Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch

Time is short for me this morning but on the general topic of the Parish v Waste Management, we previously chronicled certain events here with a couple of background posts here and here. Yesterday, Paul Rioux at the Times Picayune broke a story on a recent legal pleading filed in the NOLA federal courts on the suit which IMHO also represents the latest bit of blowback from the very recent FBI raid of the offices of the River Birch landfill and reportedly River Birch President Fred Heebe’s home on St Charles Avenue.  Here is an excerpt of Paul’s story:

Unidentified Jefferson Parish officials allegedly had secret deals in recent years to divert trash bound for the parish dump in Waggaman to the private River Birch landfill next door, according to the firm that operates the parish dump.

Waste Management made the explosive accusation in its response to a parish lawsuit seeking to sever the company’s contract so the parish can close its dump and enact a 25-year, $160 million contract to send garbage to River Birch, a deal being investigated by federal authorities who recently raided River Birch’s headquarters.

Secret deals? You betcha there are. The question is which deals do Waste Management know about and how does that relate to the ones the Feds are digging into? This is where it gets good as I can now properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to Deano Bonano, a young man who shaves every morning with Hanlon’s Razor and whose professional existence inside Jefferson Parish Government personifies the Peter Principle.

Deano, the son of legendary NOLA area boxing trainer Les Bonano, is one of the Chief Administrative Assistant’s to the Parish President who has managed to completely fuck up several areas of Parish Government including the fire department and more recently the (non)Performing Arts Center.  He exudes incompetence but is also invariably the blunt force instrument of choice for certain distasteful jobs, including a special role running whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe out of the Yenni Building back in February. The event, which we dubbed the Tuesday Night Massacre, removed Ms Vandenweghe from the subpoena process including the many Federal subpoenas that flooded the Yenni Building early this year.

I suspect being a good public records expert like Ms Vandenweghe means not only being able to locate the salient documents but also tracking the end results of the public records request and subpoenas or in other words you gotta know where to find stuff and track what you’ve given out.  Such job would no doubt be considered mundane by many folks as the devil is in the details in such task and I feel safe in saying a person with a bull in a china shop mentality would be the last person a decent manager would involve in the process.

Bonano is a west bank guy as is former Louisiana House Speaker turned State Senator John Alario aka Big Dog, who we believe played a pivotal role in installing Steve Theriot aka Little pup via the bums rush as interim Parish President following Aaron Broussard’s resignation early this year.  We believe that Theriot’s charge was to protect Alario’s interests in the River Birch landfill. When the Feds and their subpoenas began to hit close to home who did Theriot turn to for muscle? Deano Bonano of course.

So enter Anne Marie Vandenweghe, who arrived at work back in February to find her office trashed and computer gone before being sent home without cause by Theriot, who both duped and lied to the media on the matter. Problem solved for Alario and the gang at River Birch right? Only if you didn’t care about what had been previously given out. The problem with that facet of this continuing story reared its ugly head with the recent raid on River Birch.

So now on one side is Waste Management defending their contract with the Parish and the Feds on the other with a treasure trove of information with the lawyer previously in charge of this area saying that Public Records Requests involving the River Birch landfill contain disparities.  Sometimes incompetence trumps unquestioned loyalty bred from the unbridled pursuit of self-interest.  I think the gang in the Parish Attorney’s Office has found that out.

The problem with lying is keeping the lies straight.  With all the whoppers that have come from the Parish involving the landfill even the brightest (though twisted) minds in the Parish attorney’s office can’t put this humpty dumpty back together again. In that sense many of them are now exposed.


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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeeee As my elderly uncle was instructed to do at the Tulane Primate Center in the early sixties during the Cuban Missle Crisis, its time to “duck and cover” under the desks at the Yenni Bldg. cause if you don’t die from the nukes’ direct hits and suffer immediate vaporization you are sure to die over the next several months from toxic political radiation poisoning from radioactive depositions. Where has Waste Management been for the last year and why did they wait till now to start to drop the big bombs ? Just like what happened in NOLA in the camera lawsuits, when the civil lawsuits heat up all kinds of secretative and lethal radioactive information is revealed in depositions. OOOOOOOOOOOOoowwee

  2. Many, many years ago I used to work in a nice little restaurant with an excellent waitstaff. We had a waiter on staff who had worked his way up from dishwasher, to busboy, to waiter. He was blindly loyal to the owner. He came in early, left late, and took every shit assignment.

    Problem was that he was the absolute worst waiter I have ever seen. Now, that would have been bad enough if you happened to be one of his customers. But, he was screwing up his orders so badly that he was jamming up the works for the kitchen and the other waiters. Finally, the chef had enough and refused to let him in the kitchen ever again.

    You would think that would be the end of him, but the owner chose to instead promote him to maitre d’. Now he didn’t have to go in the kitchen anymore, so the chef was happy and the problem was temporarily solved. This meant that only the waiters were left to deal with his imcompetence. The owner knew the maitre d’ was incompetent but he chose to reward his loyalty. He also knew that the waitstaff was competent enough to fix the maitre d’s constant mistakes.

    So, for a while the waiters “worked around” this idiot. But, it was very frustrating and a general pain in the ass. Soon enough, the top waiters grew tired of fixing this idiot’s mistakes and on top of that tipping this fool out at the end of the night. This being New Orleans, there are plenty of other restaurants so almost all of the best waitstaff left to work elsewhere. Some stayed, but they quit covering up the maitre d’s mistakes.

    The replacements for the old staff were far less experienced and talented. They could barely handle their own assignments much less correct all the maitre d’s goofs. Customers immediately felt the difference and soon began to dine elsewhere. Eventually the restaurant went under.

    The owner’s arrogance and disrespect towards his best people and customers eventually brought about his downfall. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Sorry this was so long, but it is a true story and a situation that obviously can repeat itself.

  3. Rehashing the incompetence, arrogance, stupidity and immorality of Deano Bonano would take considerable time indeed. Whether it is his stint as Trash czar; dealing with the JP Firemen; overseeing the “lack” of building of the JPPAC; or his clown-like performance as interim Homeland Security director, Bonano has proven himself to be the ultimate kiss-ass lackey. He is a simpleton, a fraud and the poster child for all retirement junkies.

    And yes, there is more,…much, much more… here’s a glimpse:

    I just reviewed the Whistleblower Claim of AMV… again. The allegations concerning Deano Bonano are very disturbing, to say the least. Here are some of the conclusions that I have surmised:

    1) Deano Bonano, along with alleged co-conspirators, Charlie Knopp and Peggy Barton, allegedly hindered access to public records in the Para-legal investigation, and in particular Karen Parker Broussard. In an alleged abuse of power under the guise of Homeland Security, Bonano allegedly instructed Knopp, that before any PRR was produced and certified, Knopp was to discuss it with him. Initially Knopp allegedly certified a return that stated there were no records relating to Broussard. Allegedly, Knopp later provided a PRR return with records of Broussard’s employment qualified by claiming an exemption under the Homeland Security Act, but failed to specify what the security redaction/exception was relative to Mrs. Broussard.

    Given the facts stated above Bonano may have have violated the following Parish and State probitions: 1) Under the JP Code of Ordinances, Chp 23 Art. V Ethical Standards, Div. 2 Public Employees, sec 23-113 Abuse of Power; 2) The JP code of Ordinances, Chap. 20 Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions , sec 20-30 Interfering with public officer and employees, makes it illegal to interfere an employee while engaged in the duties of his/her office or employment: 3) RS 14:26 Criminal Conspiracy; 4) RS 14:130.1 Obstruction of Justice; 5) RS 14:132 Injuring Public Records; 6) RS 14:133 Filing or maintaining false public records; 7) RS 14:134 Malfeasance in Office; RS 14:134.2 Malfeasance in office by tampering with evidence; 8) RS 14:138 Public Payroll Fraud; and 9) RS 44:37 Violation by custodian of public records.

    2) Deano Bonano, allegedly abused his powers as temporary acting Director of Homeland Security for JP, illegally, in perpetration of a fraud aginst AMV. Bonano allegedly conspired with BBEC to obtain computer records generated by a third party’s (not employed with JP) personal laptop; have that same illegally obtained information designed as though it was produced by AMV on a Parish computer during work hours. As a result of these alleged unauthorized acts by Banano, he could be charged with: 1) RS 14:26 Criminal conspiracy to commit fraud upon another person in the form of false evidence; 2) RS 14:47 Defamation under parts (1) and (3); 3) RS 14:73.2 Offenses against intellectual property A (1) and (2); 4) RS 14:73.5 Computer Fraud A (1); 5) RS 14:73.7 Computer Tampering A and B.

    In referencing 2 above, I suspect Bonano will pay dearly, and that day is coming sooner than he might imagine.

    As Bonano’s good buddy Clem Donelon says…Banana brain, your an at will employee and can be fired at any time without cause. The fact that there is a litany of causes to fire Bonano should make Young’s decision easier and swifter…come on Young… do the right thing and get rid of this Bozo ASAP !

  4. Check out the explosion that just hit New Orleans, Baton Rouge, & Lafayette. WOW the civil lawsuit that was just filed in Baton Rouge was big. Now the Chief of Police for Baton Rouge announces his retirement today, the CTO’s of Baton Rouge and Lafayette are implicated in kickback schemes. The Waste Management Suit and Camsoft suits really are bad for the policial corruption business here in Louisiana.

  5. If Waste Management has River Birch and JP employees/officials in its sights, then it’s just a matter of time. Speaking from experience, they don’t say things they can’t prove.

    1. The garbage business is notoriously tough to enter and even tougher to compete in. To amplify Mr NAAS’s remarks Waste Management once had a CEO that went by the moniker “Chainsaw Al” and has a corporate culture about as “mean and bitchy” as the bad faith insurers.

      I do not think Team Waste Management is simply throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks but that is my own personal opinion.

      No mistaking it George, Waste Management is looking out only for themselves here. In this instance it also happens to benefit the overall citizenry of Jefferson Parish IMHO.


  6. Well I suppose the Wards & Pals have been waiting on their money fro so damn long they just could not resist fighting for it longer.

    They never should have let this go to civil court and open themselves up to discovery and supplemental allegations, etc.

    Bunch of greedy idiots.

  7. First this happened last week

    Then feds follow up on that lawsuit with their own information

    Today Lafayette fires CTO

    Followed a few hours later by Chief of Police announcing his retirement in BR

    and the latest breaking news story from this is:

    This story is headed to Jefferson Parish next from what I understand.

  8. Curious knows all about court procedures & depositions, don’t you George, you ol “favor” receiving primate. But in your own Mother’s hospital room? Guess your nanner got the best of you. What a disgrace! Dad, Dad, Daddio.

    1. Such hate Politicslover! The dark side has a firm hold on ya sweet pea.

      No one is perfect around these parts, not even me and it gets worse from there. All any of us can do is keep plugging away and try to stay on the sunny side of life.

      Not everyone has the privlege of having their dirty laundry aired in public. That said I’ve personally met George and he is a fine monkey and a contributing member of the rain forest. You really can’t ask for much more out of a guy.

      I think it is clear you see things a bit differently. We have no problem with that here. I’m assuming you brung your light saber so get it out and cut to the chase. I really don’t want to ban anyone, especially those that once thought this blogging thing was over rated but the personal attacks will cease or you’re gone.


  9. SOP, as moderator of this site, it is your obligation to be objective. I can very well same the same exact thing about the individuals who are constantly berated, insulted, attacked, and defamed on this blog on a daily basis. I have read expletives in french directed towards people, seen horrible pictures posted, and just last night I read FALSE assumptions about an individual’s personal life. From what I gather, a person is not entitled to their opinion and cannot exercise that same freedom of speech if it does not uphold your opinion or the common opinion upheld by those who blog on your site. I do not care who you know nor do I care if it is of YOUR opinion that george is an upstanding monkey. The rest of the sane world is of the opinion that he is a lunatic monkey. That sentence is lunacy in itself. You are speaking of a blogging monkey! Do you personally know all of the people that are ripped apart incessantly by your more than invited other bloggers? Because I happen to know some of them. I happen to like some of them. And I happen to know that the comments are nothing more than paranoid rants with a clear cut vendetta lying beneath that consists of dangerous envy and unabashed hypocrisy. So let me do the honor for you. I ban myself.

  10. The cut Politics Lover is whether or not a person is a public figure. I’ve deleted comments that involved both noncombatants and people on the periphery for that exact reason. Commenters do not become public figures by virute of the fact they comment on this blog.

    I’ll add you can’t be more wrong in how you engaged this blog and I have shown you a great deal of forebearance whether you understand that or not. I want to hear what you have to say but you got to get off attacking the other commenters and say it.

    Do yourself a favor and google up “american zombie pirates parlay” and read it. And if you’re still pissed read it again until you understand what Dambala is saying. Then maybe you’ll be ready to come back here and better articulate your point of view.

    As always we appreciate your patronage.


  11. Nobody said all corrupt people are mean and/or unlikable. In fact, some of them tend to be very nice and likable, especially to others in their corrupt circles. The Riot tried the “defamation” angle with slabbed, and as a result, he got the living shit slabbed out of him. Most of us slabbers have no vendetta because we do not work (and never have worked) in parish govt. I personally know several of these nice, corrupt people. But many of them are breaking laws, and eventually, they’ll pay the piper.

  12. OH ! OH ! politicslover writes, “I ban myself. ” Ostensibly this commentator has the gall to criticize everyone who posts here for the very same reason it (he/she) does. Sound familiar Sock? Have we read this before ?

    Hey politicslover this is for you…again…obtenez une putain de vie…vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup !

    PS: take Sop’s advise and read the American Zombie piece, “Pirates Parley”…take yourself out of the entitlement bubble for a few minutes…and think about who you are, where you are and why you are there, and how you got there…and possibly use this opportunity on Slabbed to learn some French and/or learn to think outside the box.

  13. I did read the Pirates Parlay. And I appreciate the reference, SOP. It was interesting and definitely portrayed how technology is changing with the times. I have thought about who I am and where I am and why I am where I am. It doesn’t change much about me personally nor does it remove any entitlement bubble because no bubble ever existed. I just don’t appreciate reading comments that are untrue about people I know. And I have never seen anyone apologize or rectify their error when they have reported something that turned out to be untrue. In conclusion, if you are in the public light, you are fair game to the public you are making decisions on behalf of. I just contemplate whether or not such “fair gameness” would have been acceptable in the era that Anna Maria V. served on the council of Jefferson Parish. Lucky for her, it only would have been 4 years of mockery because that same public decided she was not worth their vote the second time around. And we all know the public knows best.

  14. Whatever your inuendo may mean or to whom it is directed Sock…I’m not a part of “most of us do not have vendettas”…I do and as a result that POS Wilkinson resigned, as did his blow buddy Whitmer. And I’m not finished with them yet. On January 1, 2009 I set my sights on these despicable corrupt JP Officials and I was proven right.

    I would describe my efforts as a public vigilante “outing” these politico thugs. I would assume you know by now who is in my cross-hairs now;
    and I will not stop till they are gone, however that happens.

  15. You’re getting warm PL. If you saw something here that is factually inaccurate please leave it in a comment to the salient post or email me. I do not bite.

    You may be interested to know I have gotten emails in support of several Parish employees, mostly Louis Gruntz that I can not use because of the refusal to source, even anonymously. It is symptomatic of the poisonous workplace that exists at Yenni, one that did not exist back in the day when a Yenni ran things and AMV and Butch Ward were on the Parish Council.

    Coulon and the playground gang changed all that.


  16. I am curious Politics: Just what is your beef with AMV?
    Did she start this fight?
    Did she expose Hubbard’s Camry for his c_ _ _ _?
    Did she expose Whitmer’s insurance thievery?
    Yes she called Wilkinson’s and Lopez’s River Birch contract discrepancies to everyone’s attention but only after being asked via Public Record Requests for info.
    Yes she exposed other illegal and unethical activities by the Administration and their stooges.
    What exactly did she do to you? What exactly did she do to warrant the wrath of the unethical, lying SOBs who tried to frame her?

    She didn’t start the fight , but my money is on her to finish it.

    Did you know she has a concealed weapon carry permit? Yep.
    Heard she’s a damn good shot. My kind of girlie girl.

    How’s your job-e-job? Threatened? Awwwwww…..

  17. Ha, PL, this – “that same public decided she was not worth their vote the second time around. And we all know the public knows best” – my, the old gang really falls back on this, don’t they?

    As long as you fix the elections and keep the opposition out, as long as tomtao cans run with no campaign financing and no commercials or advertising, and the media reports are kept tamped down, we; as long as that meat-minded 25% of JP that shows up for the (m)ilk they’ve been lapping up for years, well right and wrong just goes out the window doesn’t it.

    Maybe AMV *was* part of the system; maybe. But she sure as hell is out of it now and it seems from afar that the hatchet men in that cesspool in the Elmwood Swamp sure tried to shake one too many trees.

    Seems like there will be hell to pay now.

  18. There are several questions that come to mind in this whole River Birch deal that merit an explanation on the part of the Jefferson Parish Council:

    1) Why was this contract not canceled along with the other Parish contracts with the Whitmer/Lagniappe connection?
    2) Why did the Council decide to do an evaluation study after the contract with River Birch was signed, and only after it became the subject of federal scrutiny?
    3) How did a bid proposal for composting/yard waste collection and recycling morph into a garbage proposal with absolutely no environmental benefit to the citizens of Jefferson Parish?
    4) Why did the JP Council and Broussard administration decide not to proceed with the curbside recycling proposal that was developed and put out for bid at the same time the yard waste (turned landfill disposal) proposal ?
    4)Why did the engineer hired as sub to the accounting firm doing the evaluation study resign?
    5) Why is an accounting firm with little expertise in environmental management or regulatory compliance selected to do this study?
    6) Who stands to benefit?

  19. OK politicslover, your back although you YET AGAIN wrote you were gone forever ! …but as has been the usual case you come back, YET one more time …anyhooooo let’s make an effort to do a critical analysis of your whining about Slabbed being unfair to your friends as compared to AMV.

    Yes, she did not get re-elected in 1996. I suggest the reason is that the less than 20% who vote, and with the majority being employees of all the political JP entities that always control who gets anointed: the DA, the Sheriff, the Assessor, the Clerk of Court and those who work for the Administration and their minions, this statistic is as salient today as it was then. She was a WOMAN…got elected without the machine…didn’t go along to get along…GET IT NOW !

    And as a historical fact, after the “good ole boys” had Laverine anointed, the River Birch landfill monopoly was hatched ! Yes I know, you probably don’t want to acknowledge that fact either.

    You have not given us any information critical of AMV’s tenure in office during 1992-1996. You want to imply, WHAT ? That she was on the Council some 15 YEARS AGO and that equates to WHAT ? That she is like one of THEM now on the Council ! Admit it, you don’t like AMV. That’s your personal privilege; so what now ? I probably do not like the people you say were harshly critiqued !

    I am going offer you a deal. Obviously you believe that I and/or other commentators on Slabbbed have not been fair to people you are either friends with and/ or people you know, who you believe to have been maligned by myself and/or others. I’m going to give you a list of people who I have raked over the coals; people who I personally feel are due their time in jail and/or hell:

    1) Tom Wilkinson
    2) Tim Whitmer
    3) Tim Coulon
    4) Steve Theriot
    5) Clem Donelon
    6) Deano Bonano
    7) Peggy Barton
    8) David Fos
    9) Alan Gandolfi
    10) Louis Gruntz
    11) Junor Mendoza
    12) Bert Smith
    13) Jose Gonzalez
    14) all of the current JP Council members
    15) Lagasses’s Barry Bordelon
    16) John Henyoub
    17) Crystal Heine
    18) Greg Giangrosso
    19) Nicole Tomba
    20) Nicole Amstanst
    and how could I forget,
    21) Ted Nass

    I am sure there are more of your buddies that you feel put upon by me; I am working on an amended list, so deal with it !

    Tell me…and the Slabbed Nation… why do you defend these individuals for any reasons what so ever ? What did I write, that is in your opinion, not accurate considering the circumstances of the ongoing Federal investigation ?

    Allez putain

  20. Nope…it’s a personal Freudian slip, and I publicly apologize…having been a close personal friend with Aaron for so many years of our early days throughout law school; our study group 7 days a week/3 years; his first political campaign to be elected President of the Young Democrats of Louisiana; our good government naivete in supporting our law school colleague’s cousin Jim Donelon in his race against Mamoulides in 1972 for JP District Attorney; Aaron’s first School Board race: then Council… Mayor of Kenner…etc, etc, etc…

    my heart is broken…

    But he needs to be included on the list, and I thank you for helping me ‘come to grips’ with this fact: Aaron Broussard needs to stop talking about Christ and start walking with Christ !…and remember this Aaron, Christ didn’t have or need a lawyer!

    And I will add on ASAP a list of Jefferson Parish Judges that politicslover is sure to point out that I forgot…

  21. I owe Gate an apology out of respect to his well founded vendetta. I don’t apologize often. But I will reiterate that most of us posting here don’t have a vendetta and are/were not parish employees. We’re simply tired of the unbridled filth.

    On a different note, two of the new JP school board members are more of the same when it comes to entitled political junkies. One is a Capella pawn, and one worked for Villio’s second failed attempt at becoming a judge.

  22. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweee Gee, I guess my little story about my elderly uncle and up coming civil depositions hit a nerve, huh politicslover,and if you think I’m a lunatic monkey then I would think that makes you one of the “good ole’ boys ” who have been sucking at the public trough too long . I’ve never blogged anything about you or have I? And if same was untrue all you have to do is refute it as SOP has kindly invited you to do. And yes I have been through a few depositions but by people who have abused the legal system for their own benefit and not my own. But I suggest you read Genesis 50:20, if you have a bible, and a passage that represents the fact that evil was perpetrated on Joseph but he persevered and trusted in the Lord and the Lord turned the evil done unto him into blessings besowed upon him.Its one of many passages in the Word that I chersh and can testify to personally.So why don’t you just tell the SlabbedNation who you are at the Tower of Babble,i.e. Yenni Bldg.,so you can defend yourself or is that not quite possile to do? Either get out of my face or in my face you coward snake in the grass so I can face my accuser. And may the Lord bless you ,guide you to read The Prodigal Son( Luke 15 : 11-32)and keep you in His Light and Love.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeeeeee

  23. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooowweeeeeeeee Oh, politicslover—- I forgot one thing near and dear to my heart. AMV and the democractic process. The fact that AMV served the PEOPLE of JP and was not re-elected actually speaks volumes of her personal integrity. For if you don’t play with the “good ole’ boys” in their little school yard games, i.e just like the present Council always votes 7-0 on EVERY resolution, ordinance and contract, you become ostricized,black balled and a target of their dislike. That’s actually though what JP needs now, a multitude of independent council people who represent the people who elected them and have alligiance to saving taxpayer dollars and not to the self serving “good ole’ boy” network. But I guess an egotistic career politician like yourself playing those “good ole’ boys” games everyday you just can’t think those democractic thoughts. So don’t talk down to my nanas’ when people like yourself are part and parsel to the biggest banana republic I have ever witnessed as a citizen of JP. But then your moniker explains it all so well to begin with. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Career politician? Moi? I like it. A first for me! Please don’t recite bible verses on a blog that is meant to discuss politics and an occasional court case. When you throw religion into the mix, it gets complicated. Politics & religion don’t mince well on discussion boards and you should not use your faith as a defense mechanism to deflect your own sins. But, but, but, I was wronged by the legal system, people abused it and me. Awwww. Cause and effect is the reality of it. As for sucking on the public trough for too long, George, I am the public. I just happen to disagree with some of what is said and I will address it in a civil manner. My disagreement does not make me part of any network. And at least I am not part of the public network who hates the Parish but not enough to stop sucking on the Parish’s trough of insurance benefits. How bad really is it? Hypocrisy again. OOOOwwweee.

  25. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee Well, at least we know you work at the parish bldg.cause you always blog “after hours” ( but prove me wrong and blog during parish hours and maybe your door will also be busted down)and your personal attack tells me you are in the work group which defends the current administration, Parish Attorney’s Office and all the other arrogant,careless people who are concerned only with their current job position and retirement and the heck with the corruption. And you will not tell me I can’t quote scripture when and where I so choose to, but if such scripture makes you vomit and your head turn circles and you don’t like to read scripture I quote you can just decide not to read my comments. My sins are no worse or better than yours or even a murderer yet what matters is not the sin but where you are going in redemption to Our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ,my dear sinless arrogant soul. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeee

  26. George, I will reiterate. I will not discuss religion on blogs and my faith is not for you to concern yourself over. Please refrain from such comments that suggest that I dislike reading scriptures and rather respect that I wish not to have scriptures recited to me by a blogging orangutan. Good job George, you busted me. I blog after hours so that means I work in the parish building. Did you know that the vast majority of businesses, private and public have opening and closing times that usually fall in the range of 7:30 am-9:00am to 3:30pm-5:30pm? No one would bust down my door, either. I have an open door policy at all times. You’re on the right track though, I do hold a stable day time job that is devoted to what my employer is paying me to do. It’s my evening job that is dedicated to defending the “corrupt.” So I am pretty busy between my full time day job and my part time evening job. I am a hard worker. I should ask for a raise.

  27. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee Politicslover– don’t insult the SlabbedNation’s and my intelligence –if you were not working in the Yenni Bldg. you would not have the inside information and be alleging I’m a hyprocrit for being insured through the Parish. I happen to like alot of people over at the Yenni Bldg. but only the ones who do their job honestly and are not afraid of seeing and criticizing corruption when it chronically and arrogantly bears its teeth and laughs at the honest employees. You are the career political suck up employee and hypocrit my dear cause I pay for my insurance benefits while you defend your political friends for the security of your job. You are of the darkness and falsehoods and we at SlabbedNation like the LIGHT and the TRUTH. One last comment ——you will not hear me quote(cite) to you another scripture as Jesus told his disciples if they ‘go into a town (people) and are rejected and receive no peace they were to dust the dirt off their feet and leave’; and its not wise ‘to cast pearls among swine’. Take your wickness,personal attacks and falsehoods to NOLA where they will be appreciated.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooowweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. Okay George, I will excuse your prophesying this one time out of respect for the Lord since tomorrow is a holy day but please don

  29. whitmergate… You really need to go to hell and stop sucking John Youngs dick… You do not know the whole story behind this… As one of the agents working this case I can tell you at least 4 of the people you have on your long list of hell bound people, are very hard working Honest people… You really need to check your facts before you open your mouth… or in this case be a pussy and type your thoughts instead of saying them publicly.

  30. Your article states “Bonano is a west bank guy as is former Louisiana House Speaker turned State Senator John Alario aka Big Dog,” What in the hell does that mean he is a “west bank guy” because he is not. This whole article is a joke. I am a police officer and put my life on the line everyday but its people like you all that make me SICK!!!!!!

    1. Why I did Dean and I think its clear, given recent events, the pressure is on. You stated in the previous comment you were a police officer. Tell me Buttercup, for which law enforcement agency do you work?


  31. Dear Deano,

    Excuse me but since your an investigating officer I would have assumed you could have put 2 and 2 together and realized that I already live in hell…the hellhole of all hellholes, Jefferson Parish ! As to the names of the 4 hard working people: who are they and what do they do ? If I have maligned them, then defend them with specifics…isn’t that how you do your job…investigate and gather facts ?

    By the way, it is my opinion Young lacks both a dick and balls…he is Connick’ punk and would have no use for either. If that is the case, then you should have ample space to shove your head up his ass and do your investigating of this corruption crap.

    And since we’re trading insults dick-mouth…vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup !

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