites for fear of instantaneous combustion. But thats okay caus’ I’m not trying to save your soul caus’ you are of the group of prideful souls that Christ stated he would just allow to wallow in their corruption till they self destruct. So again Good LUCK and sleep sound in your evil wallow my friend and continue to spread the word about me far and wide to all your politico lovein friends, but I can assure you that the Word will do you and them in and not because of any truth that I could ever speak or acts I could ever do myself. And thats a prophecy I can assure you and them will eventually reap.Praise the Lord for His Mighty Justifying Works.OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee

  38. To: Politicslover. Lets change the subject for a moment. How do I get “justice” for myself and my Family in connection with Parish-authorized criminal trespass on our batture property at the convergence of Oak Street, Leake Avenue, River Road and Monticello Avenue, on which we have paid property taxes since acquiring the property from The Texas Company in 1945 (dutifully ACCEPTED by the Parish every year since then). Our claim of ownership is described in excrutiating detail in Civil Action No. 06-10811 on the Eastern District docket, but like ALL of my litigation post-KATRINA has been indefinitely STAYED (does anyone know of any similar circumstance in the history of American jurisprudence?). So please tell me WHY the Parish Council, including particularly Elton Lagasse, has recently allowed “squatters and trespassers” to build on my Family’s land, without producing any proof whatsoever that they owned the land (of course, they could not produce any such proof). And tell me why the Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement issued building permits which allowed “squatters and trespassers” to build on my Family’s land, without producing any proof whatsoever that they owned the land. And tell me why the Parish is allowing at least nine (9) “camps” to discharge human excrement, ie. feces and urine and other “wastes”, directly into the Mississippi River, just upriver from a water intake for the East Bank of Orleans Parish, with no permit for same, and in violation of Federal pollution statutes, and more particularly The Clean Water Act and The Refuse Act. Pending your response, I will address my Louisiana Public Records Act requests, and Louis Gruntz’s, Gregory Giangrosso’s and Elton Lagasse’s default(s), separately. Thank you for responding to legitimate inquiries from a citizen whose Family has been FUCKED by Jefferson Parish. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  39. Your the typical arrogant US citizen…why don’t you care to learn another language…you are not worth my time…

    Tu as perdu ta maman? Or, as in your case, your father !

  40. oh!…oh!…I should have warned everyone in advance, viewfromhell has been drinking at my house for the last 2 days, and he’s demanding my laptop to belly-up to” love to fill your crack” (which I reminded him was my quote)…this is not going to be pretty…oh mon dieu…putain d’anniversaire Joyeaux, pl/mcKracken…putain qu’est-ce…

  41. Whoever this is, 1) they need to get back on their meds as quickly as possible ; and , 2) get them back to the mental hospital from which they have escaped .

  42. And to think I came back on to address your question to me, Gate. Once again Team P is beginning to realize a very significant development. It’s quite obvious that most of the contributors on slabbed can read law books and cases and deliver what they have read (copy & paste). I don’t deny that some you have impressive legal smarts.

    But it’s become difficult to have a discussion with common sense DUMB.

    Gate, you must be pissing those depends too. That or you could care less about actual interpretation of the most simple of sentences. To elaborate: “Your the typical arrogant US citizen…..why don’t you care to learn another language………you are not worth my time.”

    Gate AKA narcissist AKA stop drinking, please: I stated that I was not fluent in French. Who said I never cared to learn another language? Type to me in Spanish oh cultured, elitist one and we can have a discussion. Or I can sign language one day in person. Do you go to council meetings too? I can show you there. I spent my summers a long time ago working at the Louisiana School for the Death in Baton Rouge.

    That means I know three languages and you aren’t worth my time, sucka!!! That or you don’t want to know what I have to say about those resignations. Works for me.

    Politicslover will be going to the airport bright and early in the morning for a trip. Thanks to all of you for a really exciting and at times intriguing week. It has been an honor to read all of your views and wisdom and to be included in the passion (profanity) in your writing.

    At least you stand for something.

    Best & Lovely politics to all and to all a great weekend.

  43. WHAT THE HELL ? Listen up you cunt coward, all ‘Gate asked, and in English, was that you, the knee-bender of all JP knee-benders, tell us WHY YOUR POS FRIENDS RESIGNED ! You what? Passe! Fuck you, I want to read what you have to say about those cocksuckers’ RESIGNATION. WHAT, YOUR MOUTH TO FULL ? Is it Timmy or Tommy, or both ?

    How about believe this: Nicole T, Brooke B, Nicole A, Glass Ass, Debbie V, Martha C or any one of the other worn out c—s that have been around all too long and believe that what they choose to do to advance their career is OK and that their petty, cunty BS is going to keep their “political heros ” out of jail. NOT !!! Group this…you may not want to be in the Yenni Bldg. or the WB Bldg. when it is made public that Coulon, Whitmer, Brousaard and Wilkinson have been indicted ! There’s going to be a real fucking party ! WHAT THE HELL ? And there are going to be more coming down Elmwood Drive and Derbigny Street too ! PARTY FUCKING ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flying away is not a bad idea since you refuse to comment on Whitmer, Wilkinson and/or Broussard’s RESIGNATION !!! Your a fucking coward, I know it, everyone else knows it and you know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Ashton, like you, I would like ‘love to fill your crack’ to give a legitimate answer. I am now thinking like “View”…put up or shut up …Tell us why Whitmer, Broussard and Wilkinson resigned…Tell us why the Government of JP stole your family’s land …BS tells us NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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