One thought on “Thursday Music: Here is another one for soon to be former Judge Tom Porteous”

  1. Tomorrow morning, Monday Sept. 13th at 8am (ET) on C-Span2 will be the televised Hearing for the Impeachment Trial of Judge G. Thomas Porteous, the Senate according to the C-Spann web site.

    Karma is going to be swirling all around that chamber and I suspect there are some new faces like Levinson and Gardner in these public proceedings that are going to find out what Karma is all about. And you can bet Karma is not going to forget some of the re-run participants like Amato either.

    Unlike the House proceedings where it’s Judiciary Committee dictated at will, similar to a Grand Jury proceeding, the Senate Committee sits as a Judicial Tribunal. Porteous’ lawyers will have a right to cross-examine the Government’s witnesses, albeit in limited form; he will also have a right to call his own witnesses, assuming he can afford to pay their expenses to get to DC ! Now that’s some Karma…

    Something in my French revolutionary heritage is yearning for the dramatic that will expose the Senate’s confirmation of this reprobate Porteous as flawed. That it was pure absolute power politics of then La. Senator John Breaux that made the all too often political trade off too insure that his friend, and friend of friends, get appointed no matter what the Senate’s confirmation committee knew. That this is has been an elaborate and costly, but thinly veiled cover-up of their complicity in this debacle I have no doubt.

    Porteous’ defense has always been: you knew what you had when you confirmed me so why go through this ! OK, 5th Circuit Chief Judge Edith Jones found Porteous’ conduct abominable is understandable and I totally agree. That she insisted on the impeachment process to resolve this as a matter of principle is questionable. Millions upon Millions of taxpayers dollars has been expended to date when a disability retirement could have ended this years ago.

    Unfortunately this is our dilemma…will the precedent set in this impeachment be used to unseat others like Porteous in the Judiciary, which are probably in the hundreds, be affordable ? Wouldn’t a less political and more transparent process of who is to be appointed be more desirable ? Will this be the lesson learned from Porteous’ impeachment ?

    Seems like Karma is coming back on us as a result of voter disconnect, apathy and ignorance…that’s what Karma’s all about !

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