23 thoughts on “Margie Seemans gives the business to the Jefferson Parish Council over their conflicts of interest”


    People of Jefferson Parish, Margie will lead us, the tired, the down trodden, the abused citizens of Jefferson Parish to the promised land
    of Jefferson Parish politicans who understand & practice accountability and transparency and deliver us from the bonds & chains of our Parish Council..!

  2. The video ended, but I’m assuming the council’s response was the same as it has been each and every time she points out their double dealing and illegality; they do not say anything. Jim Letten should call Margie Seeman and ask her advice on RICO. Bell, California . . . Bell, Bell, Bell!

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeee If FOX NEWS or the F.B.I. gets hold of this video the Porteous’ hearing on C-span or the Bell, California political corruption scandal will seem pale in comparison. Is the Council dumb and dumbmer or what? Or do they have confidence that JP D.A. Connick and/or U.S.Attorney Jim Letten are not about to prosecute them for their intentinal violation of JP laws ? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Gee the same bunch that gave away Ashton’s family rights to their batture property to their friends to build very expensive camps that ar probably not taxed and also block Ashton from removing them. The COE & the State & Jefferson Council have all allowed these folk on property they do not own in violation of all law and reason. They have also sold rights to that property to others for a river crossing tower for some $28,000 or more to various squatters located there. Best of all the permits granted to some from the COE were issued using a permit no longer valid due to expiration date! We have such great government officials!

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee Thank you Unslabbed!!!!!! Calling Larry Haas ++++++++++++++++++Calling Larry Haas++++++++ Mr. Haas, the SlabbedNation has laid before you a YouTube video so you can cite it in you upcoming speeches or TV commercials.You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to be elected Parish president, only honesty and integrity!!!!!!! I’d love to see O’Reilly interview all 7 Council persons but especially Council Chairman Young, who fails to answer Margie’s truthful allegations except to always say,” Thank you maam”. John Young’s silence if deafing and displays to all of JP’s potential voters, now and in the future,that his true dedication is not to the Charter and Ordinances of Jefferson Parish or to the law abiding JP citizens, but only to his own stubborn arrogance. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. curious, you nailed it completely on Young- sadly another Aaron B. for Jefferson Parish..but I’m afraid the J.P. sheeple are just not ready to be lead out of their bondage yet..

    Mr Haas, as our New Orleans Saints would say – FINISH STRONG.

  7. I first became interested in this matter some 9 months ago after reading several postings by UNSLABBED about the Council’s continued disregard for the law relating to this provision in the JP Code of Ordinances, Section 23 PERSONNEL, Article 5 ETHICAL STANDARDS, Div. 3 Elected Officials:

    Sec. 23-132.1. – Abstention or statement by certain elected officials relative to campaign contributors.

    “Whenever any member of the Jefferson Parish Council, in the discharge of an official legislative duty, is called upon to vote on a matter which would economically benefit any person who has made campaign contribution(s) to said council member during the forty-eight (48) months prior to the date of the vote, which contribution(s), in the aggregate, exceeds the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), the council member shall abstain from the vote on the matter affecting said person or shall submit to the parish clerk immediately prior to said vote a statement signed by the council member stating the reasons why said member’s vote would be fair, objective and in the public’s interest. The parish clerk shall cause the council member’s statement to be recorded in the official journal of the parish or in the minutes of the parish council. For the purposes of this section, “person” shall mean an individual, partnership, association, labor union, political committee, corporation or other legal entity, including their successors and assigns.”

    (Ord. No. 18702,

  8. Whit: More bad advice from Gruntz Barton and Wilkinson to the JP Council! Just do a “blanket” statement and not every meeting but every 4 years.

    Gruntz is known for flubbing it and then tossing a lateral to high-priced outside counsel to clean up his mess. What does he care? It is not his money! He retires in 2011. Unless of course River Birch trips him up too. He was, after all, Deputy Parish Attorney at the time this all went down.

    Barton is incompetent, lazy and worthless. And she does not care a whit about anyone other than herself. And OMG, she also was Deputy Parish Attorney at the time River Birch went down. And rumor has it there are documents with her name on them discussing the contract/deal. Methinks she doth protest “no records found” too much.

    The mentality has been that the Parish Attorney’s Office was their private playground. They believed that they could ‘interpret’ the law as they chose to fit the wants of their friends. Only their friends are now learning that you lie with dogs you get fleas: These nincompoops gave their own friends bum advice. OMG how hilarious.

    On the topic of ‘interpreting’ the law: newsflash! The Constitution of the United States of America is the LAW OF THE LAND. The Judiciary Branch of the US enforces it as cases are brought before it. The Legislative Branch of the US makes the nuts and bolts everyday mini-laws that conform with the Constitution. The Executive Branch is nothing more than the maintenance crew who makes sure the trash is picked up and the country runs in an orderly fashion according to the Constitutionally guaranteed rights. At least that is my simplistic view. Nonetheless, all three of those Branches are MY EMPLOYEES. They work for me, dammit and they damn well better start realizing that fact and acting like it.

    I am not amused by the shenanigans in Jefferson Parish. I am likewise not amused by the shenanigans in Baton Rouge. I am appalled at the shenanigans in Washington, DC.

    The Jefferson Parish Administration has been nothing but an embarrassment. The worker bees are humiliated and intimidated daily, the citizens are ignored and ridiculed at Council Meetings ( and all other officially called meetings) while the overpaid fat cats and their kittens continue to pretend all is well in the world.

    Between the bad hair, ridiculous shoes ( FMPs as they were called in my day) and clearly ignorant abuse of the English language I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Not being the crying type I guess I will just prepare my explanations for the inevitable inquiries from my friends around the world who wonder if I have lost my mind to remain in this godforsaken hellhole (HT View From Hell) and who also want to know if these people are as ignorant, unethical and uncouth as they appear on CSpan.

    The answers are: I am diligently searching for my mind and hope this is a temporary insanity from which I will emerge soon and a resounding YES they are that ignorant, unethical and uncouth. Actually, the TV cameras were kind.

    Thankfully there are people like the M & M sisters to whom I can point with pride.

  9. I am only passing this along as a story which appeared on NOLA.com in the New Orleans Metro Crime & Courts News section. Title of the article in the New Orleans Metro Crime section is “Gun goes off in Galatoire’s during Friday Lunch”. the article is submitted by Times Picayune writer Brendan McCarthy on 9/24/2010, 458 PM. There are a number of poster comments which follow the article itself.

    The purpose of calling this to attention of the Slabbed nation is supposedly the gun that went off belonged to Julie Quinn who was having lunch with JOHN YOUNG and Helena Marino in Galatoire’s Restaurant this past Friday.

    Obviously, as per comments which follow the brief newspaper article, some of the posters claim to have been in the restaurant at the time Ms. Quinn’s gun went off. And, again, this all as per comments provided by posters who claim to have been there; and , YOUNG succeeded in shielding the whole thing from the press .

    Presuming this is legitimate of course, , my sense of curiousity asks me why Ms. Quinn would be carrying a firearm anyway? Was she licensed to do so..? And,if a gun went off ( be it accidently) why was she not charged with any type of crime as this breaks a statue on the books dealing with firearms.

    Anyway, yet again, assuming all of this is true, YOUNG ‘s name surfacing once again in a cover up of sorts…HMMMM….and all of this happening one week before the Parish President’s election of which Mr. YOUNG is one of the candidates..

    Just sayin..

  10. Ya gotta wonder if Julie is jealous of all the attention John’s been getting and is trying to sabotage his success. Or did she bust him and Helena? Or did he bust Julie and Helena ( don’t ask don’t tell ‘n all).

    Not at all surprised that it did not make the news BIG TIME.

    After all, a gun going off in Galatoire’s? Happens all the time. Doesn’t it.

    Waiter must have gotten a GREAT tip.

    OMG, don’t they have to make some kind of report or something with the NOPD when something like this happens?

    Is Galatoire’s in trouble? Can they lose their liquor license for not reporting.

    Oh my. Lucky they are not located in Fat City. They’d be closed down already.

  11. I can’t tell whether certain comments are “tongue-in-cheek” or not. However, as the former holder of a concealed handgun permit until the cocksucking motherfuckers who gave me the permit (the State Police) realized that I had “fingered” them in my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, and that I might USE my guns against them, following which they they REVOKED my permit. WHO REGULATES THESE COCKSUCKERS, WHO CARRY GUNS AND BADGES? Anyway, the holder of a concealed handgun permit cannot take a weapon into an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, such as a restaurant, such as Galatoire’s. To attempt compliance with the law, I would “check” my weapon at the bar or, in the case of Galatoire’s (downstairs) with the BOSS (there’s a station between the restaurant and the kitchen). Whoever’s gun went off in the newspaper article should be arrested and her permit REVOKED. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  12. Ashton: I have a concealed weapon permit. What self-respecting GRITS doesn’t? Unlike the carrier at Galatoire’s who did not ‘check’ her weapon I ,like you, know the law and follow it. That IMHO is what permitting is all about. But of course you and I don’t consider ourselves above ( or is it more aptly phrased “beyond”) the law as some elected Servants do. Yes, from now on I will only refer to elected/appointed politicos as Servants. Yours and mine I might add. Semper fi is not just for the Marines. Semper fi buddy.

  13. In conversing with some fellow travelers I liked the sound of:
    Servant Young
    Servant Theriot
    Servant Normand
    Servant Connick
    Servant Roberts

    Etc etc etc

  14. i wonder what would have happened if this same situation involved a black woman at say houston’s? i am sure she would have been given a pass.

  15. jr,

    For what ever reason you have chosen to make what happened at Gallatoire’s a racial issue. It’s not, it’s an entitlement issue ! That elected politicians, black or white, believe that the rule of law they have taken an oath of office to uphold does not apply to them !

    To be comparable, your “black ” woman would have been an elected state Senator, and the people at her table , an elected black councilman soon to be elected mayor, and the other guess a newly elected hispanic State Representative.

    Given those facts above, the “black” woman whose gun was fired in a public restaurant like Houston’s SHOULD NOT have been given a pass just as the “white” woman politician SHOULD NOT have been given a pass at Galatoire’s.

    Obtenez une putain de vie…

  16. Were the police called? Did they actually get a table after this happened? What did she say “just send the bill for the damage to my ex-husband?
    Hang a picture over the hole for future laughs!
    The assholes we elect to office and the bullshit they are allowed to get away with is funny.
    Is this what we teach our children? Don’t carry guns.
    Tar the bitch!

  17. Bayoudegradable..well, I share your outrage at how this incident was handled, and from what I have read , appears no police report, no follow up from New Orleans District Attorney’s office, etc etc.

    ANd if the T.P. ( who printed the article in their NOLA.com “NEW ORLEANS METRO CRIME & COURTS NEWS” section ) knew that it was, indeed, Julie Quinn’s gun which went off ( while with JOhn Young at Galatorie’s), then they dropped the ball on reporting that. If indeed it was Julie Quinn/John Young, that’s BIG news especially since YOUNG IS CURRENTLY RUNNING FOR JEFFERSON PARISH PRESIDENT ON A PLATFORM of ETHICS, REFORM, and TRUTH & ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Where I do disagree with your post is in your words : “The assholes we elect to office and the bullshit we let them get away with is funny.”

    Agreed, we do elect ASSHOLES TO OFFICE..( again, our fault with that one, although, admittedly, we don’t many respectable choices to choose from in south Louisiana for any elected office(particularly in Jefferson Parish) …) but , in my view, it’s not funny what they get away with..in many cases , it is AGAINST THE LAW and that is not funny.

    Case in point, just last Wednesday, the entire Jefferson Parish Council (including Mr. REFORM candidate JOHN YOUNG) blatantly violated Parish Law by breaking a Parish Ordinance. I don’t consider that funny, I consider that criminal.

    And, I will convey that thought to the State’s Attorney General’s office today when I file a formal complaint on ALL Jefferson Parish Council members for criminal misconduct while in office.

  18. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee Mr. Peaboby, Lee Zirik, says the woman whose gun discharged was not Julie Quinn but that Julie was there, as per a friend who says she talked to Lee a short time ago. Who is Helena Marino? Another friend reports that the TP says it is trying to get a police report but it takes several days but will report as soon as the woman’s identity is known. The TP internet flow on the story is erractic and it won’t allow you to proceed from page to page to read all the comments. Its like the paper is trying to make it difficult to follow new comments and that it perhaps wishes all comments to stop. HHHHHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmm Gotta’ follow this to conclusion gotta be a big name.OOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee

  19. agreed, i erred in injecting the racial component. the pass certainly would have gone to black powerful in the area. since this was at a private business is it george’s call to press charges or can the police do so?

  20. Mystery solved: The woman who dropped the gun was none other than Cheryl Mentz of Hurwitz-Mentz socialite fame. Julie Quinn happened to be waiting for a table and nearly became a victim of Ms. Mentz’s recklessness.

  21. Newsflash: Donald MINTZ ( deceased at 55 of massive heart attack) a founding partner of McGlinchey, Stafford, Mintz, Cellini & Lang then of Sessions Fishman; two time mayoral candidate was survived by wife Susan, daughter Michelle, son Arthur, his mother Leona Shlossman AND………….his sister MELANIE M. ZURIK.

    So who is Cheryl (sp?) Mintz? And now we know why Lee ZURIK felt obliged to put in his two cents.

    So Lee : did you disclose your relationship ( if any) to Cheryl(sp?)Mintz when you did the story on the gun NOT belonging to Julie Quinn?

    And I for one would like to see
    1. The police report as written at the scene
    2. Any concealed carry permits produced at the scene
    3. Statements from the parties involved.
    4. Disposition record of the incident from the NOPD, NO DA, and ATF.
    5. Any and all records as defined by and pursuant to Public Records law pertaining to this incident and maintained by the NOPD, NO DA and any La., NOLA or JP elected officials

    Cover up of a cover up of an unreported cover up. The media ( at this point TimesPicurnose and Fox 8 TV) is shameless.

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