The Times Picayune calls for a Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish payroll fraud. Does the ‘Gretna Mentality’ slab US Attorney Jim Letten?

Is October the month indictments finally come down? Will DA Paul Connick, who has known about these allegations at least as long as everyone else, finally emerge from hiding and do his job? Is Jim Letten stonewalling the investigation as some folks allege? Unfortunately today’s Times Picayune Op Ed on the general subject of public payroll fraud in Jefferson Parish Government did not provide the answers to any of these questions but we do appreciate their editorial position and in fact applaud it.

The comments to it convey a good sense of the various cross sections public opinion on this topic.  I’m going to focus on the very real frustration with US Attorney Jim Letten which echos some of what I’ve been told by several folks both off blog and on.  While not a majority viewpoint IMHO the frustration is real and the allegations troubling. In light of the recent senate proceedings in the impeachment of Judge Tom Porteous the commenter has an appropriate name to boot: Gretna Mentality which is a kissing cousin to our own recent use of term ‘Gretna Style’. Here is the remark:

This is what happens when you allow US Attorneys to be selected by Politicians. When David Vitter holds off the appointment of other federal post because he demands that James Letten be assured a job you have to wonder why a whore is protecting a whore of a US Attorney. Letten is nothing more than another sleazebag corrupt lawyer himself. The record is public, Kurt Engelhardt was David Vitters Campaign manager, and somehow David Vitter managed to pay for whores in New Orleans for years without ever spending his own money. John Breaux got all of his hookers paid for by Lawyers who wanted to be Federal Judges. Letten hides the Canal Street Brothel Book where Breaux, Vitter Proteous, Engelhardt, Landrieu, Nungesser and half the US Attorneys at 500 Camp street spent a lot of free time at the Canal Street whore house. So we have a stack of Federal Judges who got appointed because they paid for whores for the politicians who appointed them or they diverted funds they controlled to pay for the hookers for Vitter, Breaux, Tauzin and others. You have to wonder in a menage a trois with Sarah Vance and Mary Landrieu occurred in to secure some appointments.

Jefferson Parish is nothing more than a second generation whore house extension of New Orleans and the Uptown powerbroker whore-mongers from law-firms like Jones Walker, Phelps Dunbar, Stone Pigman and others. Look at Chafee McCall – Walter Becker and the Public Belt. Becker leaves the US Attorneys office for 500 grand a year working for a Law firm whose Clients continually had their Case dropped by Walter Becker on behalf of the Government.

The look at the New Orleans Police Department – Got to wonder why Mitch Landrieu had to ask Washington DC to come in instead of the Local US Attorneys office, Oh Yeah Letten did nothing on Danzinger for 4 years the Washington Attorneys indicted in under 6 months.

So Face the facts about James Letten and the reason he does not bother to investigate or end corruption – he is one of the biggest whores of the group in Orleans and Jefferson Parish. It will take more intervention from Washington DC to indict the people in Jefferson Parish. Right now half of our Federal Judges and US Attorneys are from Jefferson Parish and their families have already been bought and paid for.

I’ll add Gidget was warned off of speaking with me in person and cancelled a face to face interview.  I did have 2 lengthy phone conversations with her though and while she did not name any names she alluded to that which Gretna Mentality wrote in the first paragraph.  I quoted the entire remark because it is of the type that typically get yanked from most newspapers.

All that said my own opinion is Jim Letten is being very thorough and with all the business his office has they must be stretched very thin.  Their continued pursuit of AROD in light of that fact does not make sense while major white collar criminals roam the street still breathing free but that is a different post.

Finally I continue to hear Mike Ellis’ health is not good.


27 thoughts on “The Times Picayune calls for a Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish payroll fraud. Does the ‘Gretna Mentality’ slab US Attorney Jim Letten?”

  1. I will say that it seems awfully selective on who Letten’s Office actually goes after. The testimony that Whitmergate posted on Proteous was pretty startling when you read the depositions.

    The whole Danzinger Bridge thing also raises and eyebrow.

    But the selection process for Judges, US Marshals and US Attorneys definitely needs to be changed. Pretty scary when the leaders of the corruption get to appoint the people who are responsible to investigate the corruption.

  2. Yep, that is how we ended up with Eddie Jordan and almost ended up with Fred Heebe.

    Grenta’s subsequent remarks about John Breaux really has my interest piqued now.


  3. what even piques my interest is the comment Gretna made about Proteous – Impeach him then pay him his pension 3 months at a time for each politicians he gives up to the Feds and gets convicted.

    It made me really want to know who has been paying for all of Proteous’s high priced Defense team considering he was bankrupt. Makes you wonder who is funding this mess.
    Also you have to wonder who is paying and supporting him now.

  4. The full salary of “The DisHonorable” G.T. Ortous was recently extended by the Fifth “Circus” until December 31, 2010. I haven’t a “clue” who may be paying Turley, et al, but I would bet my left nut that he’s NOT working pro bono. The positions he and his team advocated during the Senate trial “hurt” his reputation, nationally, with complete justification. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. No such thing as bad pub Ashton. You are thinking too much like an attorney here. Turley’s eyes are on a different prize IMHO.


    ps. “Mole girl” is anyone’s guess.

  6. Since myself and Pelican plus a few of my friends quit posting on Nola some time ago, it is both heartening and refreshing to read that “gretnamentality” and “uphillride” have picked up the pace of pounding on these issues and the people that are a part of them. Hopefully prior comments on Slabbed, assuming they were read by these same posters, would have provided detailed background for their comments, in conjunction with their own individual insight and information. And kudos to Bunhare for the perseverance in continuing to add substance to others’ posts and relevant commentary on the topic article.

    As for the T-P calling for a investigation at this late date, only gives more proof of how out of touch that Paper’s executives and editors are with these and other issues involving the corruption in Jefferson Parish. It is a fact that the Whistleblower Claim filed by AMV with the JP Personnel Board included these “not so new” allegations by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. And it is a fact that the Federal authorities, both the FBI and the US Atty’s Office investigated these allegations as set forth the WB claim as confirmed by Theriot in an interview with Val Bracy only 3 days this petition was filed by AMV on FEB. 23, 2010.

    I will be back later with a more complete critique of this Legislative Auditor’s “Johnny come lately” report. But now, as Nowdy so keenly observed, the Southest College Football Church is in session…Later.

  7. While they’re ( whoever THEY are) investigating they might look at Peggy Barton, Deano Bonano and Charlie Knoop for their public record abuses related to the Paralegal issue. And at Louis Gruntz for the letter he sent at Wilkinson’s instructions in response to aPublic Record request from Waste Managements Attornies pPorter and Taylor ( Tommy Gildersleeve). The back and forths on that are illuminating. That is August 2009 when AMV first busted Wilkinson on the Waste Management contract. Wilkinson and Gruntz go down together on that one! And Wilkinson took his sister in law and Council Clerk Eula Lopez down with them on that one!

    More after the LSU game. Well maybe tomorrow. Say goodnight Gracie.

  8. Unslabbed

    Add to your list and that of Whitmergate and Gretna Mentality and we have many names that well disserve the filing of a good old fashion bill of information by the local DA or the US Attorney. The lawyers in the Porteous mess and Parish mess should be investigated by the incompetent Office of Disciplinary Counsel!

    My problem is that the list is getting so long it seems like we want everyone to be prosecuted, when in fact, this list is a compilation of dirty laundry for a period of time that spans some 10 years.

    The list would be much smaller if our prosecutors or those who regulate lawyers would simply do their job and either get it on or just tell us they are not going to do anything rather keep us guessing, hoping that things may be cleaned up.

    My opinion is that dragging it out is tantamount to letting it go.

    I suggest many of those mentioned are in fact above the law. Somebody is covering their back, thus the Gretna Mentality piece makes sense.

    In Jefferson Parish alone the Whitmer, Wilkerson, Coulon, Broussard and the bunch at the Parish Attorney

  9. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel falls under the supervision of the Louseyanna Supreme Court (Boy, did the Bar “screw up” when we gave up the right to “self-police” by the Louisiana State Bar Association to the Supreme Court, which then proceeded to “create” an entirely “new” mechanism answerable to people other than the Bar, ie. elected Supreme Court Justices”). The Supreme Court, headed by “Titty Thimble” is CORRUPT. The “Thimble” is a goddamned CRIMINAL. And so is her “PIMP” Plattsmier. The Judiciary Commission, housed in the same building as the Supreme Court, and pimping to the likes of Titty Thimble, is virtually INEFFECTUAL. The Thimble and Plattsmier belong in jail, and if it kills me, I’m going to put their asses there. I’m just having a great deal of “trouble” finding an honest Federal, State or Local “law enforcement” Officer to make an arrest. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. My Family and I have “personally” experienced the SHIT, PISS and CORRUPTION in the Yenni Building in connection with Elton Lagasse’s “approval” of squatters and trespassers building “Taj Mahal’s” on our property pursuant to “building permits” issued by the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement at Lagasse’s direction – ALL WITHOUT REQUIRING THAT THE APPLICANT/PERMITEE (a/k/a “SQUATTER and TRESPASSER”) PRODUCE PROOF OF OWNERSHIP OF THE LAND! Then “insult” was added to “injury” when Parish Attorney Gregory Giangrosso obfuscated and deceived and claimed to have no Louisiana Public Records about how this could have happened. Letten (or “somebody”) needs to take a FLAMETHROWER with him to the Yenni Building. Now another issue: BayouDegradable struck a nerve with me, last night and again this morning. I am a firm believer in “the conspiracy theory”. More particularly, I believe that there is more than a kernal of truth in what is known as “The Illuminati”. Let me give you an example (I’ve already given the readers of SLABBED more than one, revolving around the Chief “Injustice” of the Louisiana Supreme Court (Catherine D. Kimball a/k/a “Titty Thimble”) and her Chief Disciplinary Counsel (and “PIMP”) Charles Plattemier (SPIT!) and the Louisiana Judiciary Commission. Now let me give you another: The “Head” of the Louisiana State Police on September 20, 2005, when a State Police “goon squad” came to my house at 5 minutes past midnight, took me into custody for “nothing” and brought me to Camp Amtrak, where I was brutalized and tortured, was “COLONEL HENRY WHITEHORN”. Unless he was totally incompetent and clueless, this cocksucking motherfucker had to know what his boys were doing on St. Charles Avenue that morning/evening, and even if he didn’t, he sure as hell found out about it later. Well, guess what? This AM’s “Times-Pick-Your-Nose” reports that this worthless degenerate cocksucker was recently sworn-in as the Chief United States Marshall for the Western District of Louisiana. It was the United States Marshalls’ Service that lured me out of my house on the evening of January 29, 2010 under false pretenses (a/k/a “LIES”) into the hands of more “Special Agents” of the Federal Bureau of Constipation than it took to bring down John Dillinger. Oh, and don’t let me forget that the “crime” I was charged with, for which I spent 34 days in solitary confinement (more than “Dollar Bill” Jefferson has spent behind bars), was a totally “make believe” crime, which I didn’t commit. So the Supreme Court “Injustice” and her Chief Disciplinary Counsel and the Head of the State Police, all of whom were complicit in the criminal gangland-style “hit” on me on September 20, 2005, all continue to march, and the Head of the State Police is now the Chief Marshall for the Western District. I wish I had been at that cocksucker’s confirmation hearing. Ashton O’Dwyer.


    The sad part of the whole mess is that the crooks/animals get to pick the zoo keeper.

    The Supreme Court has recognized that the States do not do their jobs yet the Court itself
    does nothing to clean up the Attorney Corruption.

    2 weeks ago an article in USA Today listed hundreds of cases of Prosecutorial misconduct at the Federal Level.

    Now the Courts are supposed to maintain integrity yet all of these prosecutors still kept their law licenses.

    You must be admitted to Practice Law at Each Federal Court at each Federal Level.

    You have to wonder why our 9 Supreme Idiots don’t suspend the right to appear in Federal Courts for any Attorney who violates Federal Rules? That is well within the prevue of the Federal Courts to deny admission to any Attorney to appear in the Federal Court System and does not infringe on State Rights.

    The System Start with the 9 people who prostitute themselves in the Name of the Constitution and claim to administer Justice.

    Apparently it all runs downhill and the Top Whores in the Corruption Laden Judiciary are listed below.

    John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States
    Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice,
    Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice,
    Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice,
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice,
    Stephen G. Breyer, Associate Justice,
    Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr., Associate Justice,
    Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice,
    Elena Kagan, Associate Justice,

  12. Judicial tyranny.
    These fools are also just our SERVANTS.
    To have exalted themselves as they have is embarrassing and invites ridicule and righteous indignation. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Beware you self-righteous pompous Pharisees and Sadducees: you and yours will be struck down through God’s word. Your words will be as smoke on the wind. His will burn hotly on your tongue in the bowels of hell.
    My Sunday hope for all is that they CONFESS, REPENT AND CLAIM REDEMPTION.


  13. These people care about two things and two things only: (1) How much money they make off the public; and (2) How to preserve their positions of power. We have NO SAY at all about how Federal Judges are selected and appointed, and the recent proceedings involving “G.T. Ortous” have revealed how FLAWED that process is. White people in Orleans Parish are a minority, and so we have the likes of “Bernette Johnson” on the Supreme Court, and Bill Jefferson in Congress, and Cedric Richmond (God knows where). We had NO SAY WHATSOEVER in the appointment of the current Chief “Injustice” Catherine “Titty Thimble” Kimball, who is a BITCH spelled with a CAPITAL “C”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. This probably won’t get the “coverage” it warrants, but my Comments are 100% relevant to SOP’s Post. Today’s “Times-Pick-Your-Nose” has an National Article about a couple of queers who were harassed and (allegedly) sodomized in New York. The perpetrators are in custody and the allegations against them are “National News”. Let me say a few things: I am HETEROSEXUAL. If anyone ever got close enough to me to sodomize me with a stick or anything else, I would RIP HIS OR HER THROAT OUT OR BITE HIS OR HER FACE OFF a la Dr. Hannibal Lector. So let me teel you why I am commenting: During the early morning hours of 9/20/05, one of the “goon” Supervisors approached my dogcage (after I had been pepper-sprayed and shot), saying to me, “Hey, Bitch! Are you a bitch? You sure look like a bitch! We’re going to have fun with this bitch.” A few minutes earlier, a “colleague” of this degenerate (it may have been the same guy) had approached my dogcage and told the “shooter”, “Hit him in the balls! Shoot him in the dick!” Notwithstanding “point-blank” range, the incompetent “shooter” missed, but hit me in both thighs. Then, in October 2006, I encountered “PAUL B. DEAL” a lawyer who worked for former Attorney General Charles C. Foti, Jr., who I aver was complicit in the criminal gangland-style “hit” and in the “cover-up”. This cocksucking motherfucker Paul B. Deal said to me, “You’re lucky you didn’t have a broomstick shoved up your ass.” My litigation was thrown out of Court “on-the-papers”. The only “publicity” I can get about my case is on SLABBED. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. well guys I just spit my drink on the Keyboard- Gretna Just punched Billy Nungesser in the head on Nola and really threw up a torch against Letten And Becker

    Gretna Mentality October 11, 2010, 8:37PM

    My Point is we have crooks in every Parish. The rest of the Country just sees us as corrupt and could care less what our leaders say or want. The corruption runs rampant and our US Attorney Keeps his Job by hiding hooker books and payoffs. How does Letten manage to afford all of the Private schools and support his Standard of Living- It is certainly not on the Salary he earns as US Attorney.

    Its actually time for someone to take a long hard look at James Letten and have him explain where all the money is coming from!!!!

    Anyone care how to ask how Walter Becker managed to throw a 75,000 dollar Debutante Party for his Daughter when he made 175 Grand a Year as a US Attorney? He sure dismissed a lot of Drug Case right before that as US Attorney.

    When debutante Lindsey Le Walton Becker was asked who chose the site for her party, she smiled and said, “My mother.” Appropriately, the venue was Mother’s Next Door. Her Sunday brunch was followed days later by another restaurant round of socializing.

    Assistant US Attorneys sell dismissal of cases to the Areas big Law Firms so they can get hired as Partners when they leave the US Attorneys office

    This is how CNN describes us!! And that was 2 months ago

    In soil as corruption-rich as this state’s, a word like “uncompromised” can be relative. After all, this is where convicted felon Edwin Edwards ran successfully against a Klansman for governor by appealing to voters’ better natures with the slogan “Vote for the Crook. It’s Important.”


  16. As most JP council meetings are called to order the Councilpersons usually look out over a mostly empty audience.

    They see some familiar faces, as usual. The

  17. Suggestion to the Divine M & M Sisters and anyone else who wants more time to speak at Council Meetings:
    Have people there who stand and state their names etc and then cede their time to the Sisters.
    Just a thought. Probably will be Ordinanced-out by next meeting. LOL

  18. The “Johnny come lately” Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report tolls this QUESTION: where to begin a critical analysis of this so called “investigative report” on wrong doing in Jefferson Parish ! Paralegal payroll fraud…Whitmer’s double dealing insurance commissions…is that it ? In my opinion, the limitations as to what allegedly has been investigated is why this report is SUSPECT, veiling yet another layer of an on-going conspiracy to COVER-UP wrong doing by many more individuals than Whitmer, Broussard and Wilkinson. And again we have AMV’s Whistleblower Claim to guide of through this web of deceit trying to be maintained by the GATEKEEPER GRUNT, Louis Gruntz.

    On Feb. 25, 2010 AMV files her original Whistleblower Claim with the Jefferson Parish Personnel Board, which is two days after she is subjected to an unlawful job action by Theriot, the illegally appointed Parish President. In the presence of SEVEN MALE EUNUCHS (7= Theriot, Clem Donelon, Deano Bonano, Jose Gonzalez, Bert Smith, Junior Mendoza, and Louis Gruntz) AMV, was without cause or the due process that was to be afforded Whitmer as an “at will” employee, put on Paid Administrative Leave. This “leave” happened to coincide with Wilkinson also being assigned to the status of Paid Administrative Leave. Wilkinson,who was and is guilty of wrong doing; AMV who was the messenger of Wilkinson and others who had committed wrong doing. AMV, the “whistleblower; kill the messenger ! Put her in a “false light”, ie defamation to cover for that abominable POLITICO PIG WILKINSON ! And others…and others…and others…AMV’s back and Wilkinson’s gone !

    I suggest that AMV was “put away”; out of the Parish Attorney’s Office, so that Louis Gruntz could control the information that would be given to the Legislative Auditor, both in scope as to what was going to be investigated and who was to be, or not be, included in that investigation. More importantly, that AMV was and would not be available to the Legislative Auditor’s investigators at the time they were at the Yenni Bldg.

    The foundation for this conspiracy theory is based on a quoted paragraph where AMV is describing her conduct with Gruntz, as she is allowed to pack up personal items from her office after the “ENUCH” meeting:


    AMV prophesied and documented well in advance of what the Legislative Auditor has only in a very limited scope considered to report on. AMV has been proven right on her allegations of the paralegal payroll fraud, and that fraud also includes Peggy Barton and Deano Banano as co-conspirators, protected by the GATEKEEPER GRUNT, Gruntz ( he too should be included in this conspiracy).

    Sop, I would suggest we need to re-visit those Whistleblower allegations (original and amended, with accompanying memorandum) that have previously been made a part of Slabbed’s record of AMV’s travails.

    We also need to revisit those illegal and odious raises that Whitmer and Wilkinson obtained. Raises that, along with Greg Giangrosso’s illegal raise, was motioned by then Councilman Young to be investigated…by who…yea I know…GATEKEEPER GRUNT, Louis Gruntz !

    We also need to revisit the malpractice of Phelps, Dunbar by not preforming “due diligence ” as proscribed by the cannons of ethical conduct (you would think Kimmy baby would have known better), to initiate an internal investigation relative to AMV’s Whistleblower Claim but instead proceed with an aggressive SLAPP defense ! Hey… fuck the trees…right !

    In fact we need to re-visit a lot of this Jefferson Parish garbage…again…Yea I mean River Birch and I am now prepared to disclose yet another under- belly layer of this criminal conspiracy designed to give certain politico mafia thugs a land fill monopoly !

  19. Jim Letten: We are the few but proud JPcleanupcrew.”Our business is political trash but business is picking up”.We are armed and dangerous with “supersized” shovels and brooms and charged with the duty of picking up the little, fatty fast,slippery JPpiggies on the JP political farm.We will be glad to send a platoon of our finest to your over worked office to help you with your prosecution of these over populated slim bags.

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