Since we’ve become pOrteous central, how about a Tommy update.

Brown Sims Associate Tommy Porteous

Our readers may recall the comment here on Slabbed which disclosed Tommy Porteous was let go by Baldwin Haspel just before Dad’s impeachment trial.  We are pleased to report the Porteous has landed at Brown Sims as some sort of suped up associate along side Federal Judge Lance Africk’s suped up Brown Sims associate/wifey.

Like they say its a small, small world…….


9 thoughts on “Since we’ve become pOrteous central, how about a Tommy update.”

  1. SOP, en fuego. TP ain’t got shit on you, bro.

    By the way, Brown Sims is the home of the toe tapper, in addition to the close relatives of current and soon to be former judges.

  2. Apples do not fall far from the tree!

    Yes, a small world indeed. Judge Africk and Judge Porteous were and may still be good friends.

    Give credit to Tommy Porteous. He is apparently smarter than his brother, Timmy. He dodged the shame of having to prostitute himself at his father

  3. In this case, you can’t blame the son (at least this one) for the sins of the Father. We don’t know why Baldwin Haspel (let Tommy go). It could have been job performance, or “something else”. The “timing” extremely suspect. If Baldwin Haspel “let Tommy go” because of his Father’s “troubles”, then they are a bunch of gutless dogs. I’m glad to see that Tommy has landed on both feet at Brown Sims, and I wish him well in his professional life. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Lance Africk:

    It seems just a matter of time before you will need to eat your boastful words about “being set for life,” which told me, as you repeatedly mistreated me.

    It does not appear a coincidence that your name keeps cropping up with the ship-sailing of G. Thomas Porteous. Methinks it’s just a matter of time before you discover that you are only a god in your own mind. There really is an Almighty; He is NOT you; and you are not exempt from reaping what you sow.

    Because your ego is probably too inflated to not declare my statement as some ‘threat’ to your ‘oneness’ (and possibly direct Jim Letten to come to my door with a battering ram), I AM SPECIFICALLY saying to you that the G Thomas Porteous boomerang seems headed in your direction. If you remain on your bench, I cannot imagine that Porteous will loose his fight.

  5. sop81_1

    How can I contact this GREAT SOURCE THAT IS FAIRLY WELL PLACED, as you so proclaim? From your recent statement:
    ” BayouD that

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