4 thoughts on “in the South, college football is a religion, and every Saturday is holy day”

  1. This may be the problem with why there is so much corruption. It seems we have no time for knowing or caring what we must do to right our present day situation as long as we are entertained!

    We seem to be able to find all the money we need for entertainment with sports up to and included with professional sports, but little for church or fellow man.

    All able to work should be able to do something to pay them for food, shelter and meeting their needs, not their wants. If we can’t the government to keep our drains clean so we do not flood, pool your resourses and pay people to do the job and let them improve your lot & theirs. Same with the waste properties, put them to work taking them apart and saving the materials they can save and when cleaned of nails, wire or whatever and a property is cleaned. Then use these materials from as many places as needed to build one new house at a time and give it to one of these families with the condition to keep working doing the same thing unti l most if not all have a home of their own. This reduces welfair, gets people off the street and children seeing parents working for something. Ownership usually gives one self worth and along with the house tell them if they do not keep it up they loose it to others and welfare will not pick them up again.

    Much waste is being done by destroying what is old lumber of fine quality by crushing it, and paying someonr to do this is foolish. Save reuse and put what can to good use again.

    What is not available is new plumbing, electricial and insulation for these renewed houses and furnishing them could be fairly inexpensive if an agreement is made with one company to furnish all cabinetry, one to furnish all plumbing fixtures, one for lighting and one for furniture. Each home must be only large enough for the family occupying it.

    When they become stable and can afford more they can do that at their expense. Tere should be no blight in our city, there has to be more working together. Much of what was destroyed is in excess of 100 yrs old surely there are items in some of these homes thatcould be cleaned and sold to antique dealers or individuals wanting such things.

    Have someone that knows the vaule of these items mark them to be removed first, set up a distributation center for sales and much of the funds you need can come from this. Old bricks and tile shingles sell for big monies in other places. Mantle pieces, large shutters etc all are on demand elsewhere, as well as here. These sales would also produce income to those working in this struggle to clean up where they live.

    By the way you can program your TV to get the sport event you want and view while resting. Have street parties for the workers, go fishing together and enjoy. We have many fine cooks, carpenters, brick layers, plumbing, painting etc all needing work and places to live. Work together and live better or work alone and carry a gun to keep yourself safe for danger! This would be holy!!!

  2. Oh, and by the way, I put off going squirrel hunting elsewhere since the bull’s eye on the squirrel that will be elected Jefferson Parish President is so large I felt it would be an act of unsportsmanship not to vote.

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