12 thoughts on “Waveland’s Michael Grimm wins a cool million singing his grandparents out of their Katrina trailer in America’s Got Talent”

  1. He is a very average singer and didnt even perform any original material. He didn’t even belong in the final. Vegas show? Please – stick to Burbon Street.

  2. yep I think that is, nowdoucit. that person has no idea what they’re talkin about.

    Michael is an excellent singer, and this from a black gurl in Cali on rap and hip hop. I am a new fan of this “white boy with soul” and so wanted him to win. I dont even watch shit like that but as I wa cruisin the channels last week it landed on AGT and he was singin’. Hooked ever since (on THIS episode-unless they do somethin big next season I back to surfin’!)

    Congratulations Michael!!

  3. (To the tune of “T for Texas”)
    I got a P for Pusillanimous
    a P for Penis Envy
    I got a P for Pusillanimous
    a P for Penis Envy
    and a P for Punk-in,
    the world that made a wrecked train right out of me.

    For one thing, his voice rocked me like like it was shaken not stirred, smooth to the fine. Anyone who can stand in front of Millions and keep their bricks from hitting the floor gets my HIGH FIVE. Talent shows that you can sing the way you want to sing and make a song your own irregardless of whether or not you wrote it. I write songs and often have to axe myself, “Son! Are you forking kidding me”?!?!!
    Take former AG John Ashcroft for example. Take him PLEASE.


    For another thing, Vegas has always had a bigger, meaner and more demanding appetite for fools than New Orleans. Read “Last Call” by Tim Powers (1st a 3) http://amzn.to/agPbQw
    I wonder how long he’d been in the City That Cares For Naught. He still smiled his on his own and seemed a tad caught in the lights so that tells me maybe not too long. But then again, you can hear the edge in his voice that to me speaks of the underground where souls fall beneath the city’s feet like Fool’s Gold dust.

    And finally, I didn’t have grand parents and you can see how THAT turned out.
    My hat is in the Sky for this young man.
    Sinn F

    1. This short bio from the AGT website sums up Michael’s singing career well.

      Michael Grimm grew up in South Mississippi where his grandparents raised him. His grandmother took him to church on Sundays, where she played the piano at the service. This was where Michael fell in love with music. His grandmother inspired him and encouraged him to pursue his newfound love. At the age of 12, he started working at local bars. As he grew older, he perfected his guitar playing, vocals and songwriting skills, listening to different styles of music while he continued to write his own. In 2000, Michael was encouraged to move to Las Vegas because of the abundance of work. He worked in Las Vegas with many different artists, learning and playing a wide variety of musical styles. He eventually formed his own three-piece band, working in small local bars, casino lounges, and a few Vegas steakhouses. When he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, he had a goal. That goal was to show his appreciation to his grandparents. Just like many others, his grandparents lost everything in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Michael would like to offer his grandparents a home.


  4. WTF? How did this turkey beat Jackie Evancho? I’m not sure this unpolished turd could even make it on Bourbon Street, “P”.

  5. @Galen: Lil Miss Evancho was a one hit wonder. A little girl how sang opera. Yes she has a beautiful voice and I was taken by her too. She may even get some offers out of this. But this show is for Las Vegas style entertainment and tell me, would YOU pay $30-40 to listen to opera from a lil girl in Vegas? No and not too many people would no matter how much they liked the lil angel.

    I think Michaels’s “unpolished-ness” was part of his appeal. The man was sincere, humble and sang his fluckin ass off.

    And the way he sang and all that soul he got, I bet he COULD make it on Bourbon street, and Im sure about it!

    Dont be a hater, boo.

  6. I hate to tell you this datGurl, but I already paid $400+shipping for a USED Jackie Evancho CD (Prelude to a Dream) and I (along with MANY friends and family members) have already secured V.I.P. seating ($640 per ticket!)to see her in concert when the AGT tour comes to Orlando (which cost me a bundle!). Jackie already has been booked to make a guest appearance on iCarly (#1 teen television show in America), perform in a Christmas Special at Carnegie Hall in December, and appear on several more talk shows, on top of appearing in 25 cities during the AGT tour! On top of this, she has a follow-up CD due out before the end of the year! Also, her appearance on “The Tonight Show” last Thursday night led to a 30%+ increase in viewership for that episode! Apparently, BOTH of your theories are proving to be incorrect.

    1. Think of it thiis way Galen, it may be better Jackie didn’t win given the recent trend of female child stars turning into crack whores a bit later in life.

      Now I don’t know if you are the type of that feels it is necessary to tear down others to make your self feel better about life or some perv along the lines of the guy who went after Shawn Johnson but either way you are gone from here. Tootle lou.


  7. If you paid $400+ shipping for ANY CD let alone a used one, your a bigger fool than I thought. And $640 concert ticket? Yep you need a lil counseling.

    But we all know this is a lie just so you can sound right. This child has only sold 4000 units since the self produced lil CD came out last Nov. And most of that was digital downloads. I highly doubt she is commanding $400 a CD and $640 for concert tickets this early in the game. Beyonce is the baddest in the game and SHE is not commanding hundred of dollars a CD.

    Lets keep it real.

    1. There is no reason to put down Jackie Evancho. None at all. So seriously, can you show a little appreciation for a ten-year old brave enough to sing so many times in front of so many people so heavenly? There’s no reason to put down Galen either. Everyone has exaggerated.

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