Judge Senter pops the question! BREAKING NEWS on Rigsby qui tam

TEXT ONLY ORDER: The status conference scheduled for Monday, September 20, 2010, is hereby cancelled. The conference will be rescheduled as soon as all briefing on pending motions has been completed and the Court has had an opportunity to study the parties’ positions.

At the rescheduled hearing, the Court will hear oral argument from both sides on the issue of whether the scope of this litigation should be expanded to include evidence concerning properties other than the McIntosh residence.

The Court will also be interested in ascertaining the parties’ positions with respect to: 1) the merits of the objection of the United States to the recent settlement between the relators and Forensic Analysis and Engineering Corp., 2) the status of the negotiations between the parties and the United States, and 3) the active role, if any, the United States can be expected to take in the remainder of this litigation. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by Senior Judge L. T. Senter, Jr, on 09/13/2010 (kbo) (Entered: 09/13/2010)

More to follow in the morning!

11 thoughts on “Judge Senter pops the question! BREAKING NEWS on Rigsby qui tam”

  1. C’mon DOJ….intervene and reopen/audit every file…only you have the capacity and authority….that’s what you should have done at the very start…doesn’t matter what it costs…a comprehensive accounting is demanded…otherwise there’s no closure…everyone will continue to speculate about how much the system was “gamed” by some insurers…and the cynicism is far more damaging than the cost of establishing the truth.

  2. It needs to be expanded; DOJ or not. Frankly, the DOJ probably would not be a good candidate because of the healthcare poopoo.

    Wanna know what WYO health care will be like! I hope you already own a casket and burial plot.

    Generally, people who support the idea have not thought it through. Every flu season will be another Katrina!

  3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The DOJ would have to have the figurative gun to its head to to anything in Rigsby. The Federal Govt. is in love with State Farm, and no matter what evidence of fraud one presents to the Govt. regarding the conduct of Big Insurance, the Govt. blows it off and acts like it’s no big deal.

  4. It’s become pretty obvious to me and anyone who is paying attention.

    What has become obvious? Government is not government anymore. It’s a big insurance company armed with nukes and gun-toting servants (aka military personnel conscripted from the slave population who are too oblivious or stupid to see the real nature of things). A soldier is a slave. So are the rest of us.

    The alleged instrument by which our government even exists (constitution) is a fraud, now; and, so is the new insurance policy (aka public policy) which blows with the wind as well as wherever the money is flowing from Big Insurance or banks (depositaries of insurance money).

    That’s why ‘they’ want to disarm the populus. Why? Judge Roger Taney of the Supreme Court said it all in Dred Scott (1857). What did he say? The difference between a citizen and a slave is this: A citizen has the right to self-defense and to keep and bear arms; a slave does not. A slave got 20 lashes for having even a knife. A slave doesn’t even have the right to whimper while being whipped.

    In some states, you can carry concealed with a license. A license is not a right. A slave had the ‘right’ to carry concealed until caught at which time he was whipped and punished according to the Black Code. A slave did not have the right to carry open. Neither do you.

    Slavery was never abolished. It was replaced by a new master — an insurer.

    Land of the free and home of the brave? Not — land of the fee (insurance premium) and land of the slave (policyholder).

    Sad but true. What to do about it? Get your passport renewed and leave? That’s all anyone can do.

  5. Sorry, but Mel didn’t have to go up against nukes.

    I don’t think Mr Wallace’s “training with stones” is going to help against CIA drones at an altitude of several thousand feet. Neither would King David’s slingshot.

  6. It’s working in Afghan because the Afghani’s target is REALLY the copper mines.

    That is why WE are there — $4.9 Trillion worth of copper over the next 30 years. Mining ops are being conducted thru Jianxi Copper with financing obtained thru CitiGroup. That’s why the Afghan Mining Minister was bribed last year with $30+ Million.

    You think anyone is going to talk about THAT in the news? (The slaves think it’s for drugs and/or oil. NOT!)

  7. The Russians finished their geological survey of Afghan in 1974. (This was a continuation of one done during the 1950s by the Czechs). Russia invaded in 1979. (Note the Washington Post article about the Afghan mining minister being in Leningrad).

    Oliver North was in the middle of all this. The mujaheen (and Bin Laden) were backed by the US to fight the Soviets in the battle over the copper (this actually goes back to the days of Alexander the Great).

    This was known as Iran Contra.

    Now, take it back to the 1950s. Cuba has some of the largest reserves of nickel in the world. When Castro came to power, let’s call them Citigroup Principals were involved in the nickel mining operations in Cuba. Castro said, “OK, but you are going to pay a 20-25% tax on production.” “Principals” thought that was extortion.

    The argument got heated with the Principals. The US Govt got involved with threats and assassination attempts. What happened? Castro got scared and called the only ‘friend’ he had big enough to take on the Principals. Who was it? USSR.

    Next, we have the Cuban Missile Crisis and a dead president.

    Next, we have cupronickel coins instead of silver coins (1965)… (Now, why did we have double digit inflation during the 1970s? Ask Nelson Rockefeller — the VP under Ford.) We also had the Oil Crisis because the Arabs didn’t want to sell us black gold for green paper or cupronickel.

    Making a leap here on a very deep subject, insurance premiums helps bankroll all of this crap.

    Research it yourself.

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