Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson.

But hey don’t take my word for it. Here is what the Louisiana ODC had to say about ol’ Ced:

The board found that respondent knowingly violated duties owed to the public and the legal system. Respondent made a false statement in an affidavit when he signed the 2005 Notice of Candidacy form stating that he was domiciled at 8701 Lomond Road. Respondent refused to acknowledge or correct this misrepresentation during the civil trial that challenged his candidacy. Instead, he tried to blame other parties or twisted his testimony to suit the circumstances. Furthermore, respondent is an elected official, representing the 101st legislative district in the Louisiana House of Representatives. He refused to acknowledge the qualifying rules regarding domicile in the election for Council District D. The resulting civil trial challenging respondent’s candidacy burdened the legal system unnecessarily. Under the ABA’s Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions, the board found the baseline sanction for respondent’s misconduct is a suspension from the practice of law……….

We find respondent’s statement of domicile in the 2005 qualifying form was false, and that after his candidacy for office was challenged, he made similarly false statements regarding his domicile in pleadings and oral testimony in the election contest. Moreover, we accept the hearing committee’s factual finding that respondent’s misconduct was knowing……

Here is the whole doc from which I quoted. I guarantee the fix was in on the related civil case from the CDC to the 4th Circuit.

I’d like to see case docs from the Dixon fraud case and this civil suit (Landiak v. Richmond) so we can determine who the judges were that backed the Jefferson Machine not that long ago. Any help from our readership much appreciated. ~ sop

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10 thoughts on “Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson.”

  1. As a practicing attorney, I will concede that my “profession” has a well-earned reputation for being populated by immoral and amoral sacks of excrement, who are willing to do anything for money. I’ve always said that it is a horse-race of scumbaggery between lawyers and car salesman.

    So starting with the proposition that many lawyers are not honest (and believe me, they’re not), the ones who distinguish themselves by getting suspended or disbarred are usually “special.” I understand that there might be the rare exception in which the ODC has it in for particular lawyers, but I’ll leave that alone for now.

    Having said all this, it is nothing short of mind-boggling that the President of the U.S. has cut a television commercial endorsing this guy, even based solely on what is contained in the Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary opinion excerpted by Sop. Richmond was found to have perjured himself and to have acted so unethically that he was nearly disbarred, yet Obama endorses him with enthusiasm.

    And this is all separate and apart from anything Dambala has uncovered. But I think our friend at American Zombie is finding out the hard way what money and power can do to stomp out the truth. And folks, we are not dealing with The Riot and the douche-nozzles in the Yenni building on this one. Unfortunately, it appears that nothing short of Obama withdrawing his endorsement is going to stop this unethical perjurer from becoming part of the U.S. Congress. And maybe that is fitting because he’ll be in good company.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t help with identifying the Criminal Court Judge who committed criminal malfeasance by allowing Tina Dixon to “make restitution” for only $15,000 of the $30,000 she was accused of stealing [the audit still hasn’t been made public, and if she was accused of stealing $30,000 then we know it was a lot (I said A LOT) “more”], then allowing Tina to plead to “misdemeanor theft of $100” and later EXPUNGING the record. Whoever this “DisHonor” is, then he or she should be sitting next to Porteous! Where oh where is the Louisiana Judiciary Commission? I’ll tell you “where”: Taking their marching orders from the Louseyanna Supreme Court, ie. the same august body which, upon reviewing Cedric Richmond’s MULTIPLE perjuries, both in documentary form (false affidavits) and in testimony under oath, and in connection with the investigation of his multiple LIES, suspended him from the practice of law for six months, but then suspended all but 60 days (Victory dissenting). What a great bunch of “gatekeepers” the legal profession in Louseyanna enjoys. The Louisiana Supreme Court should really be proud of themselves (especially Catherine D. Kimball a/k/a “Titty Thimble”). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Those not dealt with correctly while amongst us will be dealt with at that appointed time as we all will be. Those who allow them to continue to act without true confession will join them as well.

    I would like to know who they know that sells heat protective clothing for the here-after! Without knowing the past or caring about it, the same mistakes will be made to the destruction of a greatnation and society!! Overcoming adversity makes a people and nation strong.

    We seem to have matched Rome and are now getting really close to the fiddler watching us burn!!! We still have time to change, but boy is time running out!!!

  4. Ok, here’s the follow up to the great post by Sock Puppet, with which I wholeheartedly agree. A disbarred lawyer, who pejured himself and who thwarted justice by advancing a frivolous lawsuit regarding his residency gets the presidential nod over an incumbent, who, although a Republican, has tried to vote his conscience and for what is best for his constituents.

    I am guessing Cao, who at the age of eight, escaped to America with two of his siblings from Vietnam has just a tad more character than Junior Jefferson. He learned to speak English, then earned a physics degree from Baylor University before he began studying for the priesthood. But, that piece of shit president just has to stick his nose in our affairs and endorse a complete amoral scumbag.

    And, S Grace at the TP, whose email should be [email protected], continues to carry the banner for this scumbag, Richmond. Why can’t anyone simply see that Richmond is a liar, proven in court. Put aside the Rolex issue that the MSM keeps beating on Zombie for – the guy admittedly funneled over a half a million of our tax dollars to some BS charity, which we all know was run by his squeeze at the time and a BIG FAT NOTHING TO SHOW FOR OUR HARD-EARNED TAX DOLLARS AT WORK FOR SOME FLIM FLAM COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR UNDERPRIVILGED KIDS. Wake up Obama and Mayor Mitch. When the shit hits the fan on this guy, the blowback is going to be ugly and you will have to atone for your stupid, thoughtless endorsement. Now, I am less angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cao first arrived in New Orleans in 1992. He left to earn a Master’s degree in philosophy from New York’s Fordham University, returning to Loyola University to teach philosophy and ethics.

  5. Oh, yeah, and Cao teaches ethics too. Disgrace, why don’t you mention the irony of that in your piece in the TP. Cao could certainly teach ole Cedric Richman a lesson or two on ethics and character.

  6. And don’t forget that Stephanie’s “Boss”, James Amoss, graduated from Jesuit High School in 1965, meaning his Student Deferment ran out in 1969, at which time he “became” a draft dodger and conscientious objector (he wasn’t one prior to 1969 – and if he had shown such tendencies at Jesuit, someone would beaten the SHIT out of his sorry ass), not in his “home town”, New Orleans, but in his “college town”, Boston, where the Draft Board would be more sympathetic. And after he was granted conscientious objector status (Boy, would I like to see THAT transcript), he didn’t volunteer to be a Combat Medic, but served his time emptying bedpans at a hospital in Boston. A real principled individual (SPIT!). Ashton O’Dwyer

  7. Most people who know me are aware of the fact that I live in a constant state of ANGER (with more than a little bit of justification). SOP is aware of some DIRTY NASTY SHIT about to come down in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, which is ANOTHER issue in which the Federal Bureau of Constipation and the U.S. Department of “Injustice” (through Letten’s – SPIT! – office) are totally “missing-in-action”. So let me stick my neck out (again) and make a prediction: No matter how much SHIT is revealed about Cedric Richmond and his belly warmer before the election, Federal “Law Enforcement” (what a fucking JOKE) will be “missing-in-action” on orders from upon high, ie. the Obamination White House. NOTHING will be allowed to embarrass the Obomination, not even a totally race-based and misguided endorsement of a liar (and probably a thief). I hope I’m wrong, and if I am, I promise that I will refrain from alcohol for 24 hours. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. I have to acknowledge the last sentence of Ashton O’Dwyer’s last comment could be the best ever posted to this blog.

  9. OK, SOP, I’m plopping this down here because I really don’t know what to do with it.

    Just came across this.

    The Richmond/Spears case: Turns out the judge who did the Tina Dixon expungement was…. LAURIE WHITE.

    …Who used to be on the Indigent Defense Board with…. IKE SPEARS. And they resigned in protest together post-Katrina.

    White also received a $600 campaign contribution from Spears. No biggie, but still.

    She also apparently has a little criminal rehabilitation program that by the looks of it one Rep. Cedric Richmond may have pushed through because he was at the big kickoff event:

    Now this: turns out that Laurie White is actually one of the few people to have laid eyes on the Canal Street Brothel’s black book’s contents. Yes, she knows the names, or some of them.

    — ” “It was an interesting move that made a lot of people suspicious,” says Laurie White, a New Orleans defense attorney who represented Joanne Hansen, one of the women slapped with conspiracy and racketeering charges. “I didn’t see any reason for it except to protect the guilty.”

    As an attorney in the case, White did manage to get her hands on the list, and after looking at it, she realized that federal prosecutors were probably scared to go after many of the people on the list, which included some of New Orleans’ best-known doctors, lawyers, business owners, and athletes.

    Another New Orleans defense attorney who worked on the case said the list also included a judge, a local TV personality, and a couple of city councilmen.” —

    Pretty darn interesting article by the way.

    Of course, Porteous’ name has been brought up in this context, hasn’t it? Maybe here? Apologies if that’s wrong.

    If correct: I don’t know what all this means, probably nothing, but when the Road to Richmond ended up with Porteous in a tangential 6-degree way I just had to laugh.

    The judge who expunged the record knows Spears, worked with Spears as an indigent defender, got a campaign contribution from Spears, maybe got a pet project pushed through by Richmond (a few months after the expungement), defended a Canal Street Brothel brothel target, and she just happens to know the names of at least some of the big names in the Brothel Black Book. How rich is that?

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