Peggy Barton: Tom Wilkinson’s Continuing Legacy of Arrogance and Incompetence to Further Facilitate Corruption Part I. A guest post by Whitmergate

When Steve Theriot was unlawfully appointed by the Jefferson Parish Council to be Parish President as a result of Broussard’s resignation, he chose, in concert with the six Council members who ushered him upon us, to appoint Peggy Barton acting interim Parish Attorney. And what an act it’s been…

It was Deja Vu …and live on Cox TV too. Our backdrop is during one of the Council meetings around the time the public records debate was heating up as a result of a sudden and dramatic shift in policy resulting from Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s reassignment. She was removed from the Public Records Department only to be replaced by Greg Giangrosso, a Wilkinson lackey. Under Vandenweghe’s direction, public documents were just that, Public Records readily available in most instances to those qualified to request the same. Giangrosso’s assignment was and is to stonewall the release of Public Information which he and his superiors, Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz, have decided taxpayers are to have limited access to in almost all instances. The response that one receives from Giangrosso is a pasted legalese form letter citing erroneous legal precedent for not honoring the Public Records Request. Margie Seemann (CFGG) was pressing the Council to explain why documents regarding information of a similar topic which she had previously received under Vandenweghe’s tenure, was now routinely denied under some broad and vague “governmental” exception. It was at that moment when Peggy Barton opened her mouth to defend the indefensible, everyone in that Council Chamber and watching TV, could foretell the response as though it would have been uttered by her mentor Tom Wilkinson, himself. She looked down at Ms. Seemann, a facial expression of pure contempt and as sarcastic a tone as one could muster, stated that she would review “OUR” records and “SHE” would determine what would be made available to the public at some later date. And there you have it, Wilkinson in drag…without the proverbial…FUCK YOU, SUE ME!

As though it weren’t egregious enough that we would have to suffer Theriot’s illegitimate stint, but to have Wilkinson’s clone of some 12-14 years appointed, was and is adding ‘insult to injury’. That a significant number of Wilkinson’s inept and overpaid posse of Assistant Parish Attorneys are still in the Parish Attorney’s employ, along with Barton, is inexcusable and an abomination. More succinctly put: Peggy Barton is Tom Wilkinson’s constant dark shadow; and his posse, in particular, David Fos and Greg Giangrosso, are bottom feeders at the trough of JP taxpayers’ hard-earned money !

Prior to her appointment and ratification by the Council, allegations of Barton’s most recent unethical and illegal conduct has been documented in Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s Whistleblower Claim. This information was filed with the Jefferson Parish Personnel Board and is as such, Public Records; accordingly all Public Officials were and are, by operation of law, “put” on notice. From my reading of the record, these are some of the possible scenarios which I have deduced:

BARTON AS 1st DEPUTY PARISH ATTORNEY UNDER WILKINSON… Questions of Payroll Fraud and the Alteration of Public Records:

For the same reasons Wilkinson is an alleged conspirator in the Paralegal payroll fraud, so is his alleged co-conspirator Barton, under the provisions set forth in RS 14:26 Criminal Conspiracy.

Allegedly Barton tampered with the Parish Attorney’s Organizational chart after receiving a PRR from Val Bracy of Channel 8 Fox news, for the current chart. Instead of supplying the chart currently in place at the time of the request, Barton allegedly revised the current chart removing the box containing Karen Parker Broussard from under Barton’s administrative control and then allegedly changed the chart again to remove William “Bill” Fortenberry (Risk Management) from the chart also. As Administrative Deputy Parish Attorney since approximately 2007, Barton was responsible for all employees and issued numerous memos regarding Hours, Dress Code, Attendance, etc, and allegedly she did not want to be shown to have been responsible for or have knowledge of the Paralegal “irregularities”. Allegedly she in fact certified that Deano Bonano’s Chief of Security Charlie Knopp was the one in charge of Broussard despite the fact that the Parish Attorney Organizational Charts up to January 27, 2010 showed Broussard being under Barton’s supervision. Allegedly Charlie Knopp had already certified that Karen Parker Broussard was NOT under his supervision, and then attempted to retract after being sent an email from Bonano to ‘see me about this before you reply’.

It would appear that Barton, individually and in conspiracy with others may have violated several state laws governing protection of public records. It should be noted that at all times Barton allegedly altered public records and allegedly conspired with others to facilitate the alteration of records, a Federal Investigation was and still is under way, and the paralegal payroll fraud is a target issue. Accordingly, Barton allegedly committed Obstruction of Justice in violation of RS 14:130.1. And allegedly with the aid of Deano Bonano and Charlie Knopp criminally conspired, as defined by RS 14:26 to hinder access to public records, RS 44:37, concerning the issue of paralegals.

As a result of her alleged alteration of public records Barton would necessarily have violated both RS 14:132, Injuring of Public Records and RS 14:133, Filing or maintaing false public Records.

Barton was a designated Deputy Assistant Parish Attorney, and as such is a public employee and would be subject to prohibitions of Official Misconduct and Corrupt Practices, and so allegedly violated RS 14;134, Malfeasance in Office (2) and (3).

That Theriot and the Jefferson Parish Council appointed Peggy Barton to the office of Parish Attorney, the Chief Legal Officer of both the administration and the Council, is beyond the pale of arrogance, it’s criminal ! Just one more abhorrent insult upon the citizens of Jefferson Parish…why not, what are they going to do about it ?

The Council hired and has paid tens of thousands of dollars to the Phelps, Dunbar Law firm for what ? To Slapp AMV’s Whistleblower Claim; “kill the messenger” tactics without performing the due diligence ethically required of them by first investigating the alleged wrong doings by Barton and others named in the petition. Now it is on the back of the FBI and US Attorney’s Office to sort this mess out.

To date there has still been no action taken by the Council to investigate Barton’s alleged wrongdoings. And why would they? Their conduct appears to be as unethical and illegal as those of Barton herself. SOS…Of course, Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick, Jr. has up to this date failed and/or refuses to enforce the law as he is obligated to do by his oath of office; his mandated duty. Nothing new here…

BARTON AS INTERIM PARISH ATTORNEY… Questions concerning her Legal Opinions in support of the River Birch Conspiracy and Unlawfulness of the JP Council’s voting of Ordinances:

RIVER BIRCH: Theriot has for months tried to push forward the idea of a review of the non-existent and/or illegal River Birch contract that is the basis of a criminal conspiracy to create a landfill monopoly for the benefit of certain politically influential individuals, including Fred Heebe and the Ward family. In my opinion, Theriot was appointed Parish President to marshal the completion of this conspiracy; this review is a consultant facade to wash clean this non-existent and/or illegal contract.

Without the need to rehash all that I, as well as others, have written on the subject of River Birch which has been thoroughly documented here on Slabbed, I want to draw your attention to the most recent ‘tete a tete’ taking place between Jefferson Parish, through it’s counsel, Parish Attorney Barton and the Citizens for Good Government, a la Margie Seeman and her sister, Margaret Baird. At issue is not only the legal composition of the committee to award a contract to review the River Birch contract, but whether there is a legal River Birch contract to review in the first instance !

There are two documents imbedded herein for reference to this discussion: 1) Barton’s opinion, and 2) The CFGG rebuttal of Barton’s opinion. What becomes most obvious in reading these documents is Barton’s ignorance of the English language compounded by her confusion with the application of administrative law as compared to Ms. Seemann’s ability to not only comprehend what she reads but her command of argumentative style.

I myself have read innumerable opinions issued by the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office during the tenure of Wilkinson and those now rendered by Barton’s administration.

I have come to this conclusion: Apparently Wilkinson was the best indoctrinated pupil that the likes of Louis Gruntz and Clem Donelon have ever produced. Wilkinson was presumedly told to forget anything he learned in law school, such knowledge would be of no use to him now that he is Parish Attorney. The law in Jefferson Parish is what we pass on to you: you, Tommy, as Parish Attorney, say what the law is. The people that don’t like it, FUCK ‘EM, LET ‘EM SUE ! And so for some 14 years with cronies that Wilkinson kept in his inner circle, his ‘posse’, he imparted that same arrogant stupidity we now witness in the person of Peggy Barton !

In Barton’s opinion, she first moves to defend and buttress the patently incompetent and unlawful composition of the original RFP committee chosen by none other than one of JP’s starring miscreants, TIM WHITMER. And you wonder why Barton should never have been placed in this position? In fact it is the findings of Whitmer’s appointees, Wilkinson, Fos and Gandolfi that are cited by Theriot as the reason to have this review in the first place. We all know by now that the only qualified person on that committee was Marnie Winter,Phd. Director of JP Dept of Environmental Control; and she was denied voting status by the voting incompetents previously named. After reading through the yada, yada, yada…blah,blah, blah of her non-responsive legal premise, Barton declares that no matter how defective the actions taken by everyone concerned and in subterfuge of mandated procedure as specifically set forth in Parish law legislated by the Charter and/or Code of Ordinances, the Council can illegally vote to do what it wants to do…they can make the illegal legal; even if their vote is illegal…WOW ! Well you should know by now, that’s how things are done in Gretna. Please…how else would Barton’s opinion have read ? She does after all live in Gretna, most recently in a residence she rented from her boss, Tom Wilkinson. ( Begging the question: were her raises tied to her rent?)

Ms. Seemann, in stark comparison to Barton, is not crippled in intellect or expression by the “Gretna Mentality” that is so pervasive throughout Jefferson Parish Government. The thrust of Ms. Seemann’s rebuttal remains constant, clear and decisive: these were and are illegally constituted committees whose conclusions and/or recommendations have been and would be used to “COVER” for the continuing participation by Council members in the ongoing criminal conspiracy to award River Birch a landfill monopoly.

It may be that the FBI raid on the River Birch offices last Thursday will have made this debate moot. Who knows what may be coming this Thursday…a raid on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building ?

Bookmark Slabbed…Part II is almost completed:

Council Votes In Violation Of Jp Code Of Ordinance 23-132.1


Slabbed commenter Whitmergate is a member of Citizens for Good Government and is a resident of Jefferson Parish.

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19 thoughts on “Peggy Barton: Tom Wilkinson’s Continuing Legacy of Arrogance and Incompetence to Further Facilitate Corruption Part I. A guest post by Whitmergate”

  1. It is said that, in order to persuasive to a jury, a good lawyer should relate the isues in the case to be tried to the jurors’ life experiences. So, although I don’t know everything about the CORRUPTION and EVIL in Jefferson Parish that Whitmergate is imparting to us, I can relate a few recent personal experiences that prove Whitmergate 100% accurate: (1) I had to petition Mr. Giangrosso with Public Records Act requests in an effort to discover the “paper trail” which led to the Council’s DIRECTIVE to the Parish Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement to issue Building Permits to people who decided that they wanted to build on my Family’s batture property, circumventing the normal application process. However, there is no “paper trail”, according to Mr. Giangrosso, not even a relevant E-mail. Real “careful” those Jefferson Parish Councilmen, trespassers and those with whom they conspired. (2) Then, in an effort to get Federal, State and Parish Government, I had to deal with Councilman Elton Lagasse, Mr. Giangrosso and with Ms. Winter (who is no “better” than the rest of this bunch, in my judgment, to attempt to get at least 9 “camp” sites occupied by squatters and trespassers from discharging fecal and other human waste matter, among other wastes generated by humans (I use that therm “loosely” – these people are “river rats” and the “scum of the earth”), into the Mississippi River. I’d have done better “talking to the wall”. (3) Last point: As for Phelps Dunbar, the Federal Bureau of Constipation and Letten’s Office, THESE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR NOSES UP EACH OTHER’S ASSES. Phelps Dunbar Attorney Kim “Aunt Jemima” Boyle, aided and abetted by the Federal Bureau of Constipation and Letten’s (SPIT!) Office, successfully defended (with the exception of Alan Goodman, Amy Baird and Dave Winn) the CRIMINALS with my former firm, Lemle & Kelleher, from my claims as a result of my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment. Let’s see how Aunt Jemima, and “they”, do on the remaining claims. BOTTOM LINE: Every one of Whitmergate’s “points” has credibility in this juror’s recent life experiences. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Whitmergate

    An extract from MOBY DICK; or, THE WHALE:

    “So be cheery, my lads, let your hearts never fail;

    While the bold harpooner is striking the whale”

    Keep up the good worl Whitmergate


    What’s so depressing about all of this is something you’ve alluded to before in your posts..the Jefferson Parish sheeple just sit back and await the arrival of the calvary ( Letten) to solve all the unabated corruption in Jeff Parish ; but, it appears the calvary is stuck in neutral . And, that waiting will most likely linger on…if the calvary ever mounts up or not..which it appears they can’t even find the horses , much less the saddles.

    Sadly, what the J.P. sheeple don’t understand is this is an all out assault by Jefferson Parish Government on the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish. Jefferson Parish Government has effectively taken the sheeple of Jefferson Parish hostage with very little push back from the sheeple themselves. And, moreover, the sheeple just continue to resign themselves to the chains of bondage put upon them by their captors.

    The hostage situation may linger on indefinitely. One would think that the J.P. sheeple would eventually figure out that the J.P. Council is not their friend..nor is J.P. Government their ally. In fact, with the unparalled waste of taxpayer monies by this J.P. Government, you would think , at the very least, the taxpayers would feel the emptiness of their wallets..perhaps, they have become accustomed to the empty feelings which mirror J.P. Government & its henchmen.

    However ‘Gate, one thing is certain..and you have eloquently stated this many times before…if the J.P. sheeple don’t want to help themselves, then they get what they deserve. Cause the calvary ain’t coming…and the idea of a white knight is just in fairy tale books.

    Meanwhile, the seige continues …

  4. To the Mob that runs Jefferson Parish Government

    This year I will pay 1/3 of my gross income to the IRS in taxes. I pay Jefferson Parish real estate taxes, sales taxes, sewer fees, bridge tolls, hotel taxes and sin taxes on certain items I enjoy, ect, My cost of living in the USA and Jefferson Parish will total around $200,000.00 this year.

    The Federal Government ? No way can I ever make a dent in those things; they may come take me away and lock me up or shoot me with bean bags as they have done, under different circumstances, to one other contributor on slabbed.

    However, I should have a voice in local government but there again NO!

    Here are my observations, if anyone gives a crap:

    I get sicker every day when I see that my right to vote becomes less meaningful due to the fact that good candidates refuse to step forward because the powers to be shut them out with huge war chests filled with dollars by the lawyers and contractors who directly or indirectly (through others they collar) dole out money only to benefit by

  5. It should be noted here that there is a prescriptive period running against the Parish of Jefferson to recoup ALL MONIES illegally or unethically obtained by employees and/or former employees. The delaying tactics by Peggy Barton, DA Connick and all other agents charged with enforcing these laws on recovery of those salary increases and any resulting retirement entitlements is clearly designed to OOPS let them prescribe. Several months ago the JP Council passed a resolution instructing the Administration and Peggy Barton to investigate the illegal raises and report back. To date : Nothing. No surprise since she would have to investigate herself, Louis Gruntz, Greg Giangrosso, Tim Whitmer, Tom Wilkinson, Deano Bonano, Bert Smith and most of the CAAs. I don’t know, ya think she’s gonna do that? NOT.

  6. unslabbed, thanks for the post…no question Barton & Company are entrenched in their bunker sequestered safely from the occassional mortor round us J.P. citizens can lob in when we see a head pop up.

    do you, perhaps, happen to have that resolution number handy..?

  7. I just thought I’d point out some practical issues:

    – Per the TP Citizens for Good Government has filed complaints with both the state ethics board and attorney general’s office. Good for them; this is the way to go. As Sean Connery said, “What are you prepared to do?” Well?

    – Re: Mrs. Seemann: This lady, and I mean that, is by far the best citizen activist in the New Orleans area, in all four directions of the compass. I am so proud of her for getting in Young’s grill; she got right up in it. However, you can see Young smiling inwardly, as do all the councilmen, they are smug, arrogant, they have no real, practical limits on their power. Their response? None: A big, fat ‘so what.’ With no local news coverage (again now that Ms. Bracy has been muzzled), no DA, no Inspector General, no sheriff, no real political opposition seeking reform, they have no real fear nor respect for the law.

    – Re: the IG: does anyone have any info on Tom Meyer who has led this fiasco of a comission leading the IG review and recommendation team? I know he’s the Jeff Chamber of Commerce; that reads Glenn Hayes Sr. a,d Jr. to me (i.e. Broussard & Pals) but is that correct? In any event, Young has run on this but to me the obvious plan is to put it up to the voters with a proposal that will fund it with a tax. The voters in JP as with nearly all taxes will reject it and the Council and Young will say, ‘See, we tried, but no dice!’

    – Re: the public records requests: Folks, I do not know what to say, see what the news media did to Nagin on this. SUE IN COURT; there are extensive penalties for what JP is doing. An enterprising attorney MIGHT ACTUALLY MAKE SOME MONEY!!! Go get it. Heck demand ALL THEIR EMAILS AND CALENDARS. Tracie Washington (it pains me to say this, because HOW she did it merited disbarment and prosecution itself) did a better job: in the end ALL NEW ORLEANS COUNCIL EMAILS WERE (and I think are still) POSTED ONLINE. I mean seriously, just go get them. If one of the the 24th’s Connick or Broussard proxies reject the suit, take it to the 5th Circuit, and if the same happens there I absolutely guaran-damn-tee you will win (or mostly win) in the LA Supreme Court.
    Look at the penalty provisisions and go get a lawyer from outside JP who will not fear the consequences.

  8. telemachus..on the IG advisory committee, three of us from Citizens for Good Government went to ALL of the meetings by this committee. There were a few good people on that committee. But, you are absolutely right, the J.P. Council wants an I.G. in Jefferson Parish about as badly as I want to see Elton Lagasse serve another term on the Council in a musical chairs venue.

    Young who will seize the reins of J.P. Government Sunday morning will put up a loud cry for how he supports an I.G. in JeffersonParish all the while knowing that he and the others have the FIX IN on the I.G. issue.

    They will, as you noted, put it out there to the voters as something they all want just long as the J.P. sheeple agree to be additionally taxed to support the I.G. office.
    Then, it’s a dead issue and Young can give us that insincere fake look in the camera and say, well, J.P. voters, I sure tried to “help” you.

    Actually, way back in March when this I.G. Advisory committee was formed, there was talk around J.P. Government not to worry because the “FIX WAS IN” so nobody at the Council or higher levels of J.P. Government had to worry themselves about another set of eyes looking at them. Usually when the FIX IS IN, that means the sinster forces of J.P. Government have been busy setting the mine fields and herding the unsuspecting J.P. sheeple into them.

    Meanwhile, the seige of Jefferson Parish continues by the J.P. Government captors..

  9. Whitmergate, you are amazing! Keeping your eye on the ball the way you do. It is so easy to be sidetracked by the antics of our (not so) public servants, more like self serving servants. The more we know about what it will take to correct this unconscionable and no less than criminal behavior. Enough is enough, don’t let up, keep the pressure on.

  10. So since murder has been around since Cain killed Abel does that mean the infinite number of years of precedent carries “great weight” in determining the intent and meaning of laws which punish murder? If an action is illegal it is not made legal by it being broken a lot of times by a lot of people.

    Apparently, if Louis Gruntz is to be believed, repeated violations of laws can create precedent which exonerates the violator(s). I don’t think so. Given his less than stellar record for giving advice to his Jefferson Parish clients ( Re Record Retention: Everything can be thrown out after 3 years NOT; and, Tim Whitmer is entitled to Due Process, including a pre-disciplinary Hearing and other amenities, despite his ‘at-will’ employment status ( thank you for that Louis); and now: Violating the spirit of the law by doing a once-per-elected term BLANKET STATEMENT is not only OKIE-DOKIE but said violation has established ‘precedent’ legitimizing the illegal behavior. I refer you back to the CAIN v. ABEL reference, infra. Holy moly Batman! The only people with a worse batting average at giving advice are the Weather Anchors with their daily weather reports.

    And Louis, about the legal concept of ‘ precedent’: Precedent is not set by repeated VIOLATION of laws, it is set by repeated refusal of a COURT OR COURTS OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION to punish said violations. And I have to believe that at this point in Jefferson Parish history, no Judge in his or her right mind is going to be DUMB enough to side with the bad guys. Too many GOOD GUYS observing ( and perhaps listening in on) their ramblings. So all Louis can rely on is maybe getting out before the divine M & M Sisters’ lawsuit(s) are heard. But of course, some high priced law firm will be fighting Louis’ battles for him once again. Wienie.

    I think the Parish of Jefferson should make a claim against Louis’ Professional Malpractice Insurance carrier. Let them fight out whether or not he purposefully advised his clients to violate the law ( thereby vitiating coverage and dismissing the Insurance Company from liability) or was just stupid or negligent or whatever which hooks the Insurance Company. Either way no one I care about gets nailed and my tax dollars are reimbursed for shoddy legal representation.

    While the Parish is at it, they should sue Barton, Giangrosso, Broussard, Trahan, Whitmer, Wilkinson, the Council and any other employees who benefitted from illegal and/or unethical activities. More of my tax dollars recouped or saved by grabbing their retirement dollars to reimburse me for their bad, negligent, criminal, and/or unethical activities.

    Works for me. How’s that working for you Pegs? Louis?

  11. PS. Maybe the savings can fund the IG. However IMHO if you simply change the Charter and make the Parish Attorney independent of any interference from anyone by making all the Parish Attorney positions CLASSIFIED and subject to Civil Service not the whim of the tyrant(s) du jour you probably could accomplish the same objective.

    Had Tom Wilkinson not gone rogue, had he had a shred of professional self-esteem, had he taken even one of his oaths seriously and sacredly, none of this could have happened.

    So perhaps the answer is not in more government but in getting the existing government to do its job. Make them accountable by requiring every attorney on any staff or in any department or sub-department provide Jefferson Parish with current Malpractice Insurance proof. JP does it for auto insurance, why not Professional Insurance? While we are at it, how about the Engineers and other professionals?

    Might be on to something here.

  12. Mr Young and all were with Aaron up to the time he resigned, and possibly still are. If they handle citizens problems as well as they did the Flood Control Project that was supposed to protect this area then they & the nawleans crew should all be up for malfeasence. The guiding directive from the assistant Secretary of the Army 33 CFR 208.10 was a 1963 issue and the LP&VHPP was a 1965 approval. However, the COE nor the Local Sponsors seem to have followed it or any Engineering Regulation or Manual associated with flood protection, levee operation & maintenance, floodwall construction, operation & maintainence, Pump Station requirements to be in the Federal Project and the killer or flood weapon was the unseen and undocumented scour, erosion or sloughing of the channel banklines of the major outfall channels in nawleans per that directive. Please read that 5 page document it will tell you what was not done that caused a Cat 3 storm to destroy the city. ER-1110-2-401 & ER 1110-2-530. Inadequate Pump Stations and faulty monitoring of channel cross-sections to the point that the monitoring was never done and banks failed causing unstability in levees & floodwalls which could not support themselves with no foundation caused the flooding in both parishes. We have corruption in both not just EJ.

  13. It is difficult to do public records request for zoning cases as they are sometimes assigned dummy docket numbers. Also, heard the same story about “no paper work” existing for a zoning request even though the JP Procedures document indicates numerous written steps to process a request.

  14. Bunhare: I will look for the resolution number tomorrow. If memory serves Chrissy Roberts brought it from the floor.

  15. After so many years of scandal I may have figured out why Louisiana has such a nasty name in other areas of the country. The name is not political scandal. Rather, political scandal, without closure.

    Our problem seems to be the lack of ability to conclude, within reasonable time, or bring closure to the scandalous act(s), thus the national rehash of the same old issues.

    Why do our scandals last 7-10 years before conviction or indictment?

    Why do other venues bring to closure such things much sooner than we do?

    It has been a year since the Jefferson Parish mess was brought to light. The resignation of Wilkerson, Broussard, Whitmer and others have uncovered a wealth of proof positive conviction, or so it seems, but we are left to speculate, and that we do.

    Coulon has resigned all of his positions in Jefferson Parish and still nothing happens.

    Does he/they know something we do not?

    It keeps dragging on and on seemingly with no end in sight. One must ask why?

    Why can

  16. If we can replace the truth and put other things into the lime light, they believe they can outride the storm they created when found out. The corruption goes all the way up the ladder and only those with no backing ever come to trial or to punishment. Of course the punishment never fits the crime.

    The malfeasance from Katrina where billions were lost, people lost jobs & homes, injuries, and death should be punishable by at least willful disregard for life, property and sfety of the citizen. To date no one involved with the LP&VHPP either at the Corps or the Local Sponsors have ever been charged with anything or have charges filed against them by this state. Mr. Broussard would be the first, but apparently someone stacked the dominoes to far apart to have all fall after the first one falls!

    The root of the corruption has to be destroyed or the tree will keep coming back!!!

  17. Today was the first time, in over a year, that I’ve re-read this post since I submitted it to Slabbed … and as a result, I have two questions to ask, not only of Mr. Young, but of US Atty Letten:

    1) Mr. Young … why is Peggy Barton still working in your Administration given all the facts laid before you of her illgal conduct that has been outlined in AMV’s Whistleblower Claim, the La. Legislative Auditor’s Report, and now the Federal Grand Jury’s indictment ?

    2) Mr. Letten…why did you fail to indict Peggy Barton as a principal in the Karen Parker payroll fraud case along with her co-conspirators Broussard and Wilkinson given the fact that she was Deputy Asst PA designated as Supervisor for both the Asst PAs and para-legals ?

    Ms. Barton should be given no quarter, either in employment or from prosecution…

    All I ask is that both of you gentlemen do your job fairly and with honor to your oath of office…

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