This is the end result of all the Palin/Fox News/Beck hate mongering

Sure enough some dumb ass red neck down south has decided to burn some Muslims out.  Meantime Rupert Murdock, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck laugh all the way to the bank.  And to think these hypocrites actually invoke the name of the Christian Almighty in their demagogic public speaking.

One person suffering the end result of this jackassery is one too many.

This isn’t too far from the white sheet days folks. Maybe one day sanity will return.


I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..

Timmy, Tommy and Michael all look to be going up the hill.  Tommy was evidently let go by Baldwin Haspel per Sock’s recent comment.

Tom pOreteous will be going down hard folks.  His refusal to resign exposes others like former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the lightbulbs go off with some of the knowledgable folks I talk with who have been previously puzzled about my inquiries regarding the former DA.

Those with a stake in this very high stakes game are not sitting on their hands folks.  Mr pOrteous, by his actions, intend to take others down with him.  Mamoulides is one such example IMHO. This one has the makings of a real donnybrook so everyone get your popcorn ready.

Porteous, Mamoulides and Jack Capella are all long time Jefferson Parish political machine guys. Porteous practiced in Harahan to be precise, before running for judge on the 24th Judicial District.  In Jefferson Parish having the DA on board has long been part of the successful path to getting on the bench.  That trend may be changing though. Continue reading “I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..”

Another Judge in the news, this time in Mississippi

“The most uninspired political candidate I ever met.”  Sop after speaking with Teresa Dearman at the country condo in 2007.

“I don’t know why I do this.”  Teresa Dearman to Sop on while the campaign trail.

Well folks I think we now know.  Robin Fitzgerald at the Sun Herald has the skinny:

The commission found she has presided over an initial appearance involving her nephew; mishandled felony matters; discussed cases with parties outside the courtroom; and ordered defendants to attend church as a condition of bond.

Her lawyer, Sean Tindell sounds ethically clueless: Continue reading “Another Judge in the news, this time in Mississippi”