Now that the Waste Management nuke has detonated, let’s explore the radioactive fallout.

The answer my friends is clearly on the Slab, as SupaSleuth indeed lives up to the moniker. So I put some of the names up in the post tag but those wanting all the skinny regarding some of the allegations Waste Management levied against Parish Government for double dealing should check out the Sleuth’s comment here. Great stuff my man.

Also Whitmergate wrote a guest post for us back in June which touched on the same subject.

Tom Capella is in the post tags because there is a Capella in this woodpile maybe 2. I think most everyone understands the significance of Bob. Adams and Reese because of the Coulon lobbying connection.

I feel safe in saying everyone that matters is reading this post. Additional color in comments about Bordelon and his relationship with Lagasse along with the Capellas mucho appreciated in the greater Slabbed Nation.


This time the trouble isn’t with Trippel. TEA Party files an FEC complaint against GOP Congressional hopeful Steven Palazzo

Our readers may remember my recent post on how MS 4th Distrcit Congressional Steven Palazzo was the candidate of choice with State Farm’s Bloomington Illinois executive crowd.  I remain certain they think they are buying a fine congressman but since I actually live here in the 4th district my preference was to view the campaign ca$h from Bloomington as a good contra indicator of the coming election results.

I’m not the only guy with heartburn on Palazzo’s individual contributors as the Mississippi TEA Party of all folks has filed a FEC complaint against him alleging straw man donations funneled through his father in law.  Geoff Pender has done a bang up job covering the congressional race over here and has all the skinny at the Sun Herald.

La révolution a tourné sur lui-même.

The wheels appear to be coming off the Palazzo bandwagon.


Since we’ve become pOrteous central, how about a Tommy update.

Brown Sims Associate Tommy Porteous

Our readers may recall the comment here on Slabbed which disclosed Tommy Porteous was let go by Baldwin Haspel just before Dad’s impeachment trial.  We are pleased to report the Porteous has landed at Brown Sims as some sort of suped up associate along side Federal Judge Lance Africk’s suped up Brown Sims associate/wifey.

Like they say its a small, small world…….


Jim Brown

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
Linville, North Carolina


I thought voters were distrustful, angry and confrontational, a few years back when I held public office. My favorite author, Charles Dickens, would have said, “Hey Brown, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” (Actually, I’m not sure Dickens would have said anything close to this, but he’s dead now – so, no harm, no foul. But you get my drift.) The fact remains that this coming federal election is viewed by many, including yours truly, as a herculean and rather grim battle between good and evil, left and right, the good guys and the scum, Wormwood and the Patient, and Saint Michael vs. Satan. But guess what? There will be no victors. We all lose on November 2nd.

Last week in the nation’s capital, I participated in the Washington Ideas Forum sponsored by the Atlantic Magazine, and there was a strong consensus of the current national mood. Remember the National Lampoon movie “Christmas Vacation?” The hero is surprised by a Christmas bonus of a subscription of the Jelly of the Month Club. His reaction reflects what many voters think of those representing them: “Cheap, lying no good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, over-stuffed, ignorant, bloodsucking, dog-kissing, brainless, hopeless, heartless, worm headed sack of monkey bleep!” Again, you get my drift. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

From the alternate reality files….. “Ready? OK…”

Op Ed columnists for John Young: Give me a Y! Give me an O....

Never in the annals of print journalism has an opinion columnist and the blogosphere viewed a recent event with such a stark difference.

Lord knows I want to be nice but when Stephanie Grace’s column begins with, “Give me a Y!” I gotta mention it, especially since we’re a more cynical bunch over here at Slabbed.

I bet Steph really likes Paul Connick too……

One man’s opinion anyway.


Joe Cao takes the offensive. Dambala’s explosive allegations make the cross over in a big way.

Dambala aka Jason at the American Zombie has done some exhaustive work into the relationship with current LA 2nd Congressional district hopeful Cedric Richmond and a non-profit, NOCA, that Damabala says was looted by Richmond and friends Bill Jefferson style. We’ve highlighted that work and wondered for several weeks why Jason’s reporting never made the cross over to the mass media from the blogosphere.  Well, we wonder no more because it finally did with a story by Michelle Krupa and Frank Donze in today’s Times Picayune.

Our money remains on Jason and I doubt we’ve heard the last of this.