Judge Senter pops the question! BREAKING NEWS on Rigsby qui tam

TEXT ONLY ORDER: The status conference scheduled for Monday, September 20, 2010, is hereby cancelled. The conference will be rescheduled as soon as all briefing on pending motions has been completed and the Court has had an opportunity to study the parties’ positions.

At the rescheduled hearing, the Court will hear oral argument from both sides on the issue of whether the scope of this litigation should be expanded to include evidence concerning properties other than the McIntosh residence.

The Court will also be interested in ascertaining the parties’ positions with respect to: 1) the merits of the objection of the United States to the recent settlement between the relators and Forensic Analysis and Engineering Corp., 2) the status of the negotiations between the parties and the United States, and 3) the active role, if any, the United States can be expected to take in the remainder of this litigation. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by Senior Judge L. T. Senter, Jr, on 09/13/2010 (kbo) (Entered: 09/13/2010)

More to follow in the morning!

Yes, I can verify Barack Obama just made me puke…..

Cedric Richmond will make an outstanding representative for this district, and I am proud to support him in this election because he shares our values and supports our agenda,” Obama said in a written statement.

Obama was bright enough to run away from Bagneris but not so bright as to run away from a Bill Jefferson protegé. Telling no?

We’re sticking with the Zombie. Barack yer all wet!


Guest Opinion: Law & Grace calls for Judicial Reform in response to the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous

“I am the President / Founder of Law & Grace, Inc, a social justice, 501 (c) (3) corporation. I am hoping that two particular statements that I posted in response to the nola.com September 11, 2010 article entitled: “Judge Thomas Porteous the crook on trial: An editorial”  might become the beginnings for judicial changes.  In case there are folks interested in joining, helping, planning some types of judicial reforms, I am offering my views on SLABBED in this kickoff phase.  Persons in accord with the idea of reform are welcome to sign up, join in, help out, give suggestions, etc at this brainstorming / development stage.  I’ve just began thinking about such an attempt today.  So updates, information, future developments will be provided either via the Law & Grace website or via SLABBED, or both.  Without any revisions, here’s what I wrote:

Edith, when the article (see the link below) was written years ago about you telling the Federalist Society about legal corruption, you could have better served Louisiana –as well as the sullied judicial system which you and your kind mistakenly think, or think that public is naive enough to think if Porteous leaves, the air will be cleaner –as if only Porteous needs to go. You should have named those persons and their deeds SINCE YOU WORK AMONG THEM –and you had enough first-hand experience enough to talk about them years ago. It seems that you deceitfully spoke against corruption while all this time you have shielded it. How can you be proud of yourself? What reason do you and your kind think you should be called, ‘your honor’??!! Did you EVER have a conscience when that article was written with YOUR words!!?? Did you use your speech and platform so you could get recognition, nomination, and then a seat on the Supreme Court? I am SO glad it didn’t happen.

Because you are part of the problem and not the solution to Louisiana’s atrocious judicial system, you deserve to inhale the stench you helped and watched foment. Mouth says anything, especially when it garners praise (and does not rock the boat). You, and those who act like they want an ethical court system need to DO something rather SAY anything which makes it appear you are ‘not like them’. Louisiana has been hurting far too long. There just aren’t enough JUDICIAL JUNKETS, hunting trips, carnival balls, college scholarship, law clerk positions, and other gratifying things to be obtained which can allow people to escape their consciences. There was a time when I cited that article. Now to me, you are an example of a person who sees the bridge is out, but you stand and direct traffic right to the place where people fall to their peril. Here’s your wonderful article: Continue reading “Guest Opinion: Law & Grace calls for Judicial Reform in response to the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous”