I hate it when blogging gets in the way of work: Some transparency over at the Picayune sure would be nice.

LA State Senator Julie Quinn

Bunhare gets the hat tip in comments concerning a Brendon McCarthy story on a gun going off at Galatoire’s during lunch on Friday. The comments to the story identified the shooter as Louisiana State Senator Julie Quinn, current squeeze of Jefferson Parish President to be John Young.  I checked in on the story a time or two myself and noted a couple of the early comments were deleted. The story attracted over 130 total comments as of 6ish AM this morning. 

I mention this because Whitmergate sends this via email: 

I just went to the NOLA story and 23 posts have been removed all having to do with Young/Quinn…only one remains 

I took a peek and sure enough the axe indeed fell on McCarthy’s story, which did not identify the owner of the gun which was reported to have accidently discharged. 

I’ve had journalists tell me privately they do not read the comments to their stories and I think I remember Jarvis DeBerry writing same in an OpEd he wrote not that long ago. Coming from the finance boards at places like Yahoo, I’m a firm believer in the Predictive Value of Stock Message Board Sentiments so I read the comments, even the ones from the many idiots who post newspaper story comments. There are lots of idiots on the stock boards too so I can speed filter to the discriminating bloggers.  Ironically after Bunhare first posted with us I noted this person as a quality Times Picayune poster applying these concepts so I guess it is only natural Bunhare would give us the tip on Quinn.  Great minds obviously think alike.  😉 

So what do we know at this point:

  1.  The Times Picayune runs a story on a gun going off at a venerable NOLA eating establishment but does not identify the gun’s owner.
  2.  Comments which identify the owner as Julie Quinn are deleted with one exception.

George leaves a timely comment which provides a possible explanation

Lee Zirik (sic), says the woman whose gun discharged was not Julie Quinn but that Julie was there, as per a friend who says she talked to Lee a short time ago. Who is Helena Marino? Another friend reports that the TP says it is trying to get a police report but it takes several days but will report as soon as the woman’s identity is known 

Not so timely for Ms. Quinn however as researching this post provides another possible clue on “Why Joan Benge” as in why did now former 24th Judicial District Judge Benge take a wrinkled robe fall when it is obvious from the Porteous impeachment testimony there were others far more crooked that survived the axe? It comes from Quinn’s Wiki entry

Quinn also alleged in a 17-page motion that her divorce judge, Joan Benge, was trying to thwart her campaign. “Judge Benge is no stranger to political campaigns, and this strategic docketing was a serious impediment to Ms. Quinn’s campaign,” Quinn wrote. 

The listed source is an old T-P story entitled Sen. Julie Quinn: Judge Joan Benge thwarted campaign for Jefferson Parish Council by Paul Purpura, the beat reporter for the 24th Judicial District Courts. The story itself is indeed an interesting read and gives some great insights on internals behind Benge’s removal.  I noted Quinn serves on the insurance committee and chairs Judiciary A. 

So while we await the police report let the speculation begin. 


23 thoughts on “I hate it when blogging gets in the way of work: Some transparency over at the Picayune sure would be nice.”

  1. Newsflash: Donald MINTZ ( deceased at 55 of massive heart attack in 1996 or so) a founding partner of McGlinchey, Stafford, Mintz, Cellini & Lang then of Sessions Fishman; two time mayoral candidate was survived by wife Susan, daughter Michelle, son Arthur, his mother Leona Shlossman AND

  2. You don’t work for the FBI so you can take the list of “evidence” you want and shove it up your ass. Or better yet, instead of blogging about it on slabbed, why not ask THE CORRECT CUSTODIANS FOR IT?

  3. Unslabbed, it’s none of your business why Zurik did or didn’t do anything. He doesn’t answer to you like Val did. That’s why Val has no job-e-job. She ran stories that were PATHETIC. It’s funny how quickly you can turn on people and outlets that you once used (manipulated) when they do not do what you want them to do (air false stories or stories that you desperately want them to air as it fuels your sinister ways). Who is the Fuhrer again?

  4. Why are you addressing me as a female? Also, why am I being addressed in French? I am not fluent in the language I thought that blogging boards were discussion boards. Are posters not allowed to leave comments based on opinion unless they agree with the rest of you? I guess that means this will be my last unless I start sharing the same brain you all do.

    1. You did a decent job with the French here. The female is an educated guess.

      Since you change names when you post here I prefer to remember you using your first handle. Nothing personal.

      I’ll add I’d be in the minority of blog moderators who would tolerate the incessant handle swapping but we’re pretty much wide open here. I think that is part of the appeal.


      ps. Welcome back to the land of the commenting read Telemachus. This FBI-River Birch thing ain’t the last of it, not even close.

  5. Hi guys, been travellin’, but always readin’. Good work as always. Wish I had time to comment on JP fun but I’d like to add the issue mining here is so great, wish I could comment on more of it, but if so we’d be here all day, right? {Speaking of the title…}. I’ve also gotten a bit despondent about the hope for reform in JP, but the Birch raid has cheered me up somewhat…. Anyhoo…

    Some info lives on at nola (advance just has so many holes):

    There’s this:

    For starters, by PIRANHA2, 09/26/10 12:23 PM “Original post by American Eagle, it was so good it needed to be posted here. Arrested? That is comical. Mr. McCarthy, did you get you degree in journalism from the University of Fraudulent. How can one cover a story and neglect the facts. The great citizens of Jefferson Parish should know the truth. I was eating lunch at Galatoire

  6. This lawman is awfully angry. I’ve never known a man, much less a law man, to use a phrase like job -e-job. Now, where have I seen the “this will be my last” post statement before? Maybe someone can give Humpty Dumpty a blow-e-blow.

  7. It was my understanding that Ms. Bracy’s contract was not renewed because Le Petit Prince (Lee Hurwitz-Mintz Zurik) was afraid her Investigative Reporting would eclipse his debut.

    Ms. Bracy interviewed Aaron Broussard and shortly thereafter he resigned.

    Ms. Bracy interviewed Tom Wilkinson and shortly thereafter he resigned.

    Ms. Bracy sent in a Public Record Request for information on paralegals on the payroll and shortly thereafter Karen Broussard, Ken Trahan and several other ‘faux’ paralegals were gone.

    Ms. Bracy interviewed Steve Theriot who stated unequivocally on Fox 8 News that he had ‘ample evidence’ for having put Anne Marie Vandenweghe on Paid Administrative Leave.

    Ms. Bracy interviewed Anne Marie Vandenweghe and shortly thereafter Steve Theriot had to reinstate Anne Marie Vandenweghe.

    Le Petit Prince and Freddie Heebe are verrrry close friends and with Ms. Bracy gone and only Le PP investigating suddenly there were NO MORE River Birch or Heebe or Jefferson Parish stories.

    Le PP looks and acts the Clown Prince and Court Jester. His Isidore Newman buds must cringe when he does his act each night. It is inconceivable that he has not been able to find ANYTHING to report in Jefferson Parish. Might I advise him to research his Uncle Donald’s heritage and perhaps try talking to the ‘little’ people in Jefferson Parish government?

    Your ancestors all walked the lines during the Civil Rights Movement Le PP. Investigate the issues surrounding Leon and Lonnie and Roger and all the other ‘little’ folk who have been putting up with the discriminatory activities of the administration.

    Your deceased relatives must be spinning in their graves over your failure to report on the Simon v Kerlec lawsuit which involved proudly self-avowed Nazi Kerlec harrassing Italian Jew Simon FOR YEARS with the full knowledge of Cuban refugee in charge of Public Works Jose Gonzalez and dozens of other administrators. That Kerlec is still employed and will retire from JP while Simon was discharged and subjected to five years of stonewalling and legal foot-dragging by Clem Donelon and the high priced firm hired to do the heavy lifting for Dainty Dumb Donelon is an on-going abomination. But of course You Le PP have turned a blind eye to the abuses. What is your excuse? Just being quiet because it isn’t you they are after? The knocks are coming closer and closer to your house Le PP.

    And ‘Lawman”: If you are who I think you are, you might want to read the JP Charter/Code of Ordinances REALLY carefully relative to Assistant Parish Attorneys and where they reside. Hint: where are you registered to vote? Where is your spouse registered to vote? Where were you registered for the past three years? Etc etc etc. And oh yes, Tommy could not grant you a dispensation. Oddly enough, as Ms. Villio can attest, he didn’t make the laws. And he did you no favors by teaching you how to break them. Ask Debbie. Or Louis.

    On the outside chance you are some other disgruntled Friend of Tommy and Timmy: Stay tuned. Your turn is coming.

    Ciao, bella.

  8. Perhaps the use of the Italian language would better communicate to “Lawperson” how silly he/she(she) sounds. Can she say forgotsuwhereyoucomefrom?

  9. sop, NOLA.com just confirmed in another article entitled “Galtoire’s -Gun Mystery Solved” that the person is confirmed to be Cheryl Mintz as the owner of the gun. Article further states, unless some intervention from Orleans D.A., that she will not be levied any charges resulting from the incident.

  10. Sock, we must be on the same wavelength on this one. Lawman…vous merde de poulet sans vergogne ! Whatever sexual persuasion this knee-bending cul de poulet Lawman is confused about, it must be that heshe’s “job-e-job” must be “blow-e- blow” with Timmy and Tommy. They’ll be kneeling and blowing soon enough. A lonesome Lawman…vas te faire encule !

    So Lawman now that you’ve gotten Timmy and Tommy out of your mouth, you might as well get on your knees again because the FBI is getting ready to shove it up your ass !

    Realizing that your incestuous political thug inbreeding has made you both brainless and stupid, I would welcome your attempting to avoid defending the indefensible next time you visit here on Slabbed. Oh… I forgot… your not going to post again…

    Obtenez une putain de vie…vas te faire encule et l’ane tu montes dans le.


  11. Gallygate.

    Ok, some things to note here – just for conspiratorial fun:

    See the TP’s followup by Russell to Zurik reporting Mintz as the culprit.

    Gordon Russell covers political corruption stories, not Bourbon Street misfirings.

    Russell did not report the original story, McCarthy did.

    McMarthy left out basic details like who, how, when. Or maybe he reported them and they were editorialized out, because there’s no there there in that original report, lots of white space.

    Cheryl Mintz is the widow of former 2 time mayoral candidate Donald Mintz.

    This Mintz story was broken by Lee Zurik. Ch. 8 had it before TP.

    Lee Zurik is (I’ve read) Cheryl Mintz’s nephew and is good, close friends with Fred Heebe and Jennifer Sneed. Fred Heebe is trying to get a (no exaggeration) 20 year, 166 Million Dollar landfill contract through JP’s council right now, the apex of a near 20 year struggle to do so. The landfill contract used to belong to the Marcello family.

    John Georges who now owns Gal’s made some of his fortune from gambling and entertainment companies bought from…. the Marcello family.

    Young is Council Chairman and will soon be parish president, perhaps signing or executing the contract he himself passed.

    Now does Fred Heebe potentially profit from potentially having John Young in his political debt? Or not?

    Zurik has admitted (I’ve read) in his report – but the TP does not state in theirs – that Julie Quinn, John Young and Helena Moreno were there together at Gal’s when it happened.

    Helena Moreno is an ex newsgirl, now politician. Does she know Zurik? Probably. We know Cheryl Mintz does.

    The Quinn/Young story was already out there, hence the need for exculpation.
    Despite Channel 8 having had a solid year of investigative reporting exposing corruption in JP government, since Zurik came on board they have done almost no such stories. Zurik has never done any investigative reporting in JP government.

    Jennifer Sneed’s sister works for…….. (Drumroll)… Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

    Mitch Landrieu controls the police department – the supposed source for Russell’s report.

    Yeah. Ridiculous, right?

  12. On much Higher Ground:

    Why did the gunfire story (posted by Mr. Brendon McCarthy, T-P, 09/24/2010) at Galatoire’s become so virulent on the blogs ? I suggest that the confluence of an unprofessional newspaper reporter along with his negligent employer, the T-P, fueled the deep seeded frustration and distrust that Jefferson Parish voters and taxpayers justifiably have of their elected officials. And yes, there was and is the never ending debate of one’s right, or not, to bear arms. This story could only percolate !

    Assuming that the most recent T-P article, 09/27/2010 written by Mr. Gordon Russell, is an accurate account of the facts, both Mr. McCarthy and his bosses should appologize to Ms. Quinn, Mr. Young and Ms. Morena for their failure to clarify and report the specific facts of that occurrence in the first instance. And likewise, those posters who claim to have been present at the time the gun was discharged, confused by the sudden events that transpired, should also recognize their error.

    I, of course, was inclined to believe that this could be some sort of “cover-up”; where the political entitlement class typically gets a pass. In this case though, it seems it is the socially elite class of New Orleans that will get a pass. According to Mr. Garry Flot, a spokesman for the NOPD, “….charges are unlikely, although it will be up to Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro to decide.”

    An imagined faux cover-up devolves into the probability of no consequences for the people who believe they are not like us, politically and/or socially…and that’s what begets more frustration and more distrust !

    And yes, a Public Official, such as the District Attorney, who fails and/or refuses to perform one’s sworn duty under oath of office, to uphold and enforce the law, passively, by such omission, “covers up.”

  13. It is a sad state of affairs when your food is not only insufficiently cooked, but is not even dead yet!

    Good to see somebody with some initiative!

    I don’t have a problems with someone wanting to carry a gun in their purse. The lack of gun safety I do have an issue with.

    From searching around I see that Ms. Quinn’s father is Bruce Unangst who served as the first Parish President of St. Tammany.

  14. Well the handgun turns out to be a derringer, small but leathel! Since registered gun owners should know the law about giving up their weapon in a business that serves alcohol, that must be answered to and punishment must be made by the civil law enforcement.

    Further, since most derringers and revolvers have an exposed hammer and no safety they can discharge when dropped and the hammer strikes a hard surface. Anyone having a revolver of this type should keep the chamber under the firing pin empty as when the hammer is cocked it will go to a chamber with a round in it. No accidental discharge! For a derringer one would have to keep it on half cock if they have that feature that would lock the hammer from going forward. If the firearm doesn’t have that feature, then one could put a dampening material on the hammer to make it almost imposible to fire in a dropping incident. This could be a short piece of rubber tubing that could fit over the hammer to prevent this and still would not interfer with proper working when needed.

    However, unless that individual had personal threats or was in a dangerous area they need not to have been carrying at that time as they are breakingthe law. I believe the only individuals that do not give up their weapon and carry at all times are enforcement officers in all branches of government, local, state or federal! Handgun saftey is a requirement of owing a handgun of any type.

  15. Galitoire’s should be fire-bombed, when it is empty of course. There is no better representation of the anachronistic, blue-blooded, New Orleans aristocracy (okay, maybe the Boston Club). And the only thing more irritating than an old-line, New Orleans, self-important, entitled-feeling blue-blood, is someone who wants to be one. The “look at me-ism” that pervades Galitoire’s, and then the post-lunch cocktails at The Old Absinthe House, has become a real caricature.

    I do not want to see any harm come to the Mintz lady. But I have to agree; had this occurred at the Sugar Shack on Downman Road, somebody would be in trouble.

  16. I’m one who does not want anyone harmed. However, the law should & must be enforced. I also believe that to have a carry permit one should be made to attend a credited firearms class a minimum of every two years if they have not fired their weapon except for practice and then if used in protection recertified immediately thereafter. We require renewal of drivers license with testing at a prescribed interval and they are for what is considered not a leathel weapon but has the potential to harm others.

    The need to review and test their knowledge of carry laws should be required annually. Handling a device for protection should be with the clear thought to when, where & how it should be fired.

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