From the putting in the fix files Scott Walker skates on his DUI trial via a bullshit technicality

Scott Walker / The Sun Herald

Alright folks, who else is wondering how much Judge Cecil Byrd was paid to let the obviously drunk Scott Walker off the hook on a bullshit technicality? The Sun Herald has the breaking news story:

The DUI trial of Scott Walker has been dismissed because of a “faulty affadavit” after it was pointed out in court that the deputy clerk who signed it did not add her title after her signature.

Justice Judge Cecil Byrd said that to try him on a new charge on the same accusation would constitute double jeopardy, which is what defense attorney Keith Miller argued.

So much for law and order republicans eh?  And the beat goes on…


Updated per Sock Puppets comments.

8 thoughts on “From the putting in the fix files Scott Walker skates on his DUI trial via a bullshit technicality”

  1. I in no way support a DUI not being prosecuted. However, how about considering another faux pas by a government employee? The defense attorney did the job requested by the defendant. We do live a country (for the time being) of laws.

    1. This is pure bullshit Sup dismissing a case because the cop did not title the affidavit. I hope the prosecution appeals this case so that justice instead of money and influence is served.


  2. Why was political party enter into this? It all has to do with morals my friend!! Was the DUI require to take the drivers license? Have the police go back and void it so he can’t drive!!
    I just bet they can catch him doing something wrong again, bad habits are hard to break!!!!

  3. Mothers Against Drunk Driving need to hear about this one.

    Looking now for the local chapter in your area to report this to for their ‘input’.

    Unconscionable. And oh BTW Byrd and Walker, GOD has a way of evening up the score. The BIBLE says if not on you then on your descendants for many generations.

    Hope you are both proud of the legacy and curse you are leaving your children and your children’s children.

    I pray that the next time you drive drunk Walker that only you are damaged. See the light, confess, repent and be redeemed. You have no idea how good it will feel and how many blessings will rain down on you and your progeny.

    And Byrd: hiding behind technicalities does not shield you from the wrath of GOD. You can rationalize all you want but the next time Walker lets his stupid hang out, get on your knees and pray he doesn’t hurt one of your progeny. GOD has a sense of irony IMHO.


    Amen and Amen.

  4. Unfortunately, the defense lawyer is absolutely correct. This certification is usually done by an “ex officio” notary. The real question is why the clerk failed to perform this routine, administrative task. Maybe that’s why this slug is smiling so big in the mugshot, because he knew it would be fixed by someone in the system. I’m not so sure jeopardy attaches unless a witness is sworn. Otherwise, he could be re-charged.

    Nobody likes a criminal who gets off on a technicality.

  5. Nonetheless the RIGHT thing for Walker to do is to confess repent and be redeemed. Not talking legalese here talking morals.

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