Slabbed goes on assignment and strikes cyber gold

This is uncharacteristic of me in respects but I’ll share that we’re grinning large tonight as the cyber gods smiled upon us today. Nowdy and I have been out a good bit of late with the day jobs and family responsibilities but just like in Poltergeist we’re baaack.

It was good to meet Oyster today and to see AROD still as defiant as ever.  Also I’d like to give a shout out to our devoted readers at Blue Williams.  Your free tax advice stinks guys but would be crooks in Gucci suits get some of the best defense lawyers money can buy in the greater NOLA area.

Finally I heard today from two sources that Porteous hiring Professor Turley is the brainchild of Senator Orrin Hatch.  John Breaux was pushing Porteous for the Dems in the Senate so all that was needed to slide Judge Gabby T pOrteous on the bench was Hatch, whom I’m told was flown to New Orleans to cement the deal. Back in those days the late Wendell Gauthier, a trial lawyer extraordinaire was the man who could grease all the skids that way so his name naturally came up in the same conversation. The point to this diatribe is that both Hatch and Breaux knew Judge Gabby T pOrteous was a womanizing, drunken gambling addict yet still gave him the lifetime appointment despite it. There is no telling what shit house deal was cut to make it final. Today former Senator John Breaux has teamed up with former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott doing the lobbying thang. Hatch, remains in the Senate evidently looking to cover his ass on the Porteous debacle.

I’d like to welcome our new visitors, especially those coming from Professor Turley’s blog and via referral from the good folks at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub who linked our Gabby T pOrteous coverage.

We have another episode of Magnum JD on tap for this weekend so stay tuned.


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  1. I stopped by Turdley’s blog today (thanks for the moniker C.G.). Can anyone say sycophants? The commenters there seem to believe their hero and his shit-bag client are being railroaded by an unfair process. Turdley is no doubt brilliant, but he sucks as a trial lawyer. I hope Turdley has been paying attention because he might learn something from this guy Alan Baron, who is clearly the best trial lawyer in this proceeding. Adam Schiff is very good too. The old guy on Turdley’s team is pretty good. Most of the young, green lawyers are stiff and would lay a Turdley in front of a jury. This is not the right forum in which to give young lawyers experience.

    One of the hallmarks of an effective trial lawyer is to recognize when he/she is fighting a losing battle. All I knew about Turdley before this was that he is a talking head on TV and a con-law professor at one of these elitist law schools. In the eyes of the non-criminal/non-corrupt legal community here in Metro N.O., the guy has destroyed his own reputation. He’s condescending, pandering (addressing one convicted felon as “Judge” and another as “Reverend), exceedingly irritating, and borderline whiney.

    Orrin Hatch seems to be brain-dead; his comments are nearly incoherent. Also, these scumbags (Porteous, Amato, Creely, Mole, Lightfoot, Gardner, etc.) represent a very small minority of lawyers who practice(d) in Jefferson Parish. Turdley’s misrepresentation that the 24th JDC is somehow equated with small-town Gretna is a farce. Jefferson Parish is the largest parish in Louisiana; the courthouse just happens to be in Gretna.

    This is hard for me to admit, but I think I have more respect for Professor Ciolino than I have for Professor Turdley. Damn, saying that was like releasing a huge Turdley.

  2. The saying goes something like: “You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” Well, the Porteous “family” seems to have picked an extended “family” based solely on how much money they could give “Daddy” or “Timmy” or… Hi! Uncle Jake, Uncle Bob, Uncle Don, Uncle Louis, Aunt Lori! I hope the U.S. Department of “Injustice” prosecutes some of the witnesses for the “defense” for perjury when this sordid affair is over. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. As far as I could tell, all of the defense’s witnesses helped the prosecution. Their testimony was impeached, they were convicted or about to be.

    I am more mad that Porteus fought this stupid battle and Turdley just used it to promote himself and give his students experience at huge expense to taxpayers. While it is worth the effort to get this slime ball, I wish we had used the same effort to impeach Bush. But the likes of Porteus have to go! From here to there!

  4. There won’t be a decision on this matter until late November or early December, which means Ortous will continue to collect his paycheck until then. What earthly reason would he have to resign? He realizes he cannot cause himself or his family any more embarrassment, so why not let it ride? He’s still gaming the system; this is just a very generous severance package.

    Turdley should surrender his law license, or at the very least, stick to teaching. I did not really know who Alan Barron was before this week (beyond recognizing his name), but I am very impressed. For all lawyers who aspire to try cases, you should watch Baron’s cross-examination of “Professor” Pardo, Turdley’s/Ortous’ bankruptcy expert. Baron utterly controlled this guy. That kind of cross of an expert causes the trier of fact to forget everything the expert witness said on direct. Take it from one who’s been there, watching your expert get his ass handed to him makes you want to crawl under the table . . . unless you’re Team Turdley. One of the sycophants on his blog was touting Pardo as a great witness. La-la land.

  5. Bayou D:

    While I agree with some of what you say, your statement, “The only witness that did not cooperate was Don Gardner. He referred to himself as

  6. SHOCK P

    It is fair that we disagree on some issues. I also have lawyer friends who all disagree with your read of the Gardner Cross. Cash in the envelope-bad, Bankrupcy fraud-bad. However, a decision not to prosecute Porteous on the Bankrupcy cannot be overlooked. Justice Dennis says it all for me. Why toy with the constitution whan other methods of punishment are avaliable.

    This conviction could lead to endless investigations of appointed officials rather than deal with it by simply filing a bill of information and prosecute the illegal act?

  7. Shock P
    One last thing. If Porteous is impeached. When do we begin a similar investigation on Senator Vitter. He apparently commited a crime(s) while in office. This method of removal could change the balance in the House and Senate if powere to be want to rid themselves of those who do not play the game. Dangerous thing to have the Porteous impeachment in the books to rely upon by future House Prosecutors.

    I think the single most thing that pisses everyone off is to let this guy off with a Federal retirement check every month.

    This guy could have been tried by a court of law, convicted of a felony and then removed at a fraction of the cost to impeach. If he were to be found not guilty by a jury just move on to the next crook in JP.

    Much work to be done in JP.

    Seven to eight years to impeach is a long time. Seems like this could have been done in less time.

  8. Bayou D:

    I agree with practically every word of your last comment. I would love to see Vitter tried in a proceeding like this. Because like Ortous, Vitter got favorable treatment form the DOJ on the criminal end of it. I also believe Porteous should have been indicted, and I believed the same thing years ago, as did many lawyers who practice in JP. Look at the criminals the JP DA’s office has produced. And if you know anything, and I sense you know plenty, this can all be traced back to the kingpin . . . John Momoulides.

    If you think Ortous did not get favorable treatment, I refer you to the case of The U.S. v. Harold Molaison and David Loeb. These guys truly did nothing that would warrant criminal charges, yet their lives were turned upside down because they were indicted, went to trial, and were acquitted. I was a listed witness in that case (did not testify), so I am well aware of what pissed off Fed. prosecutors can do with the power of the Govt. In that case, the local U.S. attorney refused charges, but the hotshot D.C. DOJ guys charged Molaison and Loeb anyway. And after the DOJ got its ass kicked in at trial, the Govt. came after them in a Tax Court proceeding . . . and lost again.

    My point is that while we might not necessarily like the way this played out, Porteous was lucky not to go to jail; he never deserved to be a judge (Federal or State) to begin with. And he knew it. The words Bodenheimer claims to have heard, “If he can get approved, anyone can” were words Ortous used himself. In fact, he basically taunted the FBI for how poorly they investigated him. He did this at a CLE 10 or 11 years ago; I was there an heard it. Then in the midst of all of this in 2008, Ortous gave a CLE lecture on Katrina litigation at the JBA conference at Beau Rivage. At the conclusion he quoted his favorite line from the movie Independence Day, “Hello boys, I’m back.” It drew applause from some in attendance, but many of us just looked at one another and rolled our eyes . . . kind of like Rhonda Danos did when she picked up an envelope of cash.

    Incidentally, Rhonda was a great witness because she answered the questions without editorializing or picking a fight.

  9. Would the real Tim Porteous please stand up? The one I saw testify could not have been the same son of Judge Porteous. I do not beleive in attacking the family of the accused, but he needs to be charged and reported to the ODC for lying under oath! Judge Porteous you low life. Put your own son on the witness stand? Why didn’t he tell them the whole story? I think he and daddy took to many trips to Disney Land with Don “blinky” Gardner.

  10. Bayou “D” obviously has more insight into what makes “the Seat of Government” tick than the rest of us. The insight he has given us makes me want to PUKE. “Someone” within our own Government paying Turley to defend Porteous, and excusing the reasons for not indicting him for crimes. And the process we are watching taking 7 to 8 years. What the hell is going on here? Then “Justice Dennis” name is invoked. That cocksucker DISSENTED from Porteous’ written reprimand and suspension for two years (the Chief Judge recently extended Porteous “pay” until December 31, 2010). Dennis and the others who dissented should be under investigation by the U.S. Department of “Injustice”. I think I will withdraw into m”The Duchy of Kilnamanaugh”, and if anyone FUCKS with me, I’m going “nuclear”. Ashton O’Dwyer. (I know I didn’t spell “nuclear” correctly, but who gives a shit?). AROD

  11. Timmy Porteous needs to get down on his knees and thank GOD that everyone else in that hearing room had and has more decency than his father. If I were questioning Timmy, whether on either side of his father’s trial, I would have carved Timmy a new asshole.

    We are all like our parents for the good, the bad, and the ugly; Timmy apparently has decided to be like his father and manipulate the facts. Timmy, like most of us, comes from a dysfunctional family, and his was more dysfunctional than most. Timmy chose to do bad and not tell the truth. Timmy’s rationalization to cover for his father is the beginning of the end for him ethically. Had his father had any sense of shame, he would have not allowed his son to testify.

    His father and mother were both addicted to gambling and he knows it. The truth is that a lot of the money that the Judge squirreled off of Amato, Creely, Gardner, Levenson and so many other lawyer friends was to cover for Mrs. Judge; or as Gardner testified, to “keep up with the Jones”. Porkeous is a stone dead bulbous nose alcoholic and Timmy knows it. And need I mention what a whoremonger Judge Porkeous has always been. It’s haunting that Porkeous’ mistress for years, who practiced before him as a Federal Judge while their affair was ongoing, has to this date, no where to be mentioned !

    It is no secret that there had been family meetings to intervene and discuss all of these matters. Timmy and his brothers and sister were a part of these confrontations; let him deny that. For Timmy Porteous to testify that everything about his family life was honky-dorey and ‘perfect’ is a travesty of justice.

    Timmy, who now is an in house lawyer for LUCKY COIN (John Georges) and his brother Tommy who works for JACK CAPELLA (at another John Georges company) are being taken care of by Daddy’s friends. I don’t know about the latest status of Michael’s court running business since his father’s not around to strong arm law firms and lawyers to use his services.

    Timmy, let me give you some advice son: you can love your father, BUT you have a choice not to be like your father…think about it…

  12. I must chime in on the assessment by Bayou D. While I agree that David Vitter is vile and should have been punished in some way for his “serious sin,” that has absolutely nothing to do with this impeachment trial and the embarrassment that it has brought upon the legal community in our State. I can tell you that, as a lawyer of over 20 years, these vermin do not in any way represent the “Gretna legal culture.” I have never had lunch with a judge or stuffed money in a judge’s pocket, yet I have managed to win a few cases in Gretna where, presumably, there was a level playing field.

    The defense in this case has been a complete and abject failure. When you call a convicted felon in defense of your reputation, you are doomed. Bodenheimer was completely remorseless, and Senator McCaskill shoved his self-serving speech up his ass. Moreover, contrary to Bodenheimer’s crowing of what a “great prosecutor” he was, we now know that he was not, as evidenced by the reversals of several of his death penalty cases.

    Don Gardner was a loud-mouthed, arrogant punk, and I totally agree with Sock’s assessment of what kind of witness he made. I can tell you, Bayou, that if that had been my witness on the stand, I would have been crawling under the table in embarrassment. Talking over a lawyer questioning, arguing with the questioner, and being rude are all hallmarks of an ineffective, crappy witness. Schiff looked so polished and effective, not because of time or money to prepare, but because the witnesses for Porteous were so freaking bad.

    Then, the cherry on top was Professor Dane Ciolino. Why on God’s green earth Turley called him, I will never know. As a trial attorney, you usually talk to your “expert” beforehand to see what they will say. You learn their opinions beforehand. It was as if Turley did not even speak to him in advance. Ciolino gave, as the first Senator pointed out, an “antiseptic” opinion. The Senator wisely asked Ciolino “Well, our opinions have been interesting, but let’s apply them to this case (which is what stupid Turley should have done).” Ciolino then proceeded to nuke Porteous and Gardner. He even called the $30K referral fee to Tommy Wilkinson “grossly unethical” – which would seem to make out a prima facie case of disbarrment for all of those scumbags.

    Again, Bayou, I think you are seeing this trial through rose colored glasses. I do not know what your profession is, but as one who has been in the “trial trenches” and seen a lot of good and a lot of bad, this was bad. Also, as a final takeaway, I pray and hope that the rest of the country does not see this as representative of the same old sleaze in Louisiana. God save us if they do.

  13. To all above:

    This whole mess mskes me want to PUKE also. If you, as a lawyer, have ever given a judge a campaign contribution you have given him/her a bribe and you know it. No one has ever paid for me to get a job. You know how it works. You get the call from the campaign committee member under direction of the judge and you feel pressured and you pay. Same old same old with these contractors, lawyers and CPA’s that give to councilmembers. Go see who gets all of the work after election time.

    To show you how selective prosecution takes place you need to ask the questions posed above.

    Why wasen’t Porteous Prosicuted along with Bodenheimer and Green?

    I wonder why wasen’t Vitter given “forced immunity” to testify in the DC madam’s case?

    The fix.

    Rose Colored glasses? Can I make it more clear to you that Porteous is a fat piece of shit waiting to explode all over everyone? He is like the guy who cut the fart in the elevator. You really need to look into what is going on in DC with this case.


    Who was taking care of the Bail Bond people after Porteous left for Federal Court (1994) until Bodrnheimer was elected? Could that be why Bruce Nettervill is listed as a witness? AND who was he married to (hint Miss Piggy). How the hell did she get out of the wrinkled robe investigation? Can you say Lawrence? Again the fix. (Oh my God I hope I don’t loose my job for saying that)

    So we continue to live under the selective prosecution theory of at will prosecution and that is why I think like Justice Dennis. That other things should have been done to take care of the Porteous matter than fuck with the constitution. If you commit a crime you should be charged. Screw this grand jury stuff. Just charge the offender and get it on or move on!


    1. Likewise Oyster. The day will come when I can roll out what I happened upon. 🙂

      I had to do a double take when I checked stats this morning. People are paying attention to the Porteous aspect of this post.

      I agree, given the grounds used to take out Tom Porteous, this is selective prosecution. The reality is Porteous is being impeached because he is a fat hog. He squealed to the point that Edith and her band of dingbats could not ignore him.

      Barbara Ann has been consistently making a similar point that Porteous’ behavior is not far from the norm in the State and Federal NOLA area courts.

      I’ll add that despite all that my experiences with the local bar is quite the opposite. That Gretna style meme may sum up the crooks including Chris “Sand Berm” Roberts and soon to be indicted Tom Wilkinson but it doesn’t portray an accurate picture.

      There are far more guilty parties in that Senate chamber besides those pigs Porteous and Bodenheimer.


  14. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeee Dear Bayoudegradable( you wouldn’t work for BP oil would you?)— I’d rather see one corrupt, arrogant Porkyotous judge prosecuted then ten thousand repentent Vitters anyday. Porkyotous sat in judgment of thousands of accused yet he allowed the bail bondsmen to find out what the highest bond was that the accused/and or family could pay and then set that amount to the benefit of the bail bondsman. That was an activity pointed out in comment by the Senate panel as being the lowest of the low. Vitter yes is a hypocrite in morales after he criticized Gov. Edwards for womanizing then paid for the same; but Vitter admitted it before this nation and I for one find that at least redeeming.Porkyotous refuses to admit anything and brings his children and all the childrens’ famous ethically corrupt Uncle attorneys in as character witnesses to praise his supposedly good name. That’s Prima Faciae flat out pukable !!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. From the the Government’s Mr. Shiffty, Mr. Didbuster and Mr. Alan Moron to Porteous’ Mr. Turdley and his anal robot associates, this proceeding reeks of incompetent and unaware counsel.

    As a result I have given more attention to the questions asked by the Senators themselves. I am particularly attentive to and impressed with Sen. Risch’s ability to see the ‘buffalo’ in the living room. (I took the liberty of substituting buffalo for elephant given Sen.Risch is a lawyer/rancher from the west, and is the junior Senator from Idaho since 2008). Sen. Risch’s understated mannerisms and pointed questions about the obvious are particularly refreshing given the performance of clowns I previously mentioned.

    Having just read comments by Bayou and Imaangry, I am reminded of my favorite question asked to date. We learned from Bodenheimer’s testimony that he became a Judge for the Marcotte’s in 1999; and that the Marcotte’s Judge Porkeous left the 24th JDC in 1994. Sen. Risch, after hearing Bodenheimer’s regurgitated and repulsive accounting of his ‘bonding’ with the Marcottes, asked the most simple of questions which I will paraphrase below:


    To which Bodenheimer replied that he didn’t know !; and he stated that under oath and without immunity ! Really Ronnie, I would have thought you would have learned something from your time in prison. Apparently your arrogance is too ingrained; that the only thing you did wrong was to get caught. You couldn’t remember the name of your best buddy Netterville’s infamous former wife, none other than Miss Piggy, SUSAN CHEHARDY ?

    The question’s probative value is to make a more complete record of the Marcotte’s contiguous timeline of influence with certain Judges in the 24th JDC. Obviously Bodenheimer did not hear the testimony of Aubry Wallace, who as driver for the Marcotte’s, remembered very well picking up Judge Chehardy at the side door of the Courthouse to escort her to the restaurant de jour; and he did this for years!

    I’ll be back with more of the sideline questioning by Sen. Risch and other Senators later.

  16. I don’t understand the statement that Ortous’ defense is pro bono. He filed a motion, which was denied, asking that certain costs be paid. The Senate denied it. People who make $174,000 per year usually don’t qualify for pro bono work. I would assume witnesses like Ciolino and Pardo have been paid, or expect to be paid, by Ortous.

    I would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me on who is being paid and by whom they are being paid. Are we to believe that Turdley team is not being paid at all?

  17. The comments to this Post just keep getting “curioser and curioser”. If “Susan Chehardy” and those of her ilk is where all of this Porteous stuff is going, I’ll be sorely disappointed. Porteous, Bodenheimer, Green, et al are “bottom-feeders” who put their integrity (and personal freedom, in the cases of Bodenheimer and Green – why Porteous wasn’t in that number still baffles me) on the line for “peanuts”, in the big scheme of things. 500 Poydras Street on the other hand houses a “higher class of crook”, who play for “the big bucks”, which make Porteous look like the “piker” he is. Sure, if another State Court Judge took over where Porteous left off with the Marcottes, then he or she deserves to be pilloried, but let’s focus on 500 Poydras Street first, please. (Kind of like Letten focusing on the former airport Director and his wife, but letting – no pun intended – Sherman Coplein and Cleo Fields “skate”). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  18. Whitmergate gets it as usual. As I said earlier today Miss. Piggy buttered the bread for Louis. Louis M. was the best man in Miss. Piggy’s wedding when she married Netterville. Wrinkled robe was a joke. It gave the appearance that things were out of controll in the 24th JDC and they shut it down when in fact the politico’s were just starting. This Porteous thing is doing the same thing. It is directing your attention AWAY from the stench in JP government as a whole.

    Bruce Alpert of the TP has a headline about “Lap Dances” at a bachelor party? The “Gretna Mentality”. Like the 24th JDC only services Gretna lawyers. Gretna has been sucked up by a 750,000 merto population. As to lap dances well I suspect much worse goes on in DC, how about it Davie. WTF anyway!

    This is not about Gretna folks it is about inept investigations by the FBI and John Breaux getting his guy into club 500. I say make them dance with the one they brought to the party.

    Don’t let this TP rag reporter “Fat Alpert”, no matter how many bullshit articles he may write, make everyone forget about the Broussard gang. That is what the TP is trying to do!

    No I do not work for BP and hope it goes into the tank! What don’t you understand about which I write? Shure Porteous has to pay for trial witnesses. He has a rich girlfriend if you can beleive that! He will show up with a Capella job after this is over just like his 2 lawyer children.

    The issue with Ciolino is to show that the Gardner-Mole contract was unethical, but not known by Porteous to exist. The articles of impeachment seem to make things that do not fit blend together. Gardner is to stupid to understand that Porteous is still using him and by his testimony threw him under the bus. He will have more to worry about than a bump on the head and a hurt leg after the unfortunate but timely fall he experienced.

    Porteous should have spent some time out with Bodenheimer, BUT he had some good friends who could move mountains for him. Similar to Miss. Piggy who we elected to the State 5th Circuit after hearing her name and association to Louis M over and over again by Martha Slutsassone when the two ran against each other. For all I know Porteous slimed away with the push back by the Pig. Don’t mess with the Pig’s family! They have been selling shit to the sewer plant for years.

  19. Sock P come on. No, Turley wears make up under the C-Span spot light. Eye, face and all. Go figure! He gets made up more than most of our wives when we go to a special function.

    They even started putting make up on Porteous’ blotched bald head to try to make him look good.

    Turley and his band of student lawyers have done more to expose JP cronyism than the whole fucking Justice Department, including the Female Body Inspectors (FBI).

  20. Sen. Risch questioned Claude Lightfoot relative to his present status with the Louisiana Bar. The Senator seemed genuinely concerned whether Lightfoot had been subject to any disciplinary proceeding considering Lightfoot had counseled his clients, Judge Porkeous and his wife, to commit perjury in signing the bankruptcy petition. A document Lightfoot also signed himself; an act of perjury in collusion with his clients. When asked by Sen. Risch about what, if any, action had been taken by the La.ODC, Lightfoot said that he had received a letter TWO YEARS ago. This letter presumedly gives notice of a complaint; the letter had been responded to, and the file remains “open”. Upon Sen. Risch asking asking Lightfoot what type of action he anticipated the La.ODC to take…would he lose his license to practice law ? Lightfoot, rather incredulously, replies that he hopes not because he is too young to retire !

    Sen. Udall, like Sen. Risch, addressed his concerns of what actions were being taken by the La.ODC regarding questionable conduct by certain lawyers in these proceedings. Sen. Udall was told by Don Gardner that he, like Lightfoot, had received a letter TWO YEARS ago. Gardner further testified that his lawyer had responded by letter to the La.ODC, setting forth arguments of why he did not violate legal and/or ethical standards in his conduct as it relates to the Porkeous’ impeachment. Like Lightfoot, Gardner’s file remains “open”.

    What is disturbing to me is what was inferred and/or implied by both Lightfoot and Gardner: that any further investigation of possible unethical conduct by them may be predicated upon the outcome of the Porkeous impeachment VOTE ! It’s almost as though Plattsmier is delaying to cover for his negligent and selective prosecution of only certain members of the bar with regards to Porkeous. There is absolutely no excuse at this late date, not to have proceeded to have Lightfoot disbarred in lieu of his confessing perjury. As to Gardner, who testified he gave money to Porkeous, received curatorships, and there’s that matter about the Liljeberg fee, Plattsmier should be guided by the same standards and tactics he threatened to use against Amato and Creely and do his job now as he saw fit then.

    AS A FOOTNOTE: What was Gardner expected to do at the Liljeberg trial ? Gardner says he was very active in representing Lifemark’s interests; Mole testified that Don did nothing and was only expected to show his face, which he did. Period. In Gardner’s testimony in responding to several of the Senators’ questions about that $100,000 cameo appearance fee as set forth in Mole’s proposed fee structure on behalf of his client Lifemark we are told that Gardner “kicked back” to Tom Wilkinson a $30,000 referral fee. What the Senators want to know is what did Wilkinson do to earn a fee of $30,000 ? Gardner, in answering, proceeds to confuse this fee with all the other alleged fees he has split with Wilkinson in the past; that their alleged prior working relationship facilitates a co-mingling of fees to wash this $30,000 ethically clean. Sen. Risch realizing he was not going to get a straight answer evidenced by Gardner’s repeated convoluted machinations about his working relationship with Wilkinson, finally concedes that Gardner has won this point. BUT I wonder… what if Sen. Risch had known that Gardner only recently, within the last few months, sent a letter to Wilkinson demanding the return of $27,000 of that $30,000, how would this have played out ? Apparently $3,000 was not asked to be returned; and, that Wilkinson was to retain this guesstimate of the fee he was entitled to in consideration of an hourly rate for X hours he most probably spent hustling the case. Or was it a ruse by Gardner to have it appear on paper that he did not consider the $30,000 an unearned referral “kick back” fee ?

    Mr. PLATTSMIER get your head out your ass and DO YOUR JOB !

  21. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeee Thank you Bayou for your comment on the makeup team working on Porkyotous and Turdley but more so on Porkyotous. And to think I blogged just the other day that they ‘should put some powder on Porkyotous’ face’ to cover those spots and redness caused by too many free Absolutes at the Beef Connection. I’m curious now what he would look like under the lights naturally? – would be like an original Perry Mason horror movie with Perry (Turdley) trying to get the Marcotte’s to admit they were at fault in creating this horrific monster who sucked the life blood, Absolutes and money out of all the Uncle Bobs and Uncle Jakes in a peaceful little town of Gretna, La.. NOTE: Mr. Plattsmier of the ODC, if Senator Risch can sniff out unethical conspiracy to commit perjury by Porkyotous’ bankruptcy attorney, Claude “Bigfoot” Lightfoot, and the U.S.Justice Department can remove “Bigfoot” from his federally appointed U.S. Chapter 7 Trusteeship post Porkyotous’ fraudulent bankruptcy petition, why can’t you remove “Bigfoot’s” law license?

  22. George, that’s a damn funny comment. I would think Grenta officials might be enraged that their fair city is becoming synonymous with blood, money and Absolut-sucking monsters. Especially considering this has very little to do with the City of Gretna and more to do with Jefferson Parish. I wonder if any of these guys (Schiff, Turdley, etc.) realize how far its is from West Kenner to Grand Isle?

  23. OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooowweeeeeeeee Sock, and the movie could even be shot here in JP on actual locations(Beef Connection, 24th JDC etc.) and Ms. Gegenheimer, JP’s movie coordinator ($100,000/yr who gets the parish to possibily pay her way to Cannes, France occasionally ?) on the 10th Floor of the Yenni Bldg. could be Director and promoter of the film. And all the Uncle Bobs, Uncle Jakes and clan could play themselves especially at holiday times ( are there enough envelopes in JP for all the cash gifts?)and Porkyotous could show us how many Absolutes he could drink at lunch and still not slip off the bench.You are right about little Gretna and the fact that it only represents the tip of the iceberg in considering the larger JP corruption problem. In fact, Gretna Mayor Ronnie Harris should be complimented on the way he and other city officials shot down the recent outrageous full time contract offer of their part-time city counsel and school board member, Mark Morgan, after Sop and the SlabbedNation exposed the ridiculousness of the contract considering Mark maintains a private practice on the side also. OOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Don “Blinky” Gardner and Claude Lightfoot are just a few. Look to the House Members deposition testimony of Dick Chopin! Now there is a name never mentioned and, least I FORGET Lenny Cline .

    I beleive there is an uptown chap named Bahynum also on the Chopin team who made all the rest look like cheapos. Private air travel hunting big game and sadly cases in the Porteous court. No, Chuck wont go there. In fact Chopin takes out advertisement in City Business of late and really rubs Chuck’s face in the dirt. VERY SELECTIVE. I beleive Whitmergate did a piece on this some time ago.

    More to fall tomorrow.

  25. B. Degradable:

    Do you care to venture a guess as to what kind of helpful testimony make-up face Turdley thinks he can get out of Momoulides and Tiemann?

  26. You got me. Sock. This is like being in the world of OZ, like everything else that goes on in DC, but to go into detail at half time may not make sense. I had a few “Vodka drinks” this evining. SOOOO let’s see tomorrow. Read my first post or two. You will get my drift.

  27. Sock, this I know:

    The only references to Joe Tiemann (an absolute Chehardy whore) is what I read in Louis Marcotte’s deposition taken on August 2, 2010. On page 33, ln 10, he states that he remembered delivering shrimp to Judge Tiemann when he began working for Rock Hebert’s bond business in the 1970’s. Subsequent to his moving up in the bond business Louis also states that Judge Tiemann was among many of the Judges in the 24th JDC he began having lunch with, pg 37, ln 7-8.

    Assuming Mamou does in fact show up in Washington to give testimony, truthful answers by Mamou about Porkeous could not help; lying will only put Mamou in jeopardy. And we should all take notice that Mamoulides was the DA of Jefferson Parish as Rock Hebert’s bond business was slowly but surely being taken over by Lori and Louis Marcotte. He was the DA some 28 years for Christ sake; and he did nothing to interfere or intervene with this web of corruption engulfing the Judiciary. Why ? Because he himself is the present Godfather of JP corruption (Connick is his devoted disciple) Most of the Judges came out of his office and he had them politically anointed to the Bench. I can tell you having been there as this transition was unfolding you could feel the sleaze oozing off of Mamoulides and his proteges. I’m truly in suspense waiting to hear what the evil-one, Mamou, will say !

  28. Just so you’ll know Bayou, Pelican will be attending the hearings scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. He assures me that Plattsmier will be there as usual, with his head up his ass, as we hear from another round of Jefferson Parish lawyers who are severely ethically challenged, including Mamoulides, x-DA JP; Tiemann, x-Judge JP; and Lenny Levenson who was with Amato showing his face before Porkeous on behalf of Liljeberg.

    The Nation will yet again get to see and hear from some of Jefferson Parish’s “finest”; giving first hand knowledge testimony of how acceptable it is to peddle influence in this corrupt cesspool known as the 24th JDC and by extention the US Courts of the EDLA.

    And talking about the corrupt party Porkeous has had on the Federal Bench, it’s unfortunate that the Government’s incompetent and incomplete presentation was not more inclusive of the litany of dishonorable, despicable and impeachable offenses that Porkeous committed while at Club 500. Why was the volumes of incriminating conduct by Porkeous as a Federal Judge (aside from his bankruptcy and Liljeberg) not brought before this Senate Committee? Where’s the record of Porkeous being courted by Dick Chopin’s and Patrick Baynham’s clients (Diamond and Rowan) to hunting trips, meals and gifts; handing Lenny Cline large Plaintiff Judgements while Cline is giving him an expensive shotgun and cruises and meals and drinks and who knows what else. And what about that girlfriend, how come she’s not having to face the nation too ?

    Quel putain de saloperie ! Where’s that other bottle of Rebel Yell…

  29. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeee Whit, Porkyotous’ new girlfriend is probably readings these posts as we speak but I wonder if she will still fine him “funny and entertaining”, as some of his other friends have commented before the panel, after these hearings and if she thinks she will ever get back the money she has probably loaned him to put on his elaborate Turdley defense team? Can someone tell me why wouldn’t Porkyotous just resign now and take his retirement when ever as opposed to fighting impeachment and risk losing it all ? Is it because he has no money to live on till his retirement age? Couldn’t he just meet some friends for lunch in Gretna for a few years until he reaches retirement age? With his looks he could also just put on an old coat and live at the Ozanam Inn on Camp street just a few blocks down the road where he at one time sat on HIS THRONE? Is Las Vegas giving any odds on his impeachment and if so what’s the current line and is Porkyotous betting against himself because of Turdley’s performance? These are questions curious minds are asking?OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. Curious– Hope you all understand by now Porteous is paying for only a few witnesses. Ceilino, of course, does not lay down for free. He like most hookers get @ $300.00 per hour. But the rest testified today they are only chargibg for travel expenses.

    This is a high profile “Pro Bono” team who got jump started by powers to be?

    As for the girlfriend, well, to be kind, must be very needy to pick up with Porteous. By now she must begin to think “should I be tested for STD”? Or can he still do it even with a double dose of V?

  31. The entire defense was a joke. Team Turdley could not have imagined what an embarrassment this would turn into. Orrin Hatch’s brain was stolen by aliens.

  32. If this was a jury trial, the jury would be out as long as it takes to elect a foreperson and take a leak – please rise, Mr. Porteous, for the verdict.

    My grade schooler could have put together a better defense. How embarrassing for Team Turdley and for all of Louisiana!

  33. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeee I’m still checking Las Vegas to see what the betting line is on Porkyotous but have not found a line as of yet.I have a few nanas’ to place on the prosecuting team and the Senate that they flush him.What worries me is if Porkyotous and all the Uncles bet several evelopes full against him and there goes my winning odds. Could this be like Paul Newman’s movie “The Sting” and Porkyotous makes a bundle on Las Vegas in a surprise ending. Or does Porkyotous have another surprise ending that’s been rumored about? OOOOOOOOOOOOOooowweeeeeeeee

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