“Lifer at Angola unearths DNA evidence…” and Wendy Vitter surfaces!

Thanks to prosecutors Glen Woods and Wendy Baldwin Vitter, “the Orleans Parish jury that sent Booker Diggins off to prison for the rest of his life on Jan. 25, 1988, didn’t hear much about the rape he supposedly committed during a robbery,” according to the Times Picayune’s story Lifer at Angola unearths DNA evidence that might help him fight 1988 rape, robbery conviction:

The examining doctor wasn’t called to the stand, and no blood evidence turned up at court.

Instead, prosecutors relied solely on testimony of the alleged victim, a 23-year-old woman who picked Diggins out of a photographic line-up and then pointed him out in court as the one who raped her while she was handcuffed to a post in the storeroom of the restaurant she managed.

Diggins was convicted of aggravated rape, which carries mandatory life without parole, plus 30 years for armed robbery and five years for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

The judge ordered him to serve the three sentences in consecutive order.  But 22 years after Diggins was shipped to the state penitentiary, he and his attorneys have unearthed the fact that prosecutors kept quiet the medical evidence that could have helped him at trial.

Well before January 1988, then-District Attorney Harry Connick’s prosecutors — Glen Woods and Wendy Baldwin Vitter — knew that blood and semen had been collected from the victim, along with a blood type that didn’t match the woman’s.

Vitter, wife of Louisiana Senator (“Diaper”) David Vitter and “home-schooled” in “closed-eye experiences”, knows Chet Traylor faces an uphill fight in getting the Senator to man-up to anything.  However, the question at hand is will she [wo]man-up and do right by Booker Diggins:

Diggins wants a day in court to present the blood evidence that Connick’s team failed to hand over to the defense, according to the Innocence Project, the New York-based group dedicated to freeing wrongly convicted people through DNA testing.

“This is bulletproof scientific evidence that he is not the guy,” said attorney Barry Scheck. “He wasn’t the rapist and they could have known that in 1988.”

Scheck compares Diggins’ case to that of John Thompson, the former death row inmate who is awaiting a $14 million federal jury award for having served decades in prison after Connick’s lawyers hid blood evidence that showed he did not commit the armed robbery for which he was convicted.

Blood types disputed

While the Innocence Project resurrected Booker Diggins’ appeal, it was Diggins himself who wrested his case file free in 2006 after paying $209 to then-DA Eddie Jordan’s office, to learn that prosecutors had physical evidence that would have helped him fight the charges.

Diggins filed a huge petition in federal court in 2006, but was rejected because he had missed the legal deadline for such an appeal, U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance ruled. Diggins, whose conviction became final in 1990, had until 1997 to file a federal habeas corpus.

Vance’s ruling barred Diggins from ever bringing back the appeal in federal court.

But the Innocence Project filed its motion for a new trial back at the same courthouse on Tulane Avenue where Diggins was tried and convicted.

On July 27, at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Diggins was finally able to provide blood and saliva samples which were sent to National Medical Services, one of the few private DNA laboratories still performing ABO blood-typing services.

Diggins is Type O. The victim is Type B.

The rapist is Type A, according to the Innocence Project’s appeal.

“The DA’s office, led by Cannizzaro since 2008, declined comment for this story…” – and, so, I gather have the otherwise vocal Vitters.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what this uncovers about the conduct of the prosecutors; I’m all ears. As for David Vitter, he is an admitted cheat and liar, but Louisianians don’t seem to care. It is shocking that Republicans can endorse, let alone vote for, such a hypocrite.

    This is the same Wendy Vitter, who when questioned about how Bob Livingston’s wife responded to his extra-marital affairs (when outed by Larry Flynt) said: “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary [Clinton]. If he does something like that, I’m walking away with one thing, and it’s not alimony, trust me.”

    So although her righteous bravado caused Wendy Vitter to implore people to trust her in that she would cut off her husband’s penis (if, in fact, he has one), she did nothing of the sort. The fact that she opened her mouth about it to begin with, in a transparent attempt to demean another political troll (Hilary Clinton), speaks volumes.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee How did the physical evidence survive Katrina? I thought everything was underwater including underwear and other things? At the rate injustice is being revealed and the money each inmate is getting the Budget Office better get to work and starting finding some money for these inmate “victims”. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Here’s a thought: why not sue Wendy and the other ADA personally since they obviously ( oh my goodness I am lol) did not follow DA Connick’s procedures ( roflol) when they surpressed the evidence and they therefore conspired to deny Diggins his rights and falsely accused & convicted him on their own dime. Really. Think about it. Why should we pay for Wendy Vitter’s crimes?

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  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee Really, why should I pay taxes on my nanas’then have them go to defending the DA’s office when the prosecution attorneys keep slippin’ up on illegal peels in court. Doesn’t the DA’s office require his assts. to carry malpractice insurance? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeee

  6. I agree with Unslabbed– Vitters have money to pay whores then they have money to pay a victim of Wendy’s crime.

    Nevertheless, as UnSlabbed points out, its very difficult to sue any D.A. or Asst. DA because of qualified and/or absolute immunity.

    You may recall the 5th Circuit affirmed a very large civil judgment (3 million or so) against Connick’s office after an assistant D.A. on his death bed, confessed to witholding exculpatory evidence that put the plaintiff away in Angola for life. Current clown D.A. Cannizzaro argued that the assistant D.A. was acting outside the course and scope of employment by witholding exculpatory evidence.

    The U.S. Supreme Ct. granted writs and the case should be heard soon I would think.

  7. There is at this confluent moment, events unfolding which demand that the “black book” of the Canal Street Brothel Case be made available to the public. It was used as evidence in a CRIMINAL trial to convict individuals; to deprive them of their liberty and property. There has been no explanation then through now as to what, if any, legal basis such evidence has continued to be sequestered. I will tell you, there are NONE; not then, not now. Why the illegal coverup and stonewalling by the US Attorney’s Office and the Judiciary of the EDLA ?

    Both the US Senate election and the Porteous Impeachment proceedings are subject to being corrupted. Be it allegations as to Vitter’s sexual proclivity or Porteous’s trump card, our questions could be either substantiated or debunked; it is information the public has a right to know, and information that effects the integrity of the outcome of either contest in the end.

    If the information in this book(also tapes) produced in evidence are descriptive of only the “slam bam thank you ma’am” stereotype sexual escapades, then who cares. What I suspect is much darker; deviant sexual behavior of such depravity, it can neither be explained or spun in any way that the public would accept.

    It’s “The Who Wanted What”…that’s the bogeyman. Regardless, there is no justification to withhold this evidence outside of the law !

  8. I am also a victim of the booker diggins crime and i am going to make sure mr glen woods and wendy baldwin vitter pay for what they did to me and mr booker diggins .I have contacted the FBI and the media so be prepared when this hits the press. Respecfully submitted Mr karis scott

  9. Dear Karis M. Scott,

    I would hope that in addition to your posting a comment as it concerns Mr. Burns (now a partner at the Hailey, McNamara law firm) and of course the horse, Mrs. Senator Vitter (a bigger prostitute than any at the Canal Street Brothel) that you would have e-mailed Sop with the same information you provided the FBI and/or the US Attorney’s Office and the MSM. Trust me, only Slabbed can help you expose the evil that these people have done.


  10. I do not know if Peter Newfield (sp) still works with Barry Scheck, but these guy’s have cracked the DNA nut on these matters way before the shameful OJ Simpson ordeal ca. 1995 era (in which they were involved).
    If Ms. Diaper David screwed Mr. Diggins over she should pay big time.
    I will never believe she did not know the value or content of her file as it pertains to DNA evidence. Even if she was stupid when she tried the case, she should have come to her senses to speak out after the trial unless she intentionally hid the evidence from some poor (no offense intended) IDB lawyer when she tried the case. Why let this man rot in jail? WTF! Why take the DNA samples if not for evidentuary value at trial?
    We all know why certain prosecutors want these kind of convictions on their resume!
    I hope Mr. Diggins and his family find a good lawyer to sue the diaper’s off the Vitter family. Let them eat shit like the unfortunate Diggins family. How long did this poor man stay in Angola? Perhaps one day too long.
    I say it is worth at least $2,000,000.00 per year plus!
    These two fucker’s deserve each other. Sorry for their children.
    Fucking US senator?

  11. Booker Diggins has been proving innocence by DNA why is he still behind bars. Don’t you think he has lost enough of his life behind something he didn’t do.

    1. Oyster, your commenting brought back to memory an equally legitimate question of debauchery … baneful PUBLIC HEALTH concerns … wouldn’t being apprised of a spouse’s, companion’s or mutual sexual partner’rs sexual proclivity and/or promiscuity present an exigency upon all participating parties to seek medical examination and tests ???

      This is serious stuff that a wanton lying US Atty’s Office could care less about !!!

      1. Compelling. I’m amused, too, because many of the johns at one time or another likely cited the spread of disease as a reason to tsk tsk the “radical” gays or shoo away illegal immigrants… but what viruses have their carousings inflicted on their families and communities? What hath Gidget wrought?

  12. Last I recollected the judge was the one who sealed the black book oh what was that name ? As for Volz Edwards road a horse to court each time making a Jackass out of Volz commenting it reflected the mans mentality and I’m sure Garrison would have agreed being on the receiving of his stupidity.

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