I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..

Timmy, Tommy and Michael all look to be going up the hill.  Tommy was evidently let go by Baldwin Haspel per Sock’s recent comment.

Tom pOreteous will be going down hard folks.  His refusal to resign exposes others like former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the lightbulbs go off with some of the knowledgable folks I talk with who have been previously puzzled about my inquiries regarding the former DA.

Those with a stake in this very high stakes game are not sitting on their hands folks.  Mr pOrteous, by his actions, intend to take others down with him.  Mamoulides is one such example IMHO. This one has the makings of a real donnybrook so everyone get your popcorn ready.

Porteous, Mamoulides and Jack Capella are all long time Jefferson Parish political machine guys. Porteous practiced in Harahan to be precise, before running for judge on the 24th Judicial District.  In Jefferson Parish having the DA on board has long been part of the successful path to getting on the bench.  That trend may be changing though.

Capella was Mamo’s first assistant who ran for the job after Mamo retired.  He was beat by Paul Connick and ended up working for the Superdome Commission as their lawyer and overlapped during that time with the Hornets.  He now works for John Georges along with Timmy Porteous.

Speaking of Paul Connick, I think the above story also partly explains why John Young and Tom Capella reportedly hate each other.

My re$earch in thi$ area keep$ leading me back to Mr George$ ju$t like it did to Butch Ward and Fred Heebe as I followed the stench and money to the River Birch landfill back in the day.  The reason politics in greater NOLA never seem to clean up is that the puppet masters turn over a lot less frequently than the politicians they own.

I have more coming folks so stay tuned. Meantime fire away in the comments with background.


27 thoughts on “I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..”

  1. You do know that John M. and Moon Landrieu were “runners” for TAC AMUSEMENT back in the days of illegal pinball payoff gambling -yes?

    1. I did not know that Kidd. That name, TAC Amusement rings a bell from way back but I can’t place it.

      I am hearing lots of chatter about Mamo, Capella & Georges. Porteous would go back far enough to have played with Mamo on the Moon.

      Speaking of Moon folks forget he and his predecessors used to hit a lick when they could. The folks that followed Moon with 1 exception knew no limits to the looting.


  2. Gee! TAC Amusement Company, which was owned by John Elms, but which was widely reputed to have been owned by Carlos Marcello and other Members of the Mafia. “Bally” machines which paid off; “Flipper” machines which didn’t. And then there were “Racehorse” machines and “Slot” machines which could be confiscated by “law enforcement” (those who weren’t “paid off”) but which were extremely lucrative to the proprietor in the days before “video poker”. But that’s not why I’m commenting: I have concluded by reading SLABBED that “Jefferson Parish Government” are no more than a bunch of “THUGS”. The word “thug” fits them perfectly, as it does those who the thugs within Parish Government have allowed to unlawfully “influence” them and to assist them in violating and disregarding their oath(s) of office. SOP has suggested that one “John Georges” has “influence” with Jefferson Parish politicos and that we’ll soon be hearing “more” about him. Let me relate my personal experience: My Family owns some batture property on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish at the confluence of Oak Street, Leake Avenue, Monticello Avenue and River Road. The O’Dwyer Family acquired this land by recorded Act of Sale in 1945 from The Texas Company, which was the precursor to Texaco, Inc. Unfortunately, our property is currently occupied by a number of “squatters and trespassers”, who have no title, but who Federal, State and Parish Government have “aided and abetted” in committing the crime of criminal trespass against me and my Family. There is a “John Georges” connection to “Camp No. 2”, which was illegally erected by “Tommy Coleman”, “John Koerner”, “Richard Juresich”, “Glenn Esteves” and “Robert Dupuy”. More particularly, Georges is Coleman’s son-in-law, being married to Coleman’s daughter. Coleman and his co-conspirators have provided the template which all of the other “squatters and trespassers” have used to persuade “Government” to allow criminal trespass on our land. A recent meeting with Elton Lagasse (the Councilman who facilitated criminal trespass in 2004 for “Camp No. 9” and in 2007 for “Camp No. 7”) and Parish Attorney Gregory Giangrosso concluded by their telling me, “We can’t evict these people” – PEOPLE THE PARISH ALLOWED TO BUILD STRUCTURES ON MY LAND WITHOUT ANY PROOF OF OWNERSHIP! I call this THUGGERY. What do YOU call it? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. TAC AMUSEMENT CO was owned by my mother father and 2 sisters and trust for our kids.
      I met Mr Marcello at manresa retreat house when i was 17
      i sold him a pool table for his son’s birth day
      i tried to sell him a cigarette route (no sale)
      What does John Georges” have to do with any thing? He and my children were joint stock holders in GVI

  3. Mr O’Dwyer..thank you for your comments. In particular, those regarding the current members of the Jefferson Parish Council/J.P. Government ..your comments , of course, are spot on.

  4. Ashton I thank you too. I have had respect for Elton back to his teaching days @ Kenner Jr High (as well as had for Aaron B. back to those years) but straight saplings seem often to grow into distorted trees not always seen while watching the forest. I am now disappointed.
    Thanks also to sop….I now have more to think less about John Georges.

    P.S. Mamo & Moon shared an office on Tulane across from the criminal courts bldg. there. I don’t know if they were actually partners. Mamo of course was ultimately a gear in the machine that grew from Macello et al seed money planted in the New Orleans black “community politics”, Jefferson “white” judiciary, and EWE’s state political hegemony. Moon ‘s history too, speaks for itself.

  5. John Georges using Uncle ‘ s money buys out Nims of Lucky Coin and Airline Amusement. Nims’ wife Jeri becomes MEGA benefactor at Academy of the Sacred Heart where Lettens and Connicks daughters attend. Constantine Georges ( John’s brother and rumored not to be Uncle Imperial Trading’s favorite for not being quite solid in his loafers) one year behind Letten in Tulane Law School becomes a U S Atty. Letten wanted in FBI but couldn’t cut the mustard. Letten gets in USAtty office. Moves up duh. Suddenly the bill comes due. Hmmmmm. Yep Follow the $$$$$$

  6. The fact that Pelican and I have had one Rebel Yell too many should not diminish our opinion: Tommy Porteous is un putain de moqueries de la decence commune.

    However, with that said, the government’s extraordinary and inexcusable waste of 10’s of millions of taxpayers’ money in an over -zealous and incompetent prosecution to impeach Porteous is, as we would say in the French… qu’est-ce qui te prend ? Vous pensez que nous sommes aussi stupides que vous etes.

    With a week before the Senate trial there is a lot of shit hitting the fan, and that’s to be expected. What Porteous’s new “superstar” lawyer Turley has done, rather clumsily I might add, is to bring to the forefront, an impeachment proceeding that lacks any evidence that Porteous, SITTING AS A FEDERAL JUDGE, is guilty of any “crimes and misdomeanors” to sustain his removal. Yes, I agree, Porteous is a reprobate of the 1st degree and should not have ever been a Federal Judge, or State Judge, or Asst. DA Jefferson Parish or for that matter ever admitted to the bar.

    So now what ? We adhere to some storyline that Gardner, Creely and Marcotte are responsible for Porteous being advanced to the Federal Bench. If not only ridiculous, this supposition by the government is absolutely unbelievable. You know and I know it: Porteous’ ascendency to the US District Court lies with John Mamoulides’ and Kyle France’s influence upon then Senator John Breaux to move that Clinton nominate this abominable AssHole. It wouldn’t have mattered what any peon said one way or the other; or what reports the FBI gave evidence of. Porteous was the JP clubhouse guy and he was going to be appointed. Period !

    That the same curatorships handed out today are any different than those given to Amato and Creely. NO. I’ll help you help me whether it be for personal reasons or political reasons. How does Murphy explain his lopsided curatorships to Broussard. What we recently were told by recipients of an over abundance of appointments was: that they were friends with the Judge, and politically supported the Judge , they were qualified even though their secretaries did the work, and blah, blah, blah…so where is Plattsmier ?

    Three of the most glaring “omissions” in the Government’s case are:

    1) The failure to indict Porteous in the “Wrinkled Robe” escapade; an alleged crackdown on the unsavory doings of the Jefferson Parish Judiciary. What a farce, a facade of bullshit. 2 Judges ? That’s it ? The mastermind of the Marcotte bond scheme was Porteous. Marcotte was best man in Susan Chehardy’s marriage to Bruce Netterville(divorced when this investigation took place). Martha Sassone ran her first campaign to be elected Judge against Susan Chehardy based upon Chehardy’s close connection to Marcotte; Chehardy won. Subsequently Sassone was elected Judge and became a Federal wired informant concerning the illegal conduct of JP Judges which formed the background for the conviction of both Bodenheimer and Green. Of course the powers that be, more particularly, JP Sheriff Normand was responsible of having and supporting a candidate to run against her and defeat her. Now that’s a law enforcement Officer we can all be proud of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why was Porteous and some of these other “big” name judges not prosecuted ?

    2) The failure to indict Porteous with bankruptcy fraud is an absolute dereliction of duty by the US Atty.’s office. And least I forget the genius lawyer, Lightfoot, who devised this fraud under the guise that it would be embarrassing to Porteous, as a sitting Federal Judge. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I can assure you had I perpetrated the same subterfuge upon the Federal gestapo, I’d still be under the jail and we know it.

    In both of these circumstances of criminal conduct by Porteous we are told that the Government did not act because of: prescription(that happens when you don’t act…duh !); they didn’t think they could win (that’s a jury’s prerogative, not some US Atty.’s ego); and more obvious, the incompetence of the government’s lawyers to distinguish the basic difference between a personality clash that Chief Judge of the 5th Circuit,Edith Jones harbored against Porteous, even though valid; and the evidence necessary to impeach a Federal Judge.

    All of which leads to,

    3) Why has all of Porteous’ conduct as a Federal Judge and the Lawyers such as Liljeberg, Fonte, Cline, Levenson, Forstall, Gardner, Mole and CHOPIN and his buddy Baynham, who facilitated all of the unethical and illegal machinations while Porteous was on the Federal Bench, NOT BEEN MADE PART OF THE IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES ? In my opinion his receiving an expensive shotgun and cruises from Cline; hunting trips with Chopin’s and Baynham’s clients; and all the meals and “loans”; the gambling junkets and Lord knows what from whom should warranted government action, not a cover-up! How about prosecution for Obstruction of Justice ?

    Which of course begs the question: Why no criminal prosecutions against Porteous; and why no impeachment articles stemming from his conduct on the Federal Bench ?

    And why has the government subpoenaed Bodenheimer ?

    Think about it !

  7. Quelle honte putain ! That’s right. The failure of the House by not bringing impeachment proceedings against each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to confirm Porteous is a disgrace. They were the last bastion of defense, to protect the public from further acts of injustice that would be perpetrated by Porteous and his miscreant band of hunting legal beagle lawyer buddies while on the Federal bench. They had the opportunity to cut off the head of this slimy slithering snake and did not; all the time having access to FBI investigative notes that forewarned of his abhorrent character and proclivity to participate in unethical and illegal conduct.

    Here are just a few cites that give evidence of their awareness of what a morally flawed corrupt individual Porteous was and still is:

    [Footnote 348: Louis Marcotte TF Hrg. III at 50.]

    After the initial portion of the background check had been completed, FBI Headquarters directed that further investigation be conducted as a result of some derogatory information that was uncovered (including allegations as to Judge Porteous’s drinking and that he was living above his means). 349

    And excerpts from the Proposed Stipulation of Fact filed on behalf of Porteous,

    332. Once Judge Porteous was nominated by President Clinton to serve as a United
    States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana, but prior to his confirmation, the
    Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate reviewed the FBI

  8. To Whitmergate: Confirmation hearings for Federal Judgeships have always been “above my paygrade”. BUT: it would be interesting to know just WHO within the Clinton Department of “Injustice” disregarded what the FBI reported about G.T. Ortous. Wouldn’t it be “interesting” if it was “Eric Holder”, who was Janet Reno’s First Assistant, and which might explain the “wimp-ass”, “mamby-pamby”, failure -to-indict attitude of the U.S. Department of “Injustice” towards G.T. Ortous. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  9. As an addendum to my prior posts consider this excerpt from Porteous’ Motion to Dismiss Impeachment Article IV as it relates the Government’s expert witness testimony on the issue of the Senate’s knowledge of Porteous’ pre-Federal bench conduct:

    “Assuming that Article IV must be given its plain meaning, then it is not the basis for an
    impeachment because the Senate was aware of these allegations or facts at the time of Judge

    1. Gate what is the factual basis for that opinion. Not the concept itself but in what way did the Senate know?

      IMHO the fault for this lies with Clinton, especially if the way Tom Porteous behaved personally and on the bench was known to Bill.

      I’ll note should that be the case, Obama’s rejection of Landrieu nominee Michael Bagneris for an article III judgeship on the LAED is very meaningful.


  10. Anyone know of the greek maf or what happened to them after they purchased certified lloyds from frances pecora that allowed the transfer of the aaa building back to mamo?

  11. The Mobsters Maragas Brothers Frank and Aristotle from Canton Ohio bought Certified LLoyds that allowed the transfer of the AAA building to be transferred back to Mamo.

  12. Kidd, actually an old hand told me the other day that Moon Landrieu was (is?) an actual partner in TAC Amusement, not just a runner.

  13. and one other thing that ya all need to know. Frances Pecora was a snitch for the feds for decades. She use to rat all her rivals out including mamo

  14. Ashton, just out of curiosity, is there any reason from the oil industry perspective for the Coleman’s to want your family’s land? I’m not sure why I didn’t pick-up the reference in your 2010 reply on this post regarding your family’s purchase of the land from Texaco, but is it coincidence that the owner (Coleman) of the 4th largest liquid storage facility in the US (IMTT) would want the property?
    I apologize if you have mentioned this previously.

  15. John,
    I think my Dad did business with TAC. I know I was very young at the time, when he had Eddie Price’s on Broadway and Zimple, but I loved what I called the biff machines. I remember taking money out the register to play when the doors were closed ( I couldn’t play when customers were there). I got pretty good at it though but he would never pay me when I chalked up a few thousand wins. Those were the days John. If that happened today we’d be under the jail.

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