Citizens for Good Government goes on the offensive and demands Paul Connick do his job. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal Update.

Affectionately known as the M&M sisters to their supporters and not so affectionately as crazed lunatics within certain circles in Parish Government, Margaret Baird and Margie Seemann have taken to the airways making the case that Jefferson Parish Government, as it is presently constituted is rotten to the core citing the recently released Legislative Auditor’s report which found potential payroll fraud as proof.

Yesterday we got their email blast which contained a link to a Kim Holden Fox 8 report in which Margaret and Margie were interviewed about the problems in payroll within parish government.  This blurb  from the email blast sums it up:

Citizens for Good Government believes that not only should the feds investigate the paralegal scandal, but Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick should do his job and prosecute the wrongdoers NOW. Since the DA has original jurisdiction in this case, he should either prosecute, or recuse himself and permit the Louisiana Attorney-General to prosecute the wrongdoers. After all, the funds illegally expended in this scandal belong to the taxpayers of Jefferson, and WE DON’T WANT OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS WASTED in this fraudulent manner.

The entire Kim Holden report I linked above is well worth the watch.


7 thoughts on “Citizens for Good Government goes on the offensive and demands Paul Connick do his job. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal Update.”

  1. Just a thought….Could it be possible that our DA has been told by the feds to step asside and stay out of it? Given the connections it would make sense as there is a greal perception that the Connick gang is tight with the past parish officals and if the did do something it would look questionable no matter the outcome?

    Just a thought

  2. No wonder the COE & Local Sponsors for the LP&VHPP feel above the law —- there is none!!!

    Just what does it take to put folk in jail that flooded a city, destroyed businesses, wounded or caused the death of many of the areas citizens, did not do their jobs for over 40 years and because of their malfeasence, corrupt practices and patting one another on the back just plainly let it all go to hell in a hand basket?

    Katrina should have been just another Betsy here today gone in a week or two at the most!!!

    We sit here and do nothing just like at election time where less than 50% of the eligable voters vote and we have corruption at all levels. Wake up people we were drowned, destroyed, lost property & had our insurance rates raised all because of malfeasence!! We are allowing them to bleed us dry while they keep getting paid to redo and still redo wrong!

    How many of you know the COE gave their engineers a 17% raise last year? How many of you know they still do not monitor the outfall canals for erosion? How many of you know that as they call them “temporary pumps” are not a part of approved protection? How many know that the COE & others were aware of the seepage problems at the outfall canals and they had been monitoring seepage with piezometers since the ’70’s?

    Do any of you look at the canals handling storm water runoff and pumping? Have you ever asked yourself why the channels in the older part of the city are concrete lined, but nothing of that sort on the outfall canals that pass through much of the newer part of the city?

    If they can block off a portion of the 17th St Cnal to test the new walls/levees they did after Katrina, why not do that at all week spots and remove the poor silt/sands and line the bank then place a good clay material on top? Or perhaps just place concrete articulating mats from one side to the other in the canals?

    Now the TP reports on wall stick-up like that is new. Check their Engineering Regulations, I-wall mximum stick-up 7-ft, above 7-ft T-wall required. Now if you had that regulation and were an engineer do you think you could read it and follow that mandate?

    Of course I will always go back to 33 CFR 208.10 and if that five – six page directive had been followed [see light reding] we would not have flooded. This document was to be in the hands of the COE & Local Sponsor since 1965 when the project started since its publishing date is 1963!!!! Now do you think there was malfeasence? By the way they still do not monitor these channels and the alligator & snake are waiting to bite you again!!

    St Bernard might get help from that massive wall across the MRGO & marsh, but their levees on the Chalmette Unit are still not up to design cross-sectional footprint!

  3. The DIVINE M & M Sisters, sop. They are inspirations to all of us. Lessons in perseverance and doing the right thing. And funny too. The whole enchilada, the whole package…kudos ladies. Proud to know you both.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeee Thank you Lord first for Val Bracey and now Kim Holden, a Dominican Alumnus, who it seems will hopefully be the new torch bearer for the total illumination of the arrogant, political ” cesspool” the M& M Sisters have so boldly,couragiously and persistently exposed in JP in the last year. And MR. Benson your personal input into restoring JP back to political respectability through FOX NEWS investigative news department is highly appreciated even more so than all the millions you have recently given to Loyola University. So please MR. Benson, give Kim thanks,encouragement,more JP corruption assignments and you will see your station’s rating again soar to become THE MOST TRUSTED news in the area ! —— KIM HOLDEN, the “NEW NEWS BREES”, in town! Lift us up Kim, as Drew did and is doing. GO KIM GO — GO KIM GO !!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowwweeee

  5. We have formed a new “krewe” and some of the SlabbedNation may want to join it.It’s called the JPcleanupcrew. Similar to the “peasant” krewe following a Mardi Gras parade picking up smelly horse turds, discarded fatty fast foods and disregarded beads with “supersized” shovels and brooms. Except we follow and pickup on the little, fatty fast piggies at the JP political animal farm who in perpetuity celebrate Mardi Gras on the taxpayer’s buck. We pickup on the intentionally discarded,disregarded Parish Ordinances which have for a number of years required every council member to submit an Objectivity Statement before EVERY vote on any contract from any vendor contributing more than $1,000 over previous 4 years. The exact same Ordinance which every council member has intentionally violated for the last 4 years at the penalty of $500/6 months in jail per violation. We pickup on the huge horse turd lies coming from the Administration’s appointed piggie empolyees at the Parish Atturdy Office where their stated responsiblity is to legally defend parish crooks, hide and coverup horse turd sized lies and urinate on public record requests.We are the few but proud JPcleanupcrew. We do not enjoy our smelly work but some one has to do it for the future of our children and for their jobs to stay close. Will you come help us please.President Young will be our guest lecturer at our next initiation meeting that is only if he removes some of the piggies at the JP Atturdy Office.No membership fees are required —only your eyes, ears and comments as to where the little, fatty fast, slippery piggies are and have been,the location and source of the big horse turd lies and the hidden parishwide scandals.Our headquarters are here and will be for some time to come as there is enormous taxpayer waste, tons of horse turd lies and hundreds of fatty fast piggies to pickup.Nose clothes pins ,face masks , “supersized” shovels and wide ass brooms furnished upon request.Hope to hear from many JP “peasant” volunteers soon. MOTTO: “Our business is political trash but it’s picking up”.

  6. jpcleanupcrew..”Our business is political trash but it’s picking up.”

    And when dealing with Jefferson Parish Government, you have the utmost in job security…lots of huge horse turd lies and fatty fast piggies telling them…I see a great career path with JPcleanupcrew..

    I’m in.

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