Homie Dave Treutel snags a spot on the NFIP advisory board

I’ve known Dave pretty much all my life. He comes from a fine family and is a fine choice for the insurance industry advisory board to the NFIP.  Being from Bay St Louis he had a ring side seat after Katrina to the myriad of ways insurers defrauded the NFIP for example and witnessed first hand the human toll of the bad faith claims handling procedures employed by certain insurers, so he takes the human equation with him to the quarterly DC meetings as well.  Dave’s business acumen means he also has a good understanding of the internal controls needed at NFIP, most notably a bit of oversight, to insure that major retail insurers never defraud the program again.

Anita Lee has all the details at the Sun Herald and in a great example of a broken clock being right twice a day, she even snagged some quotes from Jimbo the Clown’s sidekick, Mississippi Insurance commissioner Mikey “The Cook” Chaney who shares our sentiments about Dave and what he brings to the table.  Unfortunately for the citizens of Mississippi, Mikey does not recognize fraud even when it bites him on the ass unless it is an individual defrauding a major multinational insurer. Fortunately for us at Slabbed, Mikey doesn’t know when to shut his mouth but such is a common trait with the political class. We’ll be visiting on him again soon.

Again our congratulations to Dave Treutel and we’re delighted to have in him as our voice within the NFIP.  Well done Dave!


One thought on “Homie Dave Treutel snags a spot on the NFIP advisory board”

  1. Very good post. And yes they don’t come better prepared than Dave, for service on the NFIP. He brings a personal experience level which is unmatched in the industry. He also holds a high level of charater and community mindedness which is lacking in the industry as a whole. He is proof a good local agent can make a difference in his community—Dave has. He has been given a chance in life —a life which almost ended after Katrina at the point of a gun wielded by a distraught insurance client— to broaden his impact from our community to our Nation.

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