This is the end result of all the Palin/Fox News/Beck hate mongering

Sure enough some dumb ass red neck down south has decided to burn some Muslims out.  Meantime Rupert Murdock, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck laugh all the way to the bank.  And to think these hypocrites actually invoke the name of the Christian Almighty in their demagogic public speaking.

One person suffering the end result of this jackassery is one too many.

This isn’t too far from the white sheet days folks. Maybe one day sanity will return.


8 thoughts on “This is the end result of all the Palin/Fox News/Beck hate mongering”

  1. It’s unfortunate that the actions if one person justify the view that individuals like Beck and Palin are “demegogs.”

    The real issue for me though is that as a conservative person that reads slabbed daily I felt this Post took credibility away from slabbed and the good information that the site has put out in the public.

    By generalizing the way that this post has regarding the right and viewers of foxnews, it causes me to question what other slabbed posts might be generalizations which causes slabbed to lose credibility.

    1. D, Palin and Beck are demagogues. If Fox news wants to throw around phrases like Terror Mosque and Plain wants to run with it they need to own their rhetoric.

      Frankly these wingnuts are a big reason that I was once a reliable GOP voter but no more. Anyone else old enough to remember that “Shining City Upon the Hill”? Today with the race baiting and religious hate mongering the message from the GOP seems advocate a Gulag upon the hill.

      So while I’m sorry the truth as I see it rubs you wrong I’m standing by this post.


  2. The problem with your arguement is 1) I looked last night and never saw the ground zero mosque refered to as a terror mosque on foxnews website, 2) anyone who pays attention to Beck and Palin’s views would know that regarding the mosque, it has nothing to do with legally allowing the mosque there but rather the lack of respect and sensitivity shown by the builders of the mosque and the fact that whether you agree or not a mosque, even two blocks from ground zero will be seen as a monument to the followers who believe the views of the plane hijackers.

    3) And most importantly, that fact that you say you were once a GOP voter and that you refer to the shining city upon the hill and that due to Palin and Beck you have left the party leads me to believe you were never a GOP voter. Someone that holds the same veiws and beliefs held by Reagan would never voter for candidates that push platforms and agendas such as Obama’s. Obama’s agendas are in direct opposition to those held by Reagan. I am sorry but there is no way I can beleive you were once a solid GOP voter.

    1. That is bullshit D. There is a strip club and peepshow there too and yet you do not complain about that. The is plain hate rhetoric and is no different than branding southern baptists all racists because a few of them wore white sheets back in the day.

      Own your rhetoric D and be proud of the modern day brand of hate and intolerance your trailer trash hero Sarah Palin spreads. The only thing insensitive here is you guys who run down entire religions to score cheap political points.


  3. Wow, SOP, maybe you should take my handle. It’s rather amusing to me that some people couch the NY mosque issue as one of religous freedom. As we know, though, religous freedom does come with some restraints or limitations in our country. I probably do not know enough about the entire issue, but I tend to agree that the placement of the mosque so close to ground zero should be subject to some limitations.

    That said, I am a card-carrying Republican, but I am tired of the stupidity, fear, and hate-mongering from both sides of the aisle. In my mind, the Pelosi’s of the country are just as bad as the Palin’s of the country. We yearn for someone to step forward and address our needs; unfortunately, the Prez is buying into the same fear-peddling and partisanship, IMHO. Hope I did not make you angry. 🙂

  4. If by restrictions you mean the same kind you would place on any hypothetical demonination wishing to locate there I have no problems with that.

    This isn’t about freedom of religion IMHO, rather it is a straight issue of tolerance.

    The same crowd that is scapegoating Muslims and Mexicans – do we hear them blaming the entire Jewish faith for the Wall Street implosion? By the logic we’re hearing on the mosque we should huh.


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