From the alternate reality files….. “Ready? OK…”

Op Ed columnists for John Young: Give me a Y! Give me an O....

Never in the annals of print journalism has an opinion columnist and the blogosphere viewed a recent event with such a stark difference.

Lord knows I want to be nice but when Stephanie Grace’s column begins with, “Give me a Y!” I gotta mention it, especially since we’re a more cynical bunch over here at Slabbed.

I bet Steph really likes Paul Connick too……

One man’s opinion anyway.


11 thoughts on “From the alternate reality files….. “Ready? OK…””

  1. Mr Young was part & parcel of all that took place in Jefferson in the Broussard government. I believe if one goes through all council votes he was right there with all others doing their thing and not the will of the people. What was his view on removal of the pump station operators or any of the council? Sure Broussard may have given the order, but the council must have gone along with that decision, or the operators would have not been sent away.

    Since none said they had anything but the doomsday plan apparently none knew of their responsibilities to keep the citizens safe, or their part in the LP&VHPP. I would like to know if any in government knew of and ignored 33 CFR 208.10, or worse yet never heard of it!

    This council voted to take the property of another and allow their friends to use it and build on it. The next time you use the River Road and go into Orleans Parish, just look to your right at that two story “camp” that many citizens would like for a home and question if they pay property tax. I know someone who can prove his family owns the land and have been paying taxes on it since 1945!! They built there by act of the JP Council.

    I just believe if they did that to any of you there would be a great cry of injustice and court cases. What happens when an individual is not allowed to take his proof to court or be heard by a compentent judge?

  2. Wow, talk about shallow editorializing. It misses the fact Young is and was part of the Jefferson Parish political machine.

    Really Stephanie?

  3. If Stepanie Grace thinks having John Young elected is analogous to cleaning house, then she would starve if she actually had to do housekeeping for a living. Instead Stepahnie, who must be from LaLa Parish on Uranus, has chosen to ‘grace’ us with her ‘white-bread’ opinions relating to Young’s ‘overwhelming’ victory. Quoting Ms. Grace:

    “John Young ran on a no-conflicts-of-interest and no-backroom-deals platform, and his 80 percent showing was a direct rebuke to former Parish President Aaron Broussard, Chief Administrative Officer Tim Whitmer and Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson…”

    Here on Earth in Jefferson Parish I seem to recall that Young was anointed by the Connick political machine. Young has been on the JP Council some 6 1/2 years voting unanimously with his fellow Council Clowns 99% of the time; and most of those votes were illegal, violating JP Code of Ordinances, 23-132.1. Young’s professed platform alone is ample evidence of his hypocrisy and hubris. His actions on the Council for the most part,except in those instances he cowardly abstained, are a contradiction in terms as compared to his platform. I guess Ms. Grace would describe the “backroom” deal by Connick and Chehardy to avoid a bloodbath political race between Young and Capella as a bris !

    Ms. Grace would have us believe that in receiving 80% of the vote, Young is the people’s choice to enact real reform…NOT ! There are approximately 273,000 thousand registered voters in JP of which only some 52,000 thousand actually did vote, resulting in a dismal 19% turnout. Of that 19% Young obtained an 80% majority, equivalent to about 41,000 votes. Young’s number of votes compared to the total of 273,000 registered voters is only 15%. That means that 85% of potential voters DID NOT VOTE FOR JOHN YOUNG ! In reviewing these statistics, it becomes readily apparent that by receiving enough votes that political machines can muster in any given race, such numbers become sufficient to win in Jefferson Parish; therein lies the problem.

    Well Stepanie, let’s put up our bets, and call Young’s hand…he can show us that he is what he says he is by dismissing Peggy Barton and Deano Bonano imediately after taking his oath of office !

  4. SOP, I read this early this morning, and knew you would be on it like gravy on rice. When she takes off the knee pads and chapstick, maybe she can see Johnny Boy for who he really is. That was a puff piece is I’ve ever seen one. To dismiss his knowing particpation in all of the JP sleaze or complete ignorance is inexcusable on the part of both! Wake up MSM. Pro bono publico.

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowwweeeeee Hey Wayne Weiser-Being a victim myself of unscrupulous people, who want to illegally take from you what you have earned honestly yourself by your hardwork and sweat, and who want to parasitize others’ property or money makes my nanas’ boil. But I know just the person you need to go see in JP- the infamous blogger “politicslover”..He claims to know a bunch of fine people over there at the Yenni Bldg.. Problem is “politicslover” won’t identify himself so there’s no way to locate those fine, honest and justice seeking individuals. My suggestion is to go for hard at every Council meeting for 5 minutes repeating your claim over and over again and then we will see how long the Chairperson says “Thank you sir” before the feds or TP get interested in your and other’s similar plights (i.e. O’Dwyer and I’m sure others). Those meetings are televized and more and more people are watching them . Except sometimes when corruption and violation of Parish Ordinances by the entire Council are pointed out by The Citizens for Good Government the televized replays somehow develop suspicous, curious electronic failures parish wide. How about it politicslover know any friends who want to help a JP citizen get his property back? You say your friends are the ones who illegally helped steal his property? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. I note the crickets chirping over at Sock’s place. I am guessing he is on the pond today with this beautimous weather. But, if he were in, I am sure he would join in the fun today. Keep blistering their butts.

  7. Must be IMA, he sent me the link on the way out along with the remark I quoted in the first comment. Nice day to be out fishing. Maybe we should go camp out at his place with ice chests in tow to await his return.


  8. Alas, no fishing. Just been re-charging the light saber. Allstate today, State Farm tomorrow. The elusive spotted weakfish will have to wait.

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