Ol’ girl Steph just can’t help herself and pumps a crooked pol by attacking the messenger: A Cedric Richmond charity looting update

Folks if you want to know one of the major reasons the greater New Orleans area has remained a cesspool of corruption for literally generations one need look no farther than to the certain New Orleans media outlets, most notably the Times Picayune. Here is a snippet from Stephanie Grace’s column which ran today:

Yet when asked, Cao supplied no evidence of wrongdoing on Richmond’s part, other than to point to a blog, The American Zombie, that offers a lot of smoke but nothing like a smoking gun implicating Richmond in any criminality.

It appears the art of investigative journalism is truely a lost one in certain old line journalism circles. At least Steph got the bezel right.

Just like with the recent Porteous impeachment it appears there are some do not want much digging done in the past. Where there is smoke there is fire just like once upon a time where there was a Coulon eating breakfast there would be a Steph eating at the Coulon trough too. Some things never change…..

Our money remains on the Zombie.


4 thoughts on “Ol’ girl Steph just can’t help herself and pumps a crooked pol by attacking the messenger: A Cedric Richmond charity looting update”

  1. My guess is that we haven’t heard the last of possible public corruption in Cedric Richmond’s past. He obviously doesn’t believe in “The Honor Code”: I don’t lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do, which leads me to conclude: Falsus in uno; falsus in omnibus!. Stephanie Grace needs a paycheck, so she must do what her draft-dodger, conscientious objector Editor tells her to do. It is my belief that his sole motivation is to protect “Obummer”, who endorsed this SOS. And now a few questions: When did you acquire the watch (not the bevel), from whom, and precisely how was it paid for? Was Tina Dixon really your “belly warmer” a la Rene Gill-Pratt and Mose Jefferson? Is there available to the public the investigation of Tina Dixon’s misappropriation of funds (maybe she thought that no one would “miss” a few score thousand of the $588,000 Richmond gave her), including particularly an audit showing precisely how much she misappropriated and where it went? Is it possible that “Tina” kicked back anything to “Cedric”? Precisely what wer the charges against Tina, and what were the terms of her GUILTY plea? What Criminal Court Judge ordered “expungement” in Tina’s case, and was this “usual” or “unusual”? What is Tina doing now, and does she have any access to public or no-profit funds? Do Tina and Cedric still “see” each other. Thank you. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Stephanie Grace’s column is called the save Mitch & Mary article. Those two endorsed Cao and when the AZ started hitting Richmond hard they had to call in all of their chips to discredit the AZ as quick as possible. Hopefully the AZ will continue hammering Richmond with more damning info because the Times Picayune can’t keep defending Richmond or stay silent on these allegations if more come out. Keep up the good work AZ.

  3. That article just made my stomach turn. The Times Pick a Nose has a bad habit of endorsing or protecting crooked politicians, then developing amnesia when the shit hits the fan on that stealing, crooked politician that they endorsed. Shame on you TP for allowing this sorry excuse for a journalist to write an article impugning Cao, who is an honorable person, to pump up Bill Jefferson, Jr. Time will tell, but when Cedric the Entertainer (his stories are entertaining) blows up in your face, I don’t want to hear your sabre-rattling that he should resign.

  4. OOOOOOOOOwwweeee IMA—- Just the bullying allegation of theLSU couple at a Baton Rouge lounge is enough to warrant throwing his arrogant A$$ in Mike’s cage so Ole’ Rich can try to steal MIKIE’S big beach ball after the next LSU football loss (i.e. that’ll give him a year to think about what would happen to ALL of his appendages). What is it about the legislative branch giving out huge monetary grants to individual politicians to give out to the poor and disadvantaged? Why after all the charity scandals do these grants not go to the true, honest non-profit church based institutions for dispersement to the true needy? Where are you GOVERNOR JINDAL– can’t we change this BS activity ? IMA— watch that blood pressure we need you here at the SLABBED NATION !OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

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