The Jefferson Parish Administration purge begins: Bert Smith takes a powder.

Hat tip to the Wino who gave us the scoop but Rich Rainey at the T-P makes it easy with a story on the subject:

In the first of what could be several changes among administrators in Jefferson Parish government, long-time parish executive Bert Smith has offered his resignation, parish spokeswoman Pat Borne said today.

I’m told Paul Connick is whispering sweet nothings into Young’s ear. Hopefuly our readers can lend some context to this move in that light.  The word from skid row is this change is the first of many confirming what Rich’s sources are telling him. As Rich is a high class journalist he does not do skid row.  😉


12 thoughts on “The Jefferson Parish Administration purge begins: Bert Smith takes a powder.”

  1. Bert Smith resigns before DROP !…WOW…

    Okay then…moving right along… here is another excerpt from AMV’s Whistleblower Claim:

    Deano Bonano allegedly conspired with Bert Smith and Tim Whitmer to cover up and evade the drug testing policy of the JP Personnel Board allegedly to cover -up drug use at the JP Animal shelter. Lee Ann Matherne, an employee of the Shelter, stated that then Director, Bert Smith allegedly helped her avoid a drug test as recited in a letter by Miranov and obtained by plaintiff as a result of a PRR. This matter is presently in litigation, Miranov vs Parish of Jefferson, et al. Under this scenario Bonano may have violated: 1) sec. 23-113 Abuse of Power and sec 20-30, Interfering with a public employee set forth in the JP Code of Ordinances; 2) RS 14:26 Criminal Conspiracy; Rs 14:130.1 Obstruction of Justice; 3) RS 14:132 Injuring Public Records; 4) RS 14:133 Filing or maintaining false public records; 5) RS 14:134 Malfeasance in office; 6) RS 14:134.2 Malfeasance in office by tampering with evidence; and 7) RS44:37 Violation by custodian of public records.

    Next…Barton, Bonano, Mendoza…etc etc etc

    More on the Connick’s “earwigging” later.

  2. Just tell us now if a Burke is in tow while Young moves offices.

    Also, does Young take the actual office, or is that still in mothballs the way AB left it while TheRiot stays in his temp chair elsewhere?

    And how does this work now? Roberts takes over Young’s chair, TheRiot takes over Roberts’, Lee takes Cappella’s?

    Pawn takes queen, well, you know the rest…

    – Pretty much the state of Jefferson Parish politics these days.

    BTW, I loved Chris Roberts’ comment the other day in reaction to Young’s coronation as El Presidente: “The quicker he can make some of the key decisions there, the better off you’re going to be in stabilizing the parish.” It sounded so autocratic, like something Vlad Putin would say, {read as: “… if we could just stabilize the country and tamp down all this complaining, question-asking, democracy and dissent…”}.

  3. Whitmergate: you are wrong on your reporting about Bert Smith’s “resigning before DROP.” Mr. Smith is retiring, not resigning. Mr. Smith was in his second year of DROP. Mr. Smith was eligible to retire according to his age(57) and the number of years he worked for Jefferson Parish (27).

  4. He had three years of drop. Why is he suddenly ‘ retiring ‘ before he got the full three? And you are either a very close friend of former band member Bert Smith ( see the Miranov/Animal Shelter allegations from AMV re Smith’s involvement) or you illegally accessed his Personnel Records to have that intimate information on his retirement position. Either way, see the Legislative Auditor’s report on the payroll fraud etc today and then decide if Smith ‘ retired early ‘ because he knows as Deputy CAO to Whitmer he is cooked.

  5. Stop throwing lines that are intended to intimidate. I have no access to Personnel records. And I don’t even think Personnel records would include his retirement position. I don’t need to see any report on Payroll fraud. Mr. Smith is a friend of mine. And he is retiring (no quotations) because he is ready to retire after 27 years and he can do so because his age deems him eligible. He is not cooked, either. You have a difficult time separating individuals from circumstances. Not all are guilty by association. And I have spoken with many Parish employees who have told me that if they could retire, they would. I imagine with yet another parish president to take office, he may have thought that the timing was right. And who knows what will happen in 11 months when another election takes place. Sometimes decisions are just as easy as that with no fear or motive behind them. Also, if you’re able to open your fixated mind a bit, Mr. Smith, like a handful of others, experienced Hurricane Katrina and dealt with many of the issues that came and effected the Parish in the aftermath. Some have had enough. Some are stressed. Some were even betrayed themselves. So instead of questioning it, celebrate it if you hate him, but at least respect the fact that he is retiring. And I don’t know what you are talking about when you type about a Miranov/Animal Shelter allegation according to AMV. Nor do I care. I have never heard of Miranov. An allegation is just that until proven otherwise. And I highly doubt whatever you are referring to played any part in his decision to retire.

  6. I’ve been told here are several long time Yenni Building employees that have been patiently waiting to leave including Louis Gruntz. Theriot inadvertently poisoned that well IMHO when he used departures coupled with suspensions to cast certain employees in a bad light. Now that Young has been elected in his own right now is the time to leave for those with such motivation as the change of administration provides a sort of blanket cover for such things without lots of questions being asked as at will departures are almost a given in a change of administration.


  7. politicslover=apologist…

    So the end is near and you want to rewrite history to fit your delusional reality…as you stated you don’t “care” about facts because you don’t know any facts… too fucking late !

    Game over…

  8. If Young is sincere in something he said prior to the election, he will abolish Smith’s ole job and eliminate the salary (which, according to the Parish’s website the annual salary for Smith was $135,577.99).

    Young said on a debate with Haas on Channel 4’s Sunday morning show w/ Dennis Woltering that one of things he would like to accomplish while Parish President is a smaller footprint of Jefferson Parish Government.

    Well, Mr Young, there’s an ole saying…( which comes in right handy when evaluating south Louisiana politicans)..Don’t put too much emphasis on what a person says, but, rather, watch very carefully what THEY DO.

    Ball is in your court Mr. Young.

  9. Once again Whitmergate, why must you cuss me & battle with me? Did you see an apology offered by me in my previous comment? No, you did not because I didn’t issue one. You gave me two different scenarios for how you surmised that I was able to report my information & I told you that Bert is a friend which is true. I corrected the false report you made when you spoke of his DROP and assumed his retirement was really his resigning. I mentioned nothing else because I do not possess knowledge of anything else. But you came back and stated that I am attempting to rewrite history, that it’s too late, and that the game is over. What game? I had no idea that I was participating in any such game. I am simply not interested in allegations. An allegation does not make someone guilty. So unless you can provide proof to support your “reality”, I’d rather stick with facts. And that is just what I did.

  10. Gate, you are so expressive and passionate when you write to me! Again, you are highly intellectual but you are writing sentences that skew the perception of you that readers have and rely on you for in the common sense dept. There is a massive difference between resigning and retiring. When one resigns, it is voluntary and does not include terminal benefits. In some cases, it is to take another job. In others, pen and paper is supplied to you and you sign your name stating that your services are suspended. Retiring is action on part of an employee upon completing the established service period in order to continue receiving benefits and compensation. You should know this if you paid attention to what was going on with Parish leaders this past January and who was eligible to receive benefits for their longevity. Also, it is an allegation by AMV. Legal pleadings, legal shpleadings. If proof exists, kindly place it on your scribble pad thingamajigger. Thanks for the confession, I also am fond of the Cold. Brings me back to the good ol days.

  11. pl

    Thanx for the brain compliment, although somewhat over embellished in my humble opinion. However there are other characteristics that equate to our being human. For some time now, I have been working to improve my ability to accept and have fun, and yes, agree with criticism directed toward me. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

    Today, I am practicing a mental exercise entitled, “Understand Separate Realities”. This is just one of many suggested concepts my little book of self help tips offers me. There are various topics that, by application, are designed to better one’s attitude and communicative skills when interacting with others. Your distinction between what benefits would accrue, or not, to someone who retires as opposed to that same person resigning is a valid point. Not being a JP retirement junkie, my point is that either word projects to the outside world, the public, that the person who resigned or retired is no longer there; no more, no less. Unlike Whitmer or Broussard or Wilkinson, value judgements that third parties make or assume about the reasons for an individual’s departure are just that, personal opinions.

    As to any document being proof of an allegation, I will concede to agree to disagree. I am certain Dr. Miranov’s lawyer and AMV are competent in their ability to prove an allegation without my interference in their litigation.

    Tomorrow, I plan to deal with another life lesson, “Remember, One Hundred Years from Now, All New People “.


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