State Farm execs for Palazzo…..

I tell you what folks, all that stuff you hear about how State Farm CEO Ed Rust Jr hates our own Congressman, Gene Taylor must be pure bull because if they were trying to beat him they sure as heck should NOT have given money to his Republican opponent, Steven Palazzo, especially out of Bloomington.

I don’t do much political blogging, at least in the classic sense, but with the silly season heating up the shots are both plentiful and cheap so I can’t resist and I’ll add Palazzo might as well be getting money from child molesters as from a home office State Farm Exec after the raping they put on a great number of people (read voters Steven) here on the coast after Katrina.  We’re certain here at Slabbed Palazzo would do a bang up job representing Ed Rust in Congress.

The smart money is seeing this contest a bit differently.

  Palazzo’s individual contributors take up one page while Gene’s take up 5 and include folks like Brett and Deanna Favre and pillars of the business community like Roy Deux and III, John Dane, Rick Carter, Cotton and Frank. Heck once upon a time even GOP Gulfport Mayor George Schloegel ponied up for Gene. People like winners in general and straight shooters like Gene in particular.

In any event I’ll have another one of these type posts for you Louisiana folks as it is getting awfully deep in the Senate race over there and not just deep in diapers.  I will say I have faith in Louisiana’s voters not to send a hypocritical sack of shit like David Vitter back to the Senate. I’ll acknowledge in advance that faith may be misplaced.


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  1. Sop you old romantic you. Faith that these fools won’t send Diaper Dave back?! First I believe they are that STUPIDLY Party partisan. And those that aren’t just plain don’t want him here in any proximity to their children. And then there are the puppet-masters. Ah yes them. The powers behind the throne. Nice to own a Senator or two. Been a family tradition for generations in some families: owning and being owned. But dream on sop, perhaps if YOU kiss the frog it will break the evil spell.

  2. Nowdy, Sop, et al….
    I read your blog regularly and have remained a “Lurker” because like a tar baby, I don’t want to get dragged into some of the rants that get started here. BUT, I finally need to speak up, if just a bit, about this post. I AM A STATE FARM AGENT. I VERY MUCH LIKE GENE TAYLOR AND I SUPPORT HIS BILL. As a man and as a conservative he is strong in his conservatism as I am. BUT, he has been unable to seal the deal with meaningful insurance reform down here and it is costing me and my fellow agents money. It is costing our communities the ability to rebuild. It is costing us ALL in the form of lost tax revenues, etc. After the nation’s largest disaster, with HIS PARTY in charge of all lawmaking branches of government with superior majorities, he could not get his cohorts to get us some help. If he couldnt pull that off with so much in his favor, what could he ever do for us? The insurance issue is just one part of where his lack of deal making has cost us. I definitely will NEVER understand how he could have voted for Nancy P as speaker of the house twice. I also wonder if she had really needed his vote on the last major bills (health care, etc.) if he would have been there for her. My instincts cause me to think he would have caved. If he would stick an R next to his name, he could probably have just about any committee head in the House he wanted. But he is determined to be stuck in his blue dog ways and to a lot of us down here now, a blue dog is a dog in the middle of the road that has gotten run over. He has been there for 20 years and can step down and draw his salary the rest of his life. He wont be losing any money.

    I and others (not just insurance people) are behind Palazzo because he is a BUSINESS MAN and has been in business down here, not in Washington. He is a CPA (nods to Sop,) as well as a Marine Reservist who served in the Gulf and that to me and others makes him a bit more informed on military issues than Gene’s Coast Guard duty from many years ago. Another point for some to consider is that by most accounts, the party in charge after November will be Republican. Gene votes with the Repubs on a lot of key issues but he will never be in a position to get any respect or political collateral from them as long as he is a Dem. Palazzo wont have that affliction. AND, if Steven gets up there and does not perform as he should for us, it will be someone else’s turn to try. Term limits is a whole other subject but I’m for ’em!

    Just please consider the ramifications of this election from an “unslabbed” view if possible. Gene is definitely a champion for the slabbed but being stuck in his ways may be hurting the long term gains the slabbed and possible future slabbed could have with effective representation in congress. I will sit back now and await the f-bombs, attacks, child molesting quips, etc. that people seem to get when they espouse a view not 100% from y’alls but this just meant too much to me to stay quiet this time.


    1. As you know Coastal, we’d like more insurance folks posting and we appreciate your point of view.

      You’ll never hear me knock Steven Palazzo’s service to the country or his profession. I have another post coming however which will show he is stuck on stupid when it comes to “free markets” and insurance, which of course is by definition not a free market due to the anti trust exemption.

      The problems with the coastal insurance markets demands innovation and fresh ideas, not stale political idealology and talking points about a “free market” that no more exists than the man on the moon. Unfortunately what I see with Palazzo is idealology and talking points.

      Feel free to chop in your 2 cents anytime Coastal. You won’t hear us run down agents here though Mr Trippel is a different story as the Slabbed Nation is fixing to find out.


  3. If State Farm backs Palazzo, that’s good enough for me. If I were able to vote in Miss., that would be all I need to break off the lever voting for Taylor. State Farm manages to use its disguised money and power to put people at the State and Federal levels in positions of power (executive, legislative and judicial). And what does the Farm expect in return? Hmmmm.

    I fairly fit the description Coastal gave about some of the ranting commenters, although I don’t recall labeling anyone an f–ing child molester, nor will I do so to Coastal. Like most State Farm agents, Coastal likely has minimal exposure to the adjustment and litigating of State Farm catastrophe claims. I don’t think I’ve seen a nastier company when it comes to trashing its own customers within the catastrophe context. However, I will concede that State Farm is not nearly as bad on first party (non-cat) property or auto claims.

    What I took from Coastal’ s comment is that if Taylor would abandon his core beliefs and simply become a Republican, he could get more done. Go along to get along; it’s what the sheeple do.

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