Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Who owns the Monroe Mansion that was raided last week by the FBI in connection with the River Birch Scheme?

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The hat tip for this post goes to a reader who did some exhaustive internet sleuthing.  We hope our readers can fill in the gaps. ~ sop

It is no secret that Fred and Jennifer Heebe moved to 5531 St Charles Avenue in early 2009. The question is do they really own the property and what role does the mansion’s former owner play with respect to the property today? To wit:

Yes the Heebe’s are there as evidenced by this and this (we previously highlighted the second link in connection with a Desiree Rogers post I did back in the late spring).

At the end of this article by the T-P’s Kate Moran Jennifer Sneed Heebe confirms her and her hubby Fred are in the process of buying the house.

Here is where it begins to get murky.  According to the Orleans Parish Tax Assessor the property is owned by 5531 St Charles Avenue, LLC which lists the property’s previous owner, Susan D Krohn on the mailing address. The Secretary of State shows 5531 St Charles Ave LLC as having a sole member, BLU, LLC.  I could not find anything on BLU at the Louisiana Secretary of State Website.

We also have an electrical permit on the property which again shows Ms Krohn’s name and this piece on the property itself (including pictures) which dates back to the time it was owned by Ms Krohn. Here is a snippet:

“Because of hurricane Katrina, the Krohns left their home on St. Charles Avenue for Houston, where they bought another residence…

Now I suspect the FBI was not as impressed with the massive closet on the second floor as the source quoted in the last link but it is clear Ms Krohn has some serious dough as evidenced by her new digs in the Houston area.

Any additional insights including about the property itself in the comments is mucho appreciated as always.


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  1. According to “Mr. Jackson”, a Researcher in the Conveyance Office, the owner of the property bearing municipal address “5531 St. Charles Ave.” is “5531 St. Charles Ave. LLC”. Not altogether unusual, since “rich” people routinely go to great pains to limit their personal liability through the corporate form, and to shield their assets from creditors. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. The house has had no shortage of prominent occupants of late. The writer and New Orleans native Michael Lewis rented the place and chronicled his experience living in a house he could not truly afford for Portfolio magazine’s October issue. Lewis called it the “most conspicuously grand house in New Orleans .

  3. Dominick Fazzio is Heebe’s Chief Financial Officer. Allegedly he signed off on documents regarding Insurance contracts between Heebe/Shadowlake/Whitmer/Katz/Coulon /Lagniappe et al when Louis Gruntz was running all the illegal contracts down for the Council inquiry.

    Someone needs to check the records for the Lake Maurepas address on the corporate documents. A Cephus Shepard has real estate listed for sale on that same street…

    Affordable Realty (Cephas Shepard) in Harvey, LA 70058 – (504) 367 …
    Cephas Shepard, Affordable Realty (Cephas Shepard) , 1624 Lake Maurepas Dr, Harvey, LA 70058 –

  4. The house surely has no shortage of prominent occupants, but when I was growing up the house was referred to as the Benjamin house. If I recall correctly, they built the house and lived there for longer than the Monroes. I believe some of their descendants still live in nola. I started hearing “the Monroe house/mansion” within the last 10 years and I was shocked, it has always been the Benjamin’s house to me (maybe I’m showing my age). It seems sad in a way to disregard the name of the original owner and visionary. Though I’m not sure what caused this. The only 2 owners who lived there for a substantial amount of time were 1st the Benjamins and 2nd the Monroes.
    Anyone have any ideas about why this happened?

  5. There are a couple additional entities that share the Lake Maurepas Drive address – Westbank Blues, LLC and Oak & Elm, LLC. The officers are Dominick J. Fazzio and Peggy Lasseigne, 6154 Stratford Place, New Orleans.

  6. In a slight turn from the topic here is the latest article from ne of the homes former tenets—AKA Michael Lewis. While the article deals with financial con games, I could’t help but feel it mirrored the political con games of Jefferson Parish. Here are a few quoetes which make the read worth pursuing regardless of your interest in the subject matter—

    “”The proprietary trading business turns in part on one’s ability to find the fool — to find people willing to take the stupid side of the smart bets you are placing. One of the side effects of our seemingly endless financial crisis is to wash a lot of fools, many of them German, out of the game. It’s as if a casino owner awakened one morning to find the tourists had all gone, and the only remaining patrons were pros counting cards.

    Prop trading isn’t what it used to be. At the same time it’s a far greater nuisance than it ever was. It’s not worth the trouble to prop trade, unless you can prop trade in some wholly novel way.””

    In the article greedy investors who have little understanding of the financial waters they are swimming in are the fools. In the Jefferson Parish government scam taxpayers who vote for likeable crooks are the fools. The sucker in Jefferson Parish is the taxpayer.

    One more quote I loved so much I had to come here to share it with you guys is this one from Lewis—

    “”To see Wall Street turn its back on money is as unsettling as watching a shark’s fin veer away, and then sink from view. It leaves you wanting to know where the shark has gone, and why. None of the firms have offered a good explanation for their new and seemingly improved behavior, but it’s not hard to think up several.””

    I hope we see the day when in Jefferson Parish the shark’s fin veer away, but that time has not yet come. But when it does we all need to wonder where that hungry shark of greed is lurking in Jefferson Parish as the culture of exploration of taxpayers is so well established that only a fool will think the beast slain…

  7. Who owns the Monroe Mansion… Who owns the River Birch Corp.? Who owns the land the River Birch Landfill operates upon?

    All is not as it seems. We have already disclosed here about silent partners of the River Birch company. There are probably others but that remains unknown at least to this poster who has searched hard to find other owners.

    However, I think it would be good to examine the land transactions which resulted in the River Birch Landfill site. The parties, from memory, were the Red Cross, Mr. Ward, the Marcello Family, and Jefferson Parish via a land swap. I would like to know how the valuation of the land transfered from the Red Cross to River Birch was set. IE was the land valued as valuable waste disposal land or as cheaper farm grade land. Same with Marcello family land. With the Jefferson Parish land swap I would like to know if the same parties which are currently involved in corrpution approved the land swap? etc. etc. etc. I am not a lawyer and have no legal training.

    But I think if you can root out corruption or fraud in the transfer of the land from the original owners to the River Birch you may be able to attack River Birch’s ownership of the property.

    I do recall that the Ward family did note when discussing mining for dirt on their property that the land was valuable waste disposal land and not raw farm land so to say. This made me wonder if they only paid the lower metric for the land and used the Marcello land transfer to strengthen their purchase from the Red Cross at a lower rate. All speculative but something which if it panned out could attack the very ownership of the land by River Birch. Which would be a good thing in my book. I guess one nagging question I have had all along is why the Marcello family sold their land so cheap to River Birch? I mean they had a landfill by the balls and let the landfill owner go with a small price. Why not a cut of the action so to say. That is what I would have demanded. Give me money now and a cut of future earnings. What could have River Birch done but agree?

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