Tollison was green (with envy), Judge Lackey went whacky – Curtis Wilke’s “Zeus” a Scruggs tell-all

“[Wilke’s]… story is particularly tough on Oxford plaintiffs lawyer Grady Tollison, portrayed as jealous of Scruggs, who horns in on Tollison’s perceived primacy on the Square.And on Lackey, who delights in the federal yoke when he’s doing the FBI’s bidding to snare Scruggs, but turns eccentric and bitter as the story winds down, despite the accolades that come his way for his role.”
Not that “green Grady” and “whacky Lackey” weren’t obvious to those following USA v Scruggs; but, good for Curtis Wilke who lets it out in his Scruggs tell-all,  Fall of the House of Zeus – and good for Daily Journal reporter Pasty Brumfield who gets the word out in her review,  lending credibility to the opinion of Washington (state) attorney Steve Eugster:
“It seems we may have a situation where a trial judge engaged in earwigging with the attorney(s) for the plaintiff in the Jones v. Scruggs case. Evidence of the earwigging is found in the fact of the very unusual ore tenus motion whereby the judge entered an order sealing the file of the case from all the world open to be unsealed in the sole discretion of the attorney who filed the case.” Continue reading “Tollison was green (with envy), Judge Lackey went whacky – Curtis Wilke’s “Zeus” a Scruggs tell-all”

Sunday news miscellany: Various and sundry politicians, election results and “Hot lead for lunch”.

Like Nowdy, I’ve been relatively scarce from the cyber scene though for different reasons, mine being completely self centered.  I have unanswered emails going back to the middle of last month but I am tackling everything albeit on a slower pace.  The only thing I’ll add is that IMHO a good basher need down time.  😉

Speaking of down time and the fact we’ve talked gun safety a good bit of late on Slabbed I am proud to report I finally found my aim with my 40 caliber pistol yesterday at the local gun club.  I still need more work with my 44 magnum revolver though.  I’ve long enjoyed shooting both skeet and ducks and look forward to doing more of that this fall/winter.

The gang at the range did not hear of our recent gun safety topic at Slabbed in the accidental discharge of the deringer in Cheryl Mintz’s purse at Galatoire’s one week ago last Friday so it made for nice banter.  Earlier this week I got an eye-witness report as it seems everyone knows someone who was there when the gun discharged.  Still, it is never too late for James Gill to weight in on the subject and weight in he did for today’s Times Picayune in a highly entertaining piece that is well worth the read. Continue reading “Sunday news miscellany: Various and sundry politicians, election results and “Hot lead for lunch”.”

There can only be one: The Sun Herald endorses Gene Taylor

And here a full month before the election the endorsement is early as well. Here is an excerpt from the Sun Herald OpEd:

Tanned and open-collared, Taylor embodies the Coast wherever he goes, from Bay St. Louis to Afghanistan.

Yet his face has lost that boyish look. Partly, no doubt, because he just turned 57. But probably more so because he lost almost everything but life to Katrina, an experience that aged us all.

While we do not agree with him on everything, Gene Taylor has never given us reason to think that he has anything but the best interests of his constituents at heart.

Such loyalty deserves our support.

Indeed it does.