Zombie we feel your pain. At least James Gill has come to the Cedric Richmond Party.

A crook is a crook is a crook regardless of party affiliation folks and we live that mantra here at Slabbed.  The congressman of the slabbed, New Orleans native Gene Taylor, well understands this too which is why he was one of the few early innovators in the House of Representatives over that corrupt sack of shit that is New York Congressman Charlie Rangel.  I suspect the occasional hit pieces from the far left of Gene’s own party that occasionally land in the media are no doubt related to his stance on Rangel needing to resign but history and his constituents will judge Gene kindly on this matter IMO.  Given what’s out there in the political world its nice to have a guy in DC looking out for us here on the coast that is honest.

New Orleanians on the other hand have long had a penchant for sending the most dishonest people they could to DC and the results show.  The local Dems are doing it again backing a corrupt political hack in Cedric Richmond against Joe Cao for Bill Jefferson’s old house seat. Frankly it is mind boggling, especially given the fantastic investigative journalism going on over at Damabala’s place, the American Zombie where he has chronicled Richmond looting a charity with Ike Spears in a way they certainly learned from the Jeffersons. Dambala’s work has thus far been ignored by the NOLA area media who evidently thought they had that luxury in 2010.  I think it was a collective miscalculation.

The commentary to Dambala’s posts on the topic have been interesting as there are some evidently otherwise intelligent folks who appear to subscribe to the theory that a crook from my political party is better than an honest man from the other.  I’ll pull the lever for the honest man every time and plan to support a gentleman for Gov here in Mississippi that is both honest and Republican. It is the same reason I don’t think twice voting for Gene.

Today, James Gill at the Times Picayune broke the media silence on Richmond though he did not address the damning stuff Dambala broke. That said he does point out who has supported Richmond.  Here is a snippet:

It is impossible to imagine, for example, that he would ever get in a barroom brawl over a pool table. The news that Richmond had done so in Baton Rouge broke during the primary campaign, without any obvious effect on the outcome, and no doubt state legislators have suffered worse after-hours indignities than that. Still, it is possible we will hear more about that episode in the general election campaign.

It does sometimes happen that upstanding characters find themselves duking it out in a saloon, but upstanding characters, attorneys or not, never put their names to false declarations. That Richmond has done so did not faze any of the Democratic Party’s leading lights. U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and DA Leon Cannizzarro are among a slew of officials vouching for him.

I’ve never hid the fact I think the Landrieu kids are career politicians with a penchant for “hitting a lick” whenever they can though to this point Mitch is a vast improvement over Chocolate Guy.  These folks are supporting Richmond because they can control him.  Does anyone really think it wise to have a puppet for US Representative, especially one with little to no moral character?

Joe Cao is looking better everyday and that isn’t Dambala’s fault. The blame for that lies with Richmond and his political enablers.


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  1. I am amazed that politicians could overlook the fact that Cedric Richmond was DISBARRED, for God’s sake, for misrepresenting facts on an official government document. How can you trust such a person? Just more of the same, as opposed to Cao, who has lived a life of honesty and virtue, from all appearance’s sake. For the love of God, people, stop the same old sick cycle carousel!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richmond vs Cao..well, I’m not in the district. But here’s a good rule of thumb I learned long ago as a young lad…and something I have done all of my life…

    Don’t listen to what a person says ; but , rather, watch what they actually do..

    This ole saying is particularly handy when evaluating Louisiana politicans.

  3. Great post’um, Slabman.
    I’ve loved Gill’s special coverage of politicians for a long time, in no small measure due to his proclivity for horse racing. Gill is a betting man, and in fact owns (at least) half of a horse out at the Fairgrounds. Yet such savvy is of course what puts mud on the tracks for me regarding the race for $Bill’s former green pastures. Horse racing, like political journalism, is a tricky business littered with the blank stares of the clueless and broke. Thus I find it hard to believe James doesn’t follow the Zombie and at the very least lays a sly reference to the goings-down in Zombieland.

    Sop, you nailed a thingy I did too (in the comments of Gill’s piece) about Cao and honesty. We can try to say a lot of things about Mr Inscrutable but Dishonest ain’t one of them.
    I believe that people will vote for the honest Cao over RichMon’s obvious nod to Jeffer$onian Democracy.

    As for these others….we must live in the Season of the Hitch…

    My comments from yesterday’s Ladder…
    ~Editilla Crowtellas~
    We are Sorry, Saddened and Stunned that our Favulustrous Mayor Mitch’mo would endorse this Crud to ReCrudify $Bill’s former funding racket. We wish Mitch’mo could get an audience with our American Zombie –or at least ho’damn read his posts on Cedric RichMon.
    Cedric RichMon makes Race Card Shark James Perry’s non-profit political monkey’dance look like nap-time wit’a Punketful of Romper Room Ritalin.

  4. I hear u ’tilla. Coming this weekend. Need all hands on deck to produce our little ones and some of my main mains have been offshore or busy. Promise u something by Labor Day at the latest.

  5. The hell with that…fuck feeling somebody else’s pain…pardon my English…THE only pain I want to see or hear is when this whole bunch of low-life, scum-bag, political thug motherfuckers on the Jefferson Parish Council who keep pushing the River Birch contract and the Mayor, his Senator sister, DA and the other politicians in Orleans who are backing Richmond are layed up, simi- comatose but able to read and understand; each in a hospital bed in the same communal ward, and I can pass by each one of them to show them their winning lottery ticket and they can’t move or speak ! Now that’s a hell these arrogant, greedy, corrupt politicos surely deserve !

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeeeee H Viewfromhell, How about using your pitch fork as a barbecue kabob and roasting them over mesquite coals for a few thousand years.That might get their attention about “burning through” the hard working taxpayers’ money. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee

    1. I’d like to point out that occasional Slabbed commenter viewfromhell’s work has made the New York Times Media Decoder blog. The T-P avatar for view is priceless.



  7. View, aww come on – tell how you really feel about the Jefferson Parish Council of Crooks..(spot on).

    sop..GREAT music and how appropriate when one thinks of the Jefferson Parish Council..

  8. Editilla, just for you:

    One or more of “Judge” Porteous’s relatives has been subpoenaed by the Senate because they were unwisely listed by the “Judge” himself as witnesses; way to burn your kin, Tom. The Baldwin Haspel firm no longer lists any of the Judge’s “chirren’s” as counsel, as of last week. Is that the result of a subpoena?

    If a list of questions is handed to one of the senate prosecutors for a particular ex-DA of Jefferson Parish, you might hear the 5th Amendment invoked early and often . . . if he even shows to testify. Look back to the Zombie’s post about a certain wealthy N.O. mayoral candidate, a certain JP councilman’s brother, and one of the Judge’s sons (all employed by the same entities). Here’s your connection. Do with it what you will.

    Would love to say more now, but I can’t.

  9. Sock Puppet,

    Can you tell me where you are getting your information from about this quote you wrote on September 3, 2010:

    “The Baldwin Haspel firm no longer lists any of the Judge

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