Jim Brown

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Reggie Bush gave up his Heisman trophy this week. If you don’t know anything about him, Bush is the star running back for the NFL’s Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints. His press release, obviously written by the PR folks with the Saints, made Bush sound almost like he was accepting the award for the first time. He praised the Heisman, his coach, his team, the fans, and everyone else, including an endorsement of the American way. But someone needs to tell Reggie he is doing us no favors. He repeatedly broke the rules. And he is a terrible example for kids all over the country who aspire to play college sports.

Bush, in his college days, was an All American at the University of Southern California, and he and his family are accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from sports agents in direct violation of NCAA rules. One particular agent, Mike Ornstein, funneled money to Bush’s family for a number of trips, all which were illegal. So what’s he doing now? He is still gainfully employed as the agent for New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, who is Bush’s current coach. At least they keep it all in the family. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Judge Barbier can lead a “new Louisiana way”…

With Louisiana way’ on full display at Judge Thomas Porteous’ trial and the news that the  Initial federal court hearing in BP oil spill is this afternoon, I’ve given some thought to what Judge Barbier can do to make the “right way” the new “Louisiana way”:

1. Brown bag lunch versus “the Louisiana way”:

“Marcotte, his sister and associate Lori, and several former employees of Bail Bonds Unlimited testified that they treated Porteous to many meals…”

2. Carpool with other judges or take a taxi versus “the Louisiana way”:

“BBU employees would pick up his car from the courthouse, have it detailed or have the oil changed for free, then drop it off…”

3.  Install brick or metal fencing versus “the Louisiana way”:

“Two [BBU] employees spent several days rebuilding a damaged wooden fence…”

4. Eat more beef versus “the Louisiana way”:

“Holiday turkeys counted as currency in this universe…”

5. BYOC as in “Bake your own cakes and cookies” versus “the Louisiana way”:

“but more commonly…[the currency]…was dessert, specifically doberge cakes…”

Barbier was likely too busy for even a brown-bag lunch today: Continue reading “Judge Barbier can lead a “new Louisiana way”…”