State Farm execs for Palazzo…..

I tell you what folks, all that stuff you hear about how State Farm CEO Ed Rust Jr hates our own Congressman, Gene Taylor must be pure bull because if they were trying to beat him they sure as heck should NOT have given money to his Republican opponent, Steven Palazzo, especially out of Bloomington.

I don’t do much political blogging, at least in the classic sense, but with the silly season heating up the shots are both plentiful and cheap so I can’t resist and I’ll add Palazzo might as well be getting money from child molesters as from a home office State Farm Exec after the raping they put on a great number of people (read voters Steven) here on the coast after Katrina.  We’re certain here at Slabbed Palazzo would do a bang up job representing Ed Rust in Congress.

The smart money is seeing this contest a bit differently.
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Bang bang that awful sound – TP names the baby who shot…down

When she “was five and he was six” and they “rode on horses made of sticks”, surely they didn’t ride into Galatoire’s to make the “awful sound”!

Today’s Times Picayune reports the  identity of the “baby” who “shot…down” in Galatoire’s gun mystery, owner revealed:

On Friday afternoon, the convivial hum of a dozen simultaneous conversations in the sanctum sanctorum of New Orleans’ social set, Galatoire’s, was pierced by the unfamiliar crackle of a gunshot.

Luckily, no one was injured by the errant bullet, which apparently was fired when a purse containing a .38-caliber pistol fell off a table near the foyer and went off when it hit the floor. The bullet lodged harmlessly in a panel of black wainscoting. Police came and took an incident report. No one was arrested.

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