James Gill again takes soon to be former Judge Tom Porteous to the woodshed.

Folks once again James Gill shows why he is one of the best opinion columnist in the south. Here is a snippet from today’s piece on the continuing Porteous saga:

With a convicted felon on one hand, and Jefferson Parish judges on the other, there’s no way of figuring out who is telling the truth.

Truer words have never been spoken. Redflex will take more of ’em out IMHO.

Gill expertly points out how Tom Porteous’ brand of spread the wealth will not help him in the Senate.  I continue to hear his family continues to be mortified at the spectacle that is Tom as he remains a defiant piggy.

Pigs get slaughtered.


10 thoughts on “James Gill again takes soon to be former Judge Tom Porteous to the woodshed.”

  1. Mr Gill must feel so used. He must be wondering how his drinking buddy Tommy could have eluded Gill’s finely tuned investigative radar for all those years of awaiting juries verdicts with prosecutor Porteous at Whitesides in Gretna. Not to mention all the finer wining and dining as his good friend Tommy moved up through the ranks. Give it up Gill. You were right there through it all and never, not once, so much as hinted about Porteous. Or any of the other scumbags you hung with back in the day. Your self-righteous condemnation is nauseating. At least have the decency to hold your tongue now. If you cannot do that then at least admit your complicity in the cover-up. Turning a blind eye and deaf ear allowed years of abuse which might have been avoided had you blown the whistle sooner. Suddenly you want to report this? More like admit it.

  2. There is probably no one individual more responsible for this personal and political trainwreck we now know as The Impeachment of G. Thomas Porteous than JOHN MAMOULIDES. It’s as though the devil himself took reign of the District Attorney’s office of Jefferson Parish to nurture a group of lawyers/assistant DAs in unethical and criminal conduct. Abominable and reprehensible behavior that has been and is today a root cause of the public’s total lack of confidence in the integrity of our legal system, particularly here in the Parish of Jefferson.

    JOHN MAMOULIDES was, unfortunately, Jefferson Parish’s district attorney from 1972 through his retirement in 1996. Twenty-four years of pure unadulterated sleaze, whose acquired facade of professionalism and respectability was an absolute fiction predicated on the devil’s desideratum. I could probably write a dissertation on the litany of questionable and manipulative deals that conflicted with his oath of office and the cannons of ethics. But it the horde of lawyers that by virtue of having been employed as assistant DAs only then to become Judges, and, the crony lawyers, who as a result of their personal and political affiliation with him, peddled that influence for legal fees and taxpayer contracts who are of interest at this moment.

    Porteous was an assistant DA in Mamoulides’ office starting in the early 1970’s and up until his anointment as a state Judge in 1984; he was on the state bench up to his appointment as a Federal Judge in 1994. Just as was the case of Porteous becoming a State Judge, Mamoulides was primarily responsible for Porteous becoming a Federal Judge. It was by the weight of Mamoulides’s political stature, together with Kyle France’s personal relationship with Senator Breaux and Porteous, that Clinton nominated Porteous to the Federal Bench. One would have to suspend reality to believe that Mamoulides had no knowledge of Porteous reputation as an alcoholic and addicted gambler; the infamous reprobate of the 24th JDC Judiciary. He did know, and it didn’t matter. Porteous was his creation, his lackey, and that was enough. Mamoulides would now have one more pawn in place for when and if he needed him.

    Amato was an assistant DA in Mamoulides office prior to Porteous being there. In fact Amato was assigned to train Porteous upon his being hired as an assistant DA. It was also about this time in the mid 1970’s that Marion Edwards, Mamoulides’ first assistant DA, formed a law partnership with Amato and Porteous; three of Mamou’s finest ! We now know Amato was one of the lawyers in the infamous LILJEBERG CASE and was hired, as was Lenny Levenson, to give that “personal friend of the Judge” touch for Liljeberg, as Don Gardner would be hired by Lifemark for a similar “personal friend of the Judge” as a counter move. Porteous’ courtroom seems to appear to have been a place for mutual friends to meet and make some money. Now Amato finds himself on the short end of the stick as it concerns his relationship with his former colleague Porteous during this impeachment drama.

    So what should we think of Mamoulides being subpoenaed by Porteous’ newly enrolled counsel Johnathan Turley ? He now has two of his most favorite proteges wallowing in a septic tank of dishonor; both claiming that their conduct was and is how it is played out in Jefferson Parish by members of the Bar and the Judiciary. Will Mamoulides condone their conduct and thereby admit that he himself is ethically challenged and morally bankrupt ? Or has Mamoulides been on the phone since being served with the subpoena lobbying anyone he can to get a deal for Porteous to take his retirement and walk away. Mamoulides going to DC to testify…I just don’t see it.

    And as a footnote let’s review some of the other assistant DAs Mamoulides has tutored and had anointed to the Bench:

    1) Bodenheimer, Judge 24th JDC…convicted and imprisoned

    2) Green, Judge 24th JDC…convicted and imprisioned

    3) Edwards, Judge, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals …now part of the scandal concerning the suicide note left by the former clerk of the court alleging that prisoners’ appeals were routinely thrown away

    4) Rothchild, Judge, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals…same reasons as Edwards above

    5) Benge, Judge, 24th JDC, disrobed by the La. Supreme Court

    Of course there are more: Allen, Price, Grant, Barrow, Morgan, Pitre, Hand, McManus, Jansen, Nancy Amato, Ronnie Wicker, Zeno, etc… but I’m tired and disgusted…later

  3. When Mamoulides retired his first assistant, Jack Capella ran against Paul Connick and lost. Capella landed on his feet and served as the interest conflicted lawyer for the Super Dome Commission (LSED) and was in that capacity when Cedric Richmond and Ike Spears were looting the nonprofit they set up with that grant from the LSED.

    Capella of course now works for John Georges and it is pretty simple to google up Georges and Richmond together. These web of relationships tie in the old Bill Jefferson political machine to Mamoulides IMHO (at least to my satisfaction anyhow). I have right at 20 web pages of links saved in support of a post I’ll be doing to support Dambala at American Zombie in his great work on Spears and Richmond.

    I judge Op-Ed writers on the quality of their prose and the ideas they convey. I hope to snag a beer with James one day myself. I suspect Tom Porteous is the type that would make a fine drinking buddy. He also should have never been a judge.

    Stephanie Grace is the T-P columnist that pumps pols and lobs the soft balls IMO.


  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee Ole’ Tom reminds me of the screaming piggy in the Gieco commercial holding his whirligigs out the window having a great time( on the taxpaters dime) as he is being driven around town being tolerated until he gets home. But sometimes piggies just having fun sitting around get big buttocks, as Gump would say it, and end up as prime bacon at the Shoneys buffet. As Martin Luther King once said ‘justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere’; and its been way too long hearing Porteous screaming and having fun. Its bacon time Tom, so put your whirligigs down and get out the car at the rendering plant where your big gambling, drinking, suck face buttocks should have been years ago! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. What strange bedfellows, too, corrupt Jefferson Parish politics can make……I have to wonder why staunch Democrat, John Mamoulides, would have made campaign contributions to Republican, Diaper David Vitter, in his campaign for U. S. Senate. Hmmmmm. Methinks that there was some quid pro quo, Clarice.

    Look at all the little companies John Mamoulides has an interest in. One of note is a company called Busguard/Ongo, which is basically Redflex mounted to a bus. Speaking of Redflex and kickbacks to Judge Robert Murphy’s wife, Julie, …….very curious too, that the Big Mamou has apparently used his chips going around town, the State, and the nation accumulating lucrative government contracts for his version of Redflex. Ermmm, Mr. Letten, where are you?

    People are fed up with the self-dealing corrupt politicians. I used to have faith that Jim Letten was an aggressive prosecutor. Now, I think he is just a selective prosecutor or his office is overwhelmed. Either way, he needs to lead or get out of the way.

  6. Why IAM you must be psychic. I just wrote a jingle sung to the tune of that tearjerker “Oh Where oh where can my baby be”for the Puppets that asks that exact question. Here’s a teaser of what will certainly be a pleaser for all who wonder where Mr. Letten is:

    “Oh where oh where can Jim Letten be? And why’s he letten all those white guys go free? If you’re in Jefferson you need not beware; He only has eyes for gangstas elsewhere.”
    Chorus: ooooo ooooo ooooo oooo
    “They were out on a date in their Beemer car; They hadn’t driven very far; They ran a redlight got caught on Redflex radar; Allstate was angry so they called their Crime Czar that night.”
    Chorus: ooooo ooooo ooooo oooo
    “But if you tend to like whores; In brothels, bars or at home; Just look up Diaper Dave; just pick up the phone; His wife won’t be there; she’s busy frying some bro’; For Connick’s uncle Harry ; doncha know doncha know?
    Chorus: ooooo ooooo ooooo oooo
    So where oh where can Jim Letten be? With Diaper Dave and wifey Mrs. Wendy; Saluting Hitler, making nooses from ties; Assisting River Birch with covering up all their lies.”

    Closing is a surprise so stay tuned Puppet lovers. Here we come to getcha.

  7. I hope I have read enough of the articles on Slabbed to make the following comments make sense. This story is really sad no matter what I write.

    There are many wrinkles in this Porteous mess. One seems to be that the FBI knew Porteous

  8. To Jeanladeaux: Very perceptive. You must be a lawyer, huh? I keep asking myself how this guy got past the Federal Bureau of Constipation and the Congressional Investigators in 1994, too. And how did he continue to sit on the Federal Bench until post-KATRINA when he stepped on his “appendage” by filing a bankruptcy proceeding in a false name? And oh, by the way, did you know that Fifth “Circus” Edith Jones and a Panel of the Judicial Council initially recommended that “G.T. Ortous” should get a written reprimand? It was only after the U.S. Department of “Injustice” drew a bead on G.T. Ortous that the Fifth “Circus” grew some BALLS. But you disappoint me “Jeanladeaux”. I was expecting one of the SLABBED Commentors to reveal something about “the Mistress” which has been alluded to on SLABBED but not expanded upon. And one last thing: What I (Ashton O’Dwyer) has on Stanwood R. Duval, Jr. and on Ivan L.R. Lemelle would make G.T. Ortous BLUSH! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  9. Ashton, all I can say is that the Senate had the courtesy not to schedule the trial until after the final match of the US OPEN was played on Sunday the 12th. I am particularly grateful since we are ourselves having an ongoing party to watch the Senate trial proceedings on the television. We, that is, myself, Pelican, Malthilde and Placide also extend an invitation to all Slabbers to join in if possible. Bring Rebel Yell and popcorn as there can never be enough of either.

    Since the 13th is not a Friday, I will bet there is no trial ! (and for other reasons that are not based on superstition. God bless the Templars). In fact, deBrief tells me the book in Washington is 57% trial/43% no trial. That Porteous will get his retirement and someone(s) is going to take the fall. Pelican also says that my side-bet of whether Mamoulides will be in Washington to testify is 71% Not/29% Yes. I haven’t concerned myself with the New Orleans and Jefferson Parish line due to the fact that Tommy’s here betting on himself and as a result has artificially skewed the odds. Who knows, this may be his long shot come home. Hmmmmmmm…what’s he know that we don’t know ?

    It’s as though we’re hoping for a Perry Mason moment if only for the drama. We want Porteous to be impeached, but…! My fortune cookie today provided me with this perplexing thought: “A cynic is only a frustrated optimist” WTF !

    I, like a gentleman, will pay my bets if I lose..hopefully my gut will prevail over my head and I will lose…and gladly !

  10. Ashton,

    Perhaps I mis-spoke regarding the responsibility of the FBI in discovering the information on Porteous pre 1994.

    I forgot to suggest that it may have been passed along to the Senate Confirmation Committee and they just punted. Ethical standards tend to vary from decade to decade if you get my drift.

    Maybe Mr. Turley will argue

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