A World Without Lawyers. The California consumer bar takes a step in the right direction.

I’ve always said the consumer bar could do a better job educating the public about the good the profession does for society, especially after years of being demonized by big business and their lackeys at the US Chamber of Commerce and various special interest trade groups such as the III.

Speaking of the III and Head Shill Robert Hartwig, here is a perfect example of the ol’ fallback line of demonizing trial lawyers after Allstate was literally caught with its hand in the NFIP cookie jar.  Sadly the vast majority of the media is not equipped to tell the kind of in depth story on a complex subject as insurance and how it interfaces with the world of high finance and the legal system.

Instead, helped by lazy reporters happy to uncritically repeat big business talking points, cases such as the McDonald’s coffee case become caricatures with no basis in reality except to the extent the illusions were bought by an equally uncritical public, who generally believe most of what they are told.  The same mechanics are in play today in the Palins, who once were only seen on TV shows like Jerry Springer but are now able to gain a wider public acceptance.

Trial lawyers are a notoriously individualistic bunch. That trait does not help the larger cause against the well organized and funded enemies of their profession.  Those that don’t adapt will perish IMHO.

I forgot whom to hat tip by much appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “A World Without Lawyers. The California consumer bar takes a step in the right direction.”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooowweeeeeeeeeSop, the sheetrock scandal by Allstate embedded in your post proves my earlier comment that the insurance industry after Katrina can no longer be trusted. The adjusters of government flood insurance policies were more trustworthy and gave out more accurate damage estimates. Again, lets petition our Congressmen to propose government wind policies just for all coastal states prone to receive hurricanes; and prohibit all insurance companies from writing any wind in all such states unless their rates match the governments’ cost plus 5% premiums. When such insurance companies lose the very profitable parts of these states they will realize they killed the goose that laid golden eggs. And with reasonable wind premiums you would then see more businesses and residents move into these states rapidly, as its the wind premiums which makes it so expensive to live and do business in these coastal communities. Personally, its a rip off to pay 100 nanas’/year to insure my tree house especially when there is a 5% hurricane deductible to meet and they don’t cover nana spoilage.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Curious I am afraid you live in a fantasy world. Any government program will be underpriced because it will be political in nature. The rates will not be adequate. Do not think for a moment the private industry will fall into that trap.

    You only have to look at Florida right now. Citizens Insurance Company is dominating the market because the rates are inadequate. The private sector is losing policies and does not care at the prices Citizens is charging. It is truly “Citizens Insurance” because they are the ones on the hook when that entity goes down.

    As much as I respect what you folks have gone through on the Gulf Coast the citizens of the USA will not stand for for subsidizing your insurance premiums. This is especially true in today’s economic climate.

    1. Actually I think the people paying the freight are tired of big businesses looting the US Treasury. When insurers are able to stop relying on an anti trust exemption and fucking their policyholders in order to make money come back and talk to us again about subsidies.

      The people in places like Bloomington and Northbrook only exist in their current lifestyles because of those they they so easily fleece and screw over.


  3. Sop maybe you should post “California Dreamin’ ” by the Moma and the Popas for a real escape from reality…a world without lawyers ?…well possibly the world outside of the United States…the US has 70% of the lawyers in the world (California #1) and 90% of the lawsuits. I’m with ya’ll in the choir but where ‘s that church we’re going to sing in ?

  4. curious, well, I identified with your above post. However, I also acknowledge what SupSaleMgr is saying. And, regrettably, he is on to something in his comment. His comments do have merit – especially with what you find going on down in Florida right now with their insurance situation.

    I have spent the last two years of my life expending a great deal of effort trying to get our esteemed State Insurance Commissioner “DO NOTHING DONELON” and the “DO NOTHING” Louisiana State Legislature to do something positive to improve the miserable state of insurance that exists in Louisiana.

    Now obviously, with a name of “DO NOTHING DONELON” that should tell you what our esteemed Louisiana State Insurance Commissioner has done in his capacity. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have spent over two years writing and calling and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened or eminated from our esteemed Commissioner’s office. In fact, at times, in telephone conversations with the Commish, I often pondered the sad fact that there is so much of a lack of mental hospital beds in south Louisiana. IF they were more prevalent, I believe we could put our Commish into one of them quickly. In short he is a total failure in his role as Insurance Commish.

    Moreover, I have pounded both Chuck Kleckley, Chairman of the Louisiana House of Representatives – Insurance Committee , and Troy Hebert, Chairman of the Louisiana State Senate – Insurance Committee, to start looking at ways to improve the miserable state of insurance within the state. They, too, could both occupy beds on either side of “DO NOTHING DONELON” in the mental hospital. They simply DO NOT care about the ordinary insurance consumer in Louisiana.

    Sadly, what the ordinary insurance consumer can expect in Louisiana is more of the same..High premium prices, fewer insurance selections, and a trend by carriers to continue to pull out of Louisiana. Or, of the ones who do have some presence here in Louisiana, they will not write new business. and try through continued rate increases to their current policy holders to run those policy holders off.

    I have looked at properties out of state along the Gulf Coast..and sadly it is not any better once you get outside of the Louisiana Coast . You, sadly, have to move inland to start seeing any appreciable decrease in your homeowners insurance premiums..And, by north, I mean as far as Alexandria, LA ( if in Louisiana) and as far north as Hattiesburg,MS in Mississippi. Obviously, the further north you go, the better the insurance situation improves.

    Sadly, if one is to stay here in the south Louisiana area, plan on continued increases in Homeowners insurance ( especially wind & hail) and, of course, it’s no secret, if you drive a car in the metro area of New Orleans, stock up on your liability coverage to the max.

  5. One problem Louisiana has the other states don’t Bunhare. Its insurer of last resort (Citizens) is insolvent. Florida Citizens may be over exposed but it is not insolvent.


  6. You might enjoy my book, “The Mandolin Case.” The subtitle is “Country Doctors, Honest Lawyers, and True Music.”

    The story is a medical legal mystery solved by local musicians. It has many lessons.

    Dr. B

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